"Oh, Delia, you look so beautiful." A man's voice came.

A young woman around the age of 20 turned away from a maid who was fiddling around with the front of her dress. As she turned, a smile crossed her face seeing a man in his late 40's to early 50's. He had brown eyes, his black hair held patches of gray and white all over. Her royal blue satin dress held a hint of silver as the light hit it, "Father, do you really think so?"

"How could you ask such a thing?" He asked in shock. He was dressed in a red and royal blue outfit, a red cloak came around his shoulders as he crossed his arms.

"Because father, I'm not really sure I like this dress." She said simply, placing her hands on her hips.

"Oh, but it looks ravenously good on you my dear princess." A younger man's voice came from behind Delia's father. Both Delia and her father turned to look at the door. A man with short blond hair stood leaning against the side of the doorway, a sly grin came across his face as he looked over Delia's body. He wore a black well made suit with a white silk shirt under the coat.

"What are you doing here Eric?" Delia asked, a slight frown appeared on her face as she glared at him.

"Yes my boy, what are you doing here so early, the party does not start for another hour or so" The king asked the young man.

Eric stood straight and walked over to Delia. "Come here and let me see my little pumpkin." He said to Delia, his blue eyes sparkling in the little light that was left out side.

"Eric, how many times do I have to tell you I AM NOT YOUR LITTLE PUMPKIN," Delia told him in a loud stern voice," and I never will be."

Eric's grin went flat and he just stared at her," If you say so" he told her in a whisper so only she could hear then he turned to the king, "Gregory, I shall go ahead and take my leave to the ball room." He then bowed to him and Delia then turned and left.

"Father, why do you insist that he come around? As I have told you, there is something about him that is all wrong." Delia asked looking to Gregory after Eric had been gone for a few minutes.

Gregory looked at her and put his hands on her shoulders, "I wish you would give him a chance, he really is a good person, not to mention he is the heir to the neighboring kingdom," he told her," plus you two would make a great couple."

"But father, I will not..." she was cut off.

"Do not say such things daughter, you shall do what is best for the kingdom." He looked deep into his daughter's eyes. "Delia, come let's not talk of such right now, here I have something for you." He let go of her shoulders, reached into one of his pockets, and dug around until he pulled out a rather large black case like box and held it out to her.

Delia looked from the box to her father and then took the box and opened it. She gasped when she saw what the box held. She lifted out a necklace made from what looked like a large Opal, a white stone with blue threw out it entirely, and eight sapphires on both sides.

"It was your mothers," he told her as he took it from her and placed it around her neck. She turned to face him, her hazel eyes held a hint of amethyst in there shadow, tears formed in her eyes. "You do so look like her." Gregory told her wiping away a tear that had escaped to her cheek.

"Father," Delia wasn't sure what to say, they very rarely talked about her mother.

"Never mind, There is still much to do before the party." He hugged his daughter and turned, started to walk away then looked once more at his daughter and continued on his way.

Delia turned back to the maid who had been helping her get ready when her father had entered. She was around the same height as Delia, 5'9, and her hair was a pretty brown. Delia also liked her eyes, they were a deep green, like the grass that she could see outside her window. They were friends in a way, Delia could remember when they were little and they would play together when they had the chance."Shana, what do you think of Eric?"

"Well, to tell the truth, I agree with you Delia, I don't like him one little bit." Shana said brushing out Delia's long hair, black with a purple tint.

"I don't see what father sees in him" Delia kept going.

"I myself am not sure your highness," Shana told her as she kept brushing, "thought the necklace your father gave you does set off your gown, it is very lovely." Shana said hoping to change the subject.

"Yes it is, but I can't believe father told me it was mother's, he never talk's about her." Delia sighed and turned to Shana, "Do you know anything about her?" she asked, "anything I know about her I have found out threw the servants."

"I am sorry, I do not know anything other than what the others know," Shana finished brushing her hair and pinned it back out of her face, "and beside you all ready know all that."

"Alright, what time is it Shana?" Delia asked

"I would say it is just about time to go down." Shana told her, "I need to go, I have other things to attend too before your party starts, you have a good time tonight and don't let Eric bother you, try to find a cutie out there and don't leave him." Shana hugged Delia then left.

