Chapter 12 Final Training

Delia was snuggled in on Damon, her head on his shoulder, as the first rays of the sun came in through the window. Yellows, oranges, and reds filled the sky as it rose.

"It is very pretty, and truthfully, it is one of the only ones I have ever seen." Delia told Damon as she continued to watch.

"Why is that?" He said with his arm around her.

"I don't know, I have wanted to, just never have." She told him as she smiled. "It is another, of what seems to be a lot of, first's with you."

"We will see, I say you are getting tired. You have been up for awhile." He said as he looked down at her.

She looked at him "I do have to admit, I am getting tired, though I would have to say I would do it over again."

"Well, why don't we go off to bed and you get some sleep." Damon told her as he looked at her.

Delia nodded as she leaned off of him and stood and looked back at him, "I know I am still sore and all from training the other day, but if you do not mind, when we wake I would like to have a go at it again. I know I have gotten the basic moves down and all, but I need to practice on using my power with it."

"As you wish, You will have to tell Drake that when you wake. I am not sure if he would be awake now or not." Damon told her as he stood and offered his arm to her.

Delia put her arm through his and they started toward the castle. When they were back in the room and the door shut Delia walked to her closet and took the dress off and hung it up. She placed her shoes back on the rack that held many different pairs, and then proceeded to change into a black nightgown. She walked out of the closet and shut the door. She pulled out the sticks that held her hair up and it went tumbling down her back. She walked over and crawled up onto the bed.

She looked at Damon as she laid her head on the pillow, her hand in her hair up above her head. "What do you think of Genevieve? There is something about her that I can't put my finger on."

"Yes, there is something strange about her." He had changed in to a pair of pure silk black pants and climbed into bed next to her on his back.

Delia scooted over and laid her head on his chest. Her nails played back and forth over a patch of skin as she lay there. "You don't think she may be another pawn in Nicholas's plot do you?"

"I don't know if she is or not but we will see." He put his arm around her and rubbed her back lightly.

Delia closed her eyes and shortly after fell asleep.

Delia woke and looked at Damon. She smiled as she looked out the window and knew it was late afternoon or early evening. She leaned up over him as she looked at him.

Damon lay on his back still, his red hair cascaded over the pillow and a few strands over his face. Delia gently moved his hair and saw the ring he had given her the night before.

Damon opened his eyes and looked at her. "Good morning."

Delia smiled, "Good morning to you."

They looked at one another for a moment and Delia lowered her head toward him and started to kiss him, It started gently at first, and soon became passionate. Damon flipped her on her back and held himself over her. His mouth went to her neck and Delia started to moan.

Delia ran her nails over Damon's naked back and clawed his mid back when he bit down on her neck, sending shivers down both of them.

Damon leaned back up and looked at her, his eyes were tinged with red, and hers were tinged with purple.

"Damon," Delia started and he shook his head.

"I'm not going to push you into this." Damon told her as he sat up in the bed.

"I only chose to be pure until I found the right person for me." She told him as she too sat up.

Damon looked at the skirt of her gown that was bunched up around her thighs, exposing the soft white skin of her legs. "What about no sex before marriage? Because trust me I really want to but I don't know if we do that it might distract you later, maybe in a fight."

"Damon, if I cared about that I wouldn't have had you sleeping with me the times you have. I have known there was always a chance." She paused as she looked at him "And as for distracting me. I know that more than likely, or at least I am hoping, I make it out alive when I do go for the battle. But if worse comes to worse, I want to know what it feels like to have the one I have come to love in me. To have known that joy."

Damon looked at her and grabbed her and pulled her to sit in his lap, "Don't worry, I will make sure you come out alive." He started to rub lightly run his hand over her back.

Delia leaned into him and placed her hair behind her ear on the other side. She stayed quiet for a moment as she listened to his heart beat. After a few moments of silence between them she sat up and they looked at each other. She lifted her right hand and cupped his jaw before she started to kiss him again. After that she got off of him. "If we do not show our self soon, people will start thinking things, I say not many if no one knew that we stayed up to watch the sun rise."

"Alright, let's go show our selves where they won't think anything. Oh, and I love that outfit on you." He said as he got up.

She rose form the bed and walked to her closet and opened the door. Once inside she decided she didn't have anything suitable to train in. She placed her hand on the night gown and it changed into a loose white long sleeved blouse and black tight leggings. She wore a brown leather under bust corset with a black sash that hung like a skirt with slits in both sides. Knee high black boots covered her feet.

