For the following story to make sense, please read my two other stories "Polly's Mask" and "Don't Suspect Anything". You don't really have to but you'll have a better understanding. With that out of the way. Enjoy.

"No, no, no stay awake!" A guy yelled as he was cornered by two individuals in an alleyway. The two figures walked up to him. One had brown hair, a blue shirt, brown pants, and white shoes. The person next to him had curly blonde hair, a red shirt, blue pants, and white shoes. He hand a bow and was aiming it at the guy. "Please don't hurt me!" The guy begged.

The blonde turned to his ally, "What do you think Felix? Should I not hurt him."

"Oh for Pete's sake, Peter, let the guy go." Felix said with a frown.

"You know how we do things, Felix." Peter said, "We gotta get that money and this guy is our ticket to it."

"No, please, n-"

Peter shot the guy in the shoulder with his arrow. The guy screamed in pain and laid down on the ground. Peter walked up to him, taking out a needle and injecting it into his neck. The guy passed out.

"I hope he's alright Pete." Felix said, "We don't need another close call."

"Whatever." Peter said, dragging the guy. "Just our the guy in the car. We have money to collect." His phone starts ringing and he takes it out and checks who it is. He smirks as he sees who it is.

"Let me guess, Valerie?" Felix with a smirk

"Indeed it is." Peter said picking up, "Hello Val."

"Petey, I dropped by yourself, I snuck through your window and I'm kinda heartbroken to know you're not here." Valerie said, "I have news about that thing you wanted me to look into."

"Oh really?" Peter asked smirking, "I'll be right there." He hangs up.


Polly was walking into the gym with her best friend Filbert, who was looking around. He spotted his girlfriend Megan along with their friend, Henry. She was helping him as he was working out. They made their way over.

"Hey guys." Polly said smiling. Megan looked over and gave a small smile.

"What's up, Polly?" Megan asked. She turned to Filbert who wrapped his arm around her. Henry stopped lifting and looked at his friends.

"Glad you guys could make it." Henry said.

"We wouldn't miss it." Polly said, "I need this workout."

"I know someone who could really use workout." Megan said, smirking at her boyfriend. Filbert frowned.

"My muscles are just fine thank you." Filbert said.

"Keep telling yourself that." Megan said, rolling her eyes.

"Alright guys let's get to work." Henry said. Polly made her way to a treadmill and started running on it. Henry joined her on the one next to it. "Feeling the burn yet?" He asked chuckling.

"Not yet." Polly giggled, "But I'll get there."

Henry smiled as he continued running. Someone walked into the gym and looked around. They had a brown hat and cloak on. Filbert noticed him and nudged his girlfriend.

"Hey babe, check out that guy." Filbert said pointing at the guy.

The guy noticed them and walked up to them. "Hey, are you Filbert?" He asked.

Filbert was a little creeped out about this guy knowing his name but answered, "Yes."

"Good to meet you, I'm Felix." Felix said as he took the hat off, "I'm here to see Polly."

Polly heard this and raised an eyebrow under her mask. She got off and made her way towards Felix.

"I'm Polly." She said.

"I'm here because of your pal you've been talking to online, Jessica Tanner." Felix said with a smile, "She was wondering if you'd like to come over to her town to meet? It's only the next town over."

"Really?" Polly asked, surprised, "Jessica wants to meet?"

Felix nodded and smiled. "She really wants to meet you today if you're okay with it."

"Of course I would be." Polly smiled under her mask. "What time do we leave?"

"Now." Felix said smiling.

"Hey if she goes then I do too buddy!" Filbert said getting in front of Polly.

"No problem.", Felix said shaking his hand. Filbert ended up getting shocked because Felix had a joy buzzer. He laughed as Filbert was on the ground. "I guess you just had a shocking experience."

"Wow...That was so funny." Megan said, rolling her eyes.

"I know right?" Felix asked, "I'm good. Are you two coming?" He asked her and Henry.

Megan and Henry looked at each other and shrugged.

"Sure why not." Megan said.

"Yay!" Polly said, "You guys can meet my friend."


Later on, they had arrived in the next down over and Felix pulled up to a big house. He got out off the car. Polly and the others did as well..

"Here we are." Felix said, "The Tanner residence."

"Woah, this house is big." Polly said.

"Yeah it is." Henry said impressed.

"Well come on." Felix said motioning them to follow him. When he got to the door, he knocked on it. Jessica answered, she had long curly blonde hair, a lab coat, a black v neck shirt with a red J in the middle, blue pants, and white shoes. Jessica gasped when she saw them.

"Polly!?" She asked in shock.

"Hi Jessica." Polly greeted, "I heard you wanted to meet."

Jessica looked to Felix. He smiled.

"You were saying how great Polly was so I thought you'd might like to meet her in person." Felix said

"Thank you Felix." Jessica smiled. She turned to Polly, "Come in."

Polly and her friends, along with Felix made their way into the house. Peter walked down the stairs.

"Oh Petey, this is my friend from online I've been telling you about." Jessica said, pointing to Polly.

Peter looked at Polly and gave her a nod. "Nice to meet you, I'm Peter, Jessica's younger brother." He said, offering a handshake. Polly took it.

"Nice to meet you Peter." Polly said.

"What's up with the mask?" Peter asked her.

"Petey!" Jessica scolded.

"No, no it's fine...I've been in an accident.." Polly said. Filbert glared at Peter. Peter smirked at Filbert. She was here. And she brought here friends too. This was all going according to plan.

So this is all going according to plan for Peter. What's next?