Delia walked over and leaned onto the open window seal, she looked at the sky and the tree's, she looked to the nearest one to her right which was also the tallest and saw a person looking straight at her. Whoever was there had black hair with crimson streaks, how long it was she could not tell and as for any other features besides amber eyes brighter than the sun, she couldn't see, a second later they were gone.

Delia leaned out a little further to see if she could see whoever had been there, but she saw no one. She leaned back as she continued to look out. After a few minutes she went and sat down on her bed, she sat there for a little bit, then decided she was bored and started toward the ballroom. On her way down she kept thinking about the person from her window. She pulled the skirt of her dress up just enough for her feet to show when she came to the stairs and started down them.

"Oi, Delia" a familiar voice came when she reached the bottom of the staircase. Delia looked up the way she had came as she dropped her skirts.

"Curtis, is that you?" Delia asked as she looked at the man standing before her.

The man stood a little taller than she did and his gray blue eyes pierced her as she looked at him, his ebony hair came just above his shoulders. A black tailored suite fit him perfectly. "Of course it is me, who else would it be?"

Her dress tightly hugged her breasts, not to mention that the corset she had on underneath her dress held her breast up. Her dress was dangerously low cut, her sleeves were long and flowing, and see threw. "Let's see here, it could have been..." she started then Curtis cut her off.

"Alright, alright," he told her, "I get the point, now tell me how you have been, how long has it been since we last saw each other?"

"Well, I would say three or four years and as for how I am, well to tell the truth I absolutely dread this evening, though I will play my part to make father happy, but if he thinks for one minute that I am going to have anything to do considering Eric, he is gravely mistaken." She walked over and stood in front of Curtis, looked up and grinned at him, "you of all people know how I despise him."

"What do you mean, anything considering Eric, what has gone on since I have been gone?" Curtis asked, wonder in his voice.

"Well, nothing really, unless of course you count father wanting Eric and I to unite the two kingdoms by marriage." she told him with disgust in her voice.

"HE WHAT" he yelled out of rage, "He can't."

"Oh, but he can, he is the king after all." she said in a little lighter tone but a frown still on her face.

"When did this happen?" he sounded shocked.

"About a year ago, give or take a few months. We are to be married in three months." hate spilled from the words she spoke.

"I have to go, someone needs to talk some kind of since into Gregory." Curtis said as he turned and started to walk away.

Delia rushed forward and grabbed Curtis by the arm, "please be careful and don't upset him, you of all people know how he can be."

He turned and looked at her, "I remember, if he knew I came to see you before I came to see him especially since he is the one that sent me away the first time, he would probably ban me from you again and I just can't let that happen." he turned to face her and smiled, "I promise, I will be on my best behavior, and I'll do my best not to upset your father." he kissed her forehead and then left.

Delia watched as he walked down the corridor until she could no longer see him. "Please be careful Curtis, father really doesn't like you anymore." she whispered into the air. She walked the opposite direction until she came to a window and looked out, the sun was almost fully set. She could tell it was going to be a full moon so it was going to be a well- lit night.

Curtis and her father remained on her mind. After a few minutes of wondering over the two she saw the pair of amber eyes again, they were staring at her from the shadow of a tree. She backed up a little but continued to look at them, there was something different about them, and they were somewhat comforting, not harsh like the ones she had seen out her bedroom window.

"Delia," she heard like what seamed hours later forcing her to break the gaze she had with whoever had the amber eyes. Delia turned to face who had called her. "Delia, you are needed," Shana said as she took Delia's hand and started in a dash the way she had came to find the princess.

Delia looked out the window as she was pulled away to see if she could see anyone or anything the amber eyes could have belonged to but there was nothing there but the shadows.

"Eric, is everything going to plan?" a female's voice came.

"Yes Aletha, everything is going according to the plan." Eric said coming closer to the female.

Aletha stood leaning against the wall. She had black hair with crimson streaks that came down past her butt. Her amber eyes glowed in the pale- lit corridor of the castle. A corset tightly fit her upper half, exposing the top part of her breasts, tight fitting pant's hugged her hips.

Eric walked up to Aletha and put his hands around her waist to pull her toward him. In return, she put her hands around his neck, looked up at him, and smiled "so, he is going to take her tonight?"

Eric grinned as he brought his head down and his hand began to make its way down her back to grab her ass, "Of course, she is all we need." and with that he covered her mouth with his.