She stepped out of the closet and looked at Damon, he had changed back into the clothes he had been in the day before. "Where to first? I am also thinking that it would be better to do the training tonight rather then through the day. It will be cooler out."

"Let us go get something to eat, we also have to find Drake and ask him." He said as he looked at her then walked to the door to open it.

Delia walked over to where he stood, she looked at him for a second and kissed him. She stepped out the door and looked back at him. When he closed the door she took his hand and headed down to the dining area. They met Genevieve as they came down the main stair case. Genevieve smiled at them as she looked from Delia to Damon "I take it as you both had a long night."

Delia tightened her grip on Damon and smiled at Genevieve as she nodded to her. "It was one I definitely will never forget."

Genevieve just looked at her, "You two are in time for dinner, it will be served shortly."

Delia nodded and continued towards the dining room. She heard chatter as they came closer. Aletha was standing next to the entrance talking to Gregory. They both looked to them as they came up.

'Long night?' Aletha asked Delia in her mind.

Delia smiled and replied to her, 'We stayed up to watch the sun rise this morning, so yeah, it was.' and then looked to her father, "I'm sorry we missed breakfast this morning. Damon and I stayed up to watch the sun rise."

Gregory smiled at her, "Ahh, I see. We had wondered where the two of you were." he paused for a moment, "It has been a while since I have stayed up long enough to watch one rise."

Aletha's voice came in my head, 'It seems as if your father was busy with something as well, though he says nothing happened. But look at him, he looks as though he never slept last night.'

Delia looked to her father and as Aletha had said her father had bags under his droopy eyes.

He yawned as he looked at her and smiled. Gregory nodded his head towards Delia and Damon and then proceeded towards the dining table and sat. Aletha, Delia, and Damon followed and sat in their places and were shortly followed by Genevieve.

'Where's Drake?' Delia asked Aletha as she took a sip of water from the glass she picked up.

'He stayed behind in the room.' Aletha said and looked up from her plate toward her.

Delia nodded toward her and sent a message to Drake, "if your not busy tonight, and don't mind. Could we train more tonight?'

'It would be my pleasure' Drake's voice came back.

Delia looked at her father, "Are you alright, you don't look like yourself today."

"Let's just say I was up most of the night and leave it at that." Gregory told her as he smiled at her.

Delia continued to look at him for a little while and then nodded. She then proceeded to look at Genevieve and noticed light dark circles under her eyes, it looked as if she had tried to cover them with something and Delia looked back at her father with a 'I know you didn't' look.

Greggory saw his daughter look from him to Genevieve and back and he faintly smiled at her. The servants came in carrying trays as Delia continued to watch her father. They sat the trays down on the table and Delia finally turned her head and started to put food on her plate. No one said anything as they ate so dinner went by fast. When everyone was done they all stood and went their separate ways.

'We are headed to the garden now' Delia told Drake as she took Damon's hand and headed out to her garden. "I think father and Genevieve slept together last night, did you see their eyes? Yeah, Genevieve tried to cover hers, but still." Delia said as she opened the gates.

"Yeah I did notice that. That is weird though that she has not been here more than one night and she has already slept with the king, something is up." He said as he walked with her.

"I could have one of my spies follow them if you wish." Drake's voice came from behind a bush.

Delia closed the gate as they entered and looked at him, "That might be wise to do so."

She let go of Damon's hand, "Gix, I needed my sword please." She looked at it as the blade glistened from the sun as the sun started to lower in the sky. She started to walk over to where she stood to train when she heard the branches of the bushes that surrounded the garden move. She turned around, her sword pointed out toward the bushes as she walked. She moved parts of the bushes from side to side. She didn't see anything but yet something told her someone was there.

She held some of the limbs in her left hand as she stabbed at the air, and hit something. She withdrew her blade and noticed red stained the tip. "Alright show yourself."

Delia let go of the limbs and stepped back to where Damon and Drake were standing. A few minutes' later two shapes appeared and Delia knew who they belonged to. "Alright, why are you here Curtis? And Eric, if father knew that you were back. Well, needless to say you would be headless."

The two stepped from the shadows of the bushes and Eric was the first to speak as he looked at Delia, Curtis was looking to Drake. "First off, if your father were to do that, he would have a fight on with my country. Remember, I am the heir to it. And second, I am your fiance, so therefore if he were to kill me, your people would not be too happy."

"You are no longer, I am." Damon spoke to Eric as he took a step forward, "Answer the ladies question, why are you here?"

Eric looked to him and stayed quiet for a moment, "So, I have been replaced. Hmm" He looked back to Delia, "And as for why we are here, I think you know. You are to come with us."

Curtis was still looking at Drake when he spoke, "How can you be her fiance when she was promised to Eric?"

Delia spoke when Curtis asked his question, her sword still pointing towards them. Apparently she had hit Curtis in his shoulder, but it was not bothering him. "Eric, as for what you have said," She said pointing her sword towards him, "As for your country, I doubt you really are its heir. Father never did look in to your history." She looked to Curtis, "And for your question, the night that you two kidnapped me, when father announced the engagement to everyone, he had pulled me to the side and told me if I were to find someone that he deemed suitable within three months then he would announce that Eric and I were no longer going to be married. Rather whoever he deemed worthy would be married."

Curtis looked at her and laughed, "And he deemed him worthy, my god Delia, look at him."

Delia laughed "What does it matter, it is my choice." She paused and shook her head, "Anyways, off the topic of who I chose to be with, you can leave now."

"Oh, but we can't do that, we have come to bring you back to Nicholas." Eric told her stepping forward as he smiled.

Delia brought her sword up and leaned it on her shoulder, "Tell you what, I will come to Nicholas myself when I am ready, you tell him that."

Curtis looked over to her and Eric spoke, "But we can't wait that long, he wants you now."

"Tell him o'well, he will have to wait cause I said no, I am not going as of yet. He can either wait till I am ready, or I won't come at all." Delia told them.

Curtis looked to Eric and they both looked back to Delia, "Since when have you become so, so…so feisty?" Curtis asked in disbelief.

"For a little while now" Damon said as he stepped in front of Delia.

Delia looked at them as Damon stepped in front of her. "You have no right to know anyways."

Curtis shifted as he looked at her, "You have merged with your animal haven't you."

"What is it to you if I have or haven't?" Delia asked and shifted to lean on her left leg.

"I figured so. What cat are you?" Eric asked as he looked from Damon to Delia.

"And why should I tell either of you?" She asked, "Didn't I tell you two to leave."

"We're not leaving without you." Curtis told her.

"Oh yes, you are." Delia said laughing.

"You are going to come with us." Eric told her.

"No I am not. I will not say it again." Delia said shifting her weight to the other leg.

Eric looked to Curtis, "I liked her better before she got the attitude."

"I have to disagree, I would have to say it would be quiet fun in the bedroom," Curtis looked to Damon, "you would know, is it?"

"Now why would I tell you if she is or isn't, that is for me to know and you to never find out." He said as he looked at the two of them.

Curtis stepped to the side and took a step forward as Eric did the same. "And you think you know how to wield a sword, that's funny you know."

"Would you like me to show you what I know?" Delia asked as she took the sword off of her shoulder and twirled it in her hand as she took one of the stances she had learned, her sword held in both of her hands.

Drake's aura exploded and the earth under him started to crumble away as if everything around him were dying. Drakes hands shoot outwards almost level and his hands were as if he were holding something. As he did this Eric and Curtis could no longer move, Drake raised his arms and as he done so Curtis and Eric rose into the air. Drake brought them together and made them smash into each other. "Tell your father we will be there when we are ready." As he said this he brought his hands back almost to his chest and pushed them out as far as they could go, Eric and Curtis went flying.

Eric and Curtis flew for a long time. They saw trees pass them as if they were horses galloping away. When they reached Nicholas's hideout they smashed through the entryway and smashed through doors and walls and finally stopped and landed in front of Nicholas.

Nicholas looked at them, furry and wonder in his eyes. "Where is she?"

Curtis and Eric rose off of their stomachs and stood up slowly. They wobbled from side to side as they looked at Nicholas. Curtis was the one to answer. "She would not come with us, said that she will hunt you out when she is ready. There is one that is in her party that, well, he reminds me of death. He wore a robe that hid all but his eyes, they were yellow, and they turned pure black as he came closer to us. He raised his hands and immobilized us when we took a step near Delia and sent us back here. She has merged with her animal, she has gotten an attitude since last I saw her, though I would have to say I rather like it, and she is training with a sword."

Nicholas looked at the two of them and said nothing for a while. When he did speak he said, "We need to find out who this person is. He may prove to be a problem," He paused as he shifted his head to the palm of his hand. "As for Delia, she said she would come to me, is that right?"