Delia waited for the music to start as she had been directed to do before starting down the stairs into the ballroom. When the music started, she came out from the hallway she had been waiting in. She held the front of her skirt up just enough were she could walk down the steps without falling and making a fool out of herself and to show off the slippers that matched the gown.

She looked around, smiling and nodding to people who were watching her when she spotted the amber eyes she had been entranced by in the corridor window. She stepped down and just about fell, that broke the gaze. After she safely reached the floor, she started to look for the eyes again.

"You look like you have just seen a ghost." Curtis's voice came. Delia turned to her left and saw Curtis smiling at her.

"No not exactly." She smiled and curtsied to him. He walked over and held out his arm, she accepted it and he escorted her to the other side of the ballroom where her father was waiting for her.

"So what did you mean by no not exactly?"

"Well, earlier when Shana left to help out with the party after helping me get dressed, I went to my window and there was someone there with black hair and crimson streaks, thought the eyes were an unusual amber color that reminded me of cat eyes, they seemed a bit harsh." she paused the story while she smiled and curtsied to some more people, "That time whoever it was, was outside my window in the closest tree to me, then I saw those eyes again, at least I think they are the same. Well, actually no they did seem a little different, just a hair different anyway, I saw them again outside a window in one of the corridors, the one I met you at right before the party started and as I was coming down the stairs I saw them again."

Curtis looked worried, "Have you told anyone?"

"You" She smiled at people who had came as she passed them.

"Why haven't you told anyone else?" He sounded worried but kept a smile on his face.

"Because, I didn't feel threatened, well I kind of did the first time, but the second and third times, I don't know they were kind of comforting, hush or father will hear." she told him as they walked up the steps to where her father was sitting.

Gregory smiled, love flowing from his eyes as he looked at his daughter, but when he looked at Curtis hate filled them. Delia let go of Curtis, turned toward him and curtsied, then turned toward her father and walked over to his side and faced the crowd. Everyone in the room turned toward them and either curtsied or bowed.

Gregory stepped forward, "Good people of McFarland that have gathered here today to celebrate your princess's twentieth birthday, I say thank you. As you know she will be turning of age and will be able to marry, and I am happy to announce that she and heir Eric Minnick of the neighboring kingdom Lake brook are to be wed in three months time." As he spoke in a deep loud booming voice Eric came from the shadows behind her.

People in the crowd cheered. Delia took a step away from Eric and looked at her father, "Father, please don't do this" she whispered to him.

Gregory looked at her and nodded then whispered back to her, "Only if you can find one I deem suitable within three months time will I consider changing my mind, If you do not the ceremony will go according to plan, now go enjoy your party and have fun."

Eric overheard what Gregory had said and looked at him, "She really does not like you lad," Gregory told him as he saw Eric looking at him, "So I will give her a chance, but I did say I have to deem them suitable."

Eric nodded then walked out the way he had entered. Delia kissed her father's cheek and walked out into the crowed. She walked around talking to people here and there trying to find someone she thought was at least somewhat cute that her father might give even the slightest chance when she accidentally bumped into someone.

Delia turned to apologize, "I'm so sorry," she said as she turned to face whom she had run into so carelessly. A young man looking to be the same age as her stood before her. He was a bit taller than she, but not by very much. His hair caught her attention right away. It came to his shoulders and as black as the darkest night, it was streaked as red as the brightest flame of a fire. Amber eyes looked down at her, his pale skin covered by a well-fitted black suit.

"You" Delia gasped as she realized whom she had run into, she took a step back, "who are you?"

The man looked at her and smiled, "So, you have the gift to see me, I thought that you may."

Delia gave him a questionable look then spoke a moment later, "Why wouldn't I be able to see you?"

"There are a few different reasons," the man said, "would you care to dance?"

Delia looked at him, "I do not know who you are good sir, so there for I cannot dance with you." She said starting to move away.

"Damon," he said and bowed to her then held out a hand to escort her to a dancing area.

"So Damon," she paused saying his name "what brings you here?" she asked stepping toward him and placed a hand in his, as soon as her flesh connected with his warmth flooded her.

"You" He told her sweeping her into a waltz. She gave him a glance looking again into his amber eyes. They weren't the first she had seen, from the window in her room, but they held the same comforting feeling as the ones from the corridor window.

"Why me"

"Because my dear, you are in danger." He calmly said swinging her in a circle.