"Yes, that is what she said. She would come when she is ready." Curtis told him still wobbling.

Nicholas nodded and stayed quiet for a moment then continued, "I suppose we have no other choice, we find out who this 'Death' person is and depending on how long it takes her to get ready to come. When we find out we go and retrieve her. From the looks of you two you need some rest. I give you two hours then start finding information on this character."

Both Eric and Curtis nodded and made their way out of the room, but right before they left the room Nicholas boomed out, "Oh, and you will fix what you have messed up from being slung back here." Curtis nodded as they closed the door and made their way to their rooms.

Delia turned to look at Drake, "What the hell was that just then?"

"I did not want you to wear yourself out before a training session and they were not listening to you." Drake said as he watched her.

Delia had wiped the blood off of her sword and laid the stained rag down on the ground as she inspected the blade to make sure she had gotten it all. "They sure didn't seem to like it when you sent them flying."

"No, it seems as if they didn't." He said as he made a barrier.

Delia laid the blade back against her shoulder as she looked at him, "I guess I'll start." Delia walked back over to the place she had stood when she had heard Curtis and Eric in the bushes. She stood in one of the stances and started going over everything she had learned the time before. When it seemed as if only an hour had passed and she was breathing heavily, she stopped and caught her breath.

She held the sword out in front of her and looked at it. She closed her eyes and let her ears and tail out. "Casimir, I need your help."

"With" The familiar voice spoke in her mind.

"Transferring my energy into the sword" Delia told her as she opened her eyes and looked at the sword.

"Alright" Casimir told her, it seemed like she was purring. "Close your eyes and imagine our energy flowing into your hands."

Delia did as she was told and a short time later her hands started to tingle. "Good, now push it into the hilt of the sword and on into the blade." She was directed by Casimir.

Delia pushed the tingling from her hands to the hilt she held in her hands. When she could no longer feel the tingling in her hands, but could feel power emerging from the blade she opened her eyes to see a purple and gold aura coming from the blade. "Thank you Casimir"

"You are welcome." She told Delia.

Delia proceeded to stand in one of the poses she had learned and started slicing the air as she turned and moved. She dodged invisible opponents and stabbed at them. She continued to do this for several more hours until the sky began to become pink, blue, and purple. Delia told Gix to retrieve the sword and she walked back over to Damon and sat down and caught her breath. She leaned her head on his shoulder as she watched the sky. "I think I am done."

"Alright, we will go. Though you might want to call Shana to your room again" He said as he rose and looked at her.

Delia nodded, "I will have one of the servants call her when we reach inside." She said as she stood and recalled her tail and ears and started towards the gate she stopped and looked back to Drake, "thank you."

Drake nodded but didn't say anything.

When they entered the kitchen she asked one of the servants to have Shana come to her room with scissors and nail clippers. The servant nodded and darted away. By the time Delia and Damon walked into the room Shana was standing with a chair in front of her and a small table with scissors and a pair of nail clippers and a broom and dust pan.

"You asked for me." Shana said as her jaw dropped as she saw Delia's hair had grown another foot since dinner time. "What do you wash your hair in? It seems to grow in hours what it should in a year."

Delia blushed as she looked at her, "I use what I usually do." Delia told her as she walked over and sat in the chair.

Shana shook her head as she picked up the brush and started brushing her hair. She looked up and saw Damon, "And how is the soon to be master of the house?"

"I am alright, but do not consider me master, consider me friend." He said as he made his way to the bed and sat on it.

Shana nodded to him as she took the scissors and started cutting Delia's hair. She was soon finished and Delia took the clippers as Shana swept the hair up. When everything was done Shana bid them good night and left there room.

Delia walked to her closet and stepped inside and changed into a very soft Egyptian cotton sleeveless nightgown that came to her thighs. It was a bluish gray color. She stepped out of the closet and closed the door then proceeded to the bed.

She looked over to Damon, "I suppose it is drawing nearer for me going to find Nicholas."

"Yes, it does seem like it is drawing near. It also seems like he is getting more restless." He said as he looked at her.

Delia nodded as she looked at him, "I just really don't want to do this." She paused for a moment then continued, "I suppose tomorrow I will stay to say good bye to father and tell him what I am going to do and get Aletha and Drake to go with me, seeing as Aletha is probably the only one who knows where his hide out is. I know Aletha will want to deal with Eric, and I can take Curtis. Then I will proceed to Nicholas. I just don't know how it will turn out."