"Yes, probably from you," she thought to herself, "What do you mean that I am in danger?" she asked with laughter in her voice.

"Well, you see, your precious Eric and Curtis are planning to kidnap you tonight." he calmly said matching each step with hers.

"Now hold on a minute, Eric is not anything to me, especially precious, and as far as Curtis, he would never harm me." Delia told him strictly.

"Well, I suppose that is why neither one of them are here enjoying the opportunity to be in your presence, nor anyone else's for that matter." he told her plainly.

Delia looked around the large room to try and find some kind of sign of Curtis or Eric, but as long as she looked no sign of either one could be found. "You can look but you won't find them at the moment," Damon told her, "will you please come with me, so you will be safe?"

Delia looked at him, "I don't think so, first, how do I know that you won't try to kidnap me. Two, there are people as well as security all around, I am the princess after all so every measure has been taken to assure that nothing will happen, besides..." before she could finish she felt a tap on her shoulder. She turned her head and saw Curtis standing there.

"Curtis, were have you been?" Delia asked as she turned from Damon and hugged Curtis.

"Looking for you silly." he hugged her back, and as he done so he glared at Damon, knowing who he was and why he was there. "Would you care to join me?" he asked offering her his hand.

Delia took his hand then turned to Damon, "I thank you for the dance sir, now if you will excuse Me." she smiled to him avoiding his eyes.

Curtis led her away and pulled her close to him, "Who was that?"

"His name is Damon if I remember correctly." wanting to avoid the conversation that they had had about Eric and him. "Ah, Damon is it, well he seems to be quiet fascinated with you, you know, he hasn't stopped watching you since I stole you away from him." he told her as they danced to the music.

Delia looked quickly at him as they went in a circle and as Curtis had said he was watching her like a hawk. "Is he the one you had seen outside your window?" Curtis asked her still holding her to him.

"I'm not sure, but he does have the same hair and color eyes. But his eyes remind me of the ones I had seen in the corridor window, there the same color as the ones from my window, but they have the softness as the ones from the corridor," she told him trying to think of something to change the subject "what did you and father talk about, and how did you get him to change his mind about Eric?"

"Well, I pretty much walked in and he told me that you were to be married to Eric and I reminded him that you utterly despise him and said you would be miserable if he went through with his plan," he told her still keeping an eye on Damon as they danced, "What did you and Damon talk about before I rescued you?"

"Nothing really, besides what does it matter?" she asked him wondering why he had brought him back up.

"Really" You seemed to be talking quiet rapidly when I came to get you." Curtis said taking her hand as the song ended and led her away from were Damon was watching.

"It was nothing really, you should know if something was wrong, you would be the first one I would come to." she said starting to wonder where he was leading her.

"I know, I was just worried for you." he told her heading toward a door.

"Where are we going?" she asked and stopped, making him pull her hand to come on.

"I want to be alone with you." he told her not looking at her.

Delia started to think about what Damon had told her about Curtis and Eric "I would rather stay in." she said quickly and pulled her hand away from him. Curtis turned and looked at her. A strange look she had never seen before was upon his face. Delia looked around and noticed how far he had brought her away from the crowd.

"You will come with me Delia, whether you won't to or not." he said in a piercing voice as he reached for her. Delia turned to run and saw Eric coming her way. She picked up her skirts and ran toward the far away crowd.

Eric came towards her blocking her way. She ran up to him, close enough for him to grab her and she stabbed his foot with her heal. Instantly he let go and she ran. Not much time had gone by since she had used her foot when she was pushed from behind and she fell to the floor. She tried to yell but the music was too loud and the people were still too far away for anyone to hear her.

Delia lay on her stomach with either Curtis or Eric on top of her when suddenly they flew off of her, instantly she got to her feet to see what had happened. Damon had Eric locked on the ground, he was looking straight at her, "RUN" she heard him yell and she did, Curtis right behind her.

"Aletha, get down here." Delia herd Curtis yell behind her. All of a sudden, she saw a female that looked exactly like Damon, so much alike they could have been twins. The female landed in front of her and grabbed her.

"Aletha go, get her out of here now." Curtis yelled at the female. Delia saw Damon running toward them, but in a flash the lights went out and screams could be heard, Delia's one of many, and then she felt something hit hard on her head and she moved no more.

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