"I can take care of Curtis for you." He said as he leaned back against the pillows.

Delia looked at him all over and smiled. "Comfy?"

"Why wouldn't I be?" He said smiling at her.

Delia smiled as she looked him in the face, "I understand," She paused. "And I would be grateful if you were to come and help out."

"You should have known that I had already planned on going." He said as he rose and walked over to the table and grabbed the cup that was sitting there and took a sip.

Delia watched him as he walked over to the table and then laid on the pillows as he had as she looked at him. "So," She paused trying to decide on how to bring up what she was trying to ask, "When do you want to start talking about the wedding? I know not until after the whole ordeal with Nicholas is done."

"We will talk about it when this is over." He said as he walked over to the bed and looked down at her.

Delia looked at him as she smiled playfully, "What?"

"What do you mean what?" He said as he leaned over a little still looking at her.

Delia yawned and then proceeded to lean up on her arms and look at him, "I was just asking what. You were the one looking at me."

"What? Can't I look at you without you thinking I am up to something?" He said as he sat down on the bed..

"I didn't say that now did I" She told him as she sat up. "I was just asking if you wanted something." She was on her knees now as she looked at him.

"No, I don't want anything right now. I say you are tired." He said as he looked at her.

Delia tilted her head to the side a little and looked at him, "Alright, I have to say that I am." She lay on her side and laid her head on his chest. Her hand went next to her face on his skin and her nail moved back and forth a little.

"So what is it that you want?" He said as he placed his arm around her.

She moved her head so she could see him, "Nothing really," she paused as she continued to move her nail back and forth, "Yes, I am tired, but yet again I am in a," She paused as she thought and felt her face go slightly red, "a playful mood you could say."

"Oh, really" He looked at her and smiled.

Delia shrugged a little, "It seems anytime I bring Casimir out I get that way." She rested her head against his chest again. "I don't know why, it just happens."

"Well, she is a cat and they usually are playful." He said as he laid there.

She stayed quiet for a while. "Yeah, that's true. Though I do have to say it's worse when I am not tired." She lay there a little longer before she rose and kissed him then looked at him, "Good night."

"Good night." He kissed her back and closed his eyes.

Delia lay her head back down and closed hers as her finger continued to move back and forth, shortly after she fell asleep.

Delia let her eyes lay close for a while, she wanted not to wake but to stay cuddled on Damon. She lay as long as she could then opened her eyes. It was mid morning, the sun was out and it was a very beautiful day. Delia kissed Damon's chest where her head had laid. She proceeded to raise herself up and look at him. She looked around her room and thought about all that had happened in the past month, though threw Drake's time barrier it had been three fourths of a year. She looked back at Damon and smiled.

She got up and walked to her dresser. She slipped her night gown off and proceeded to put on her under garments. When she got them on she walked into her closet and picked a matching red dress. "This will do until I get out of the palace." She said as she pulled it over her head and brought her hair form under the dress. It hugged her body, but yet gave her room enough to be comfortable. It was low cut, as many of her dress were.

Delia closed the closet door when she stepped out and looked back over at the bed at Damon. She walked over and sat on the bed and draped her arm over his torso and looked at him.

Damon opened his eyes and looked at her. "Good morning, looks like you got an early start." He stretched as he told her this.

She smiled as she looked at him, "Yes, I woke a little while ago, but not too long."

Damon stood and looked at her, "I like that dress on you."

She stood. "Thank you. I figure I will wear this until we leave. Then I will change into something more suitable."

"I see, what will you wear when you fight?" He asked as he started to dress.

"I haven't decided as of yet, I really don't know what one wears for battle." She told him, "I know if I were to wear something revealing it would more than likely distract them, but still." She said as she walked over to the window and looked out of it.

"The decision is up to you. Hell if you wanted to you could fight naked, but I don't suggest that." He said laughing to himself.

Delia turned back around and looked at him, "Yeah, wouldn't do that anyway." She walked over to him as she placed her arms around his neck, "You are the only one I want to see me that way."

Damon smiled and bent his head and kissed her as he wrapped his arms around her. "I haven't yet though."

Delia blushed and nodded, "Yes, I know." She paused as she looked at him, "I know I have told you that I was thinking of not going into battle as a virgin, and we really haven't had a chance to really do anything. We could just take the day for ourselves."

Damon looked at her for a moment before answering her. "I have know that we will make it back. And the sooner that we get this over the sooner I can have you to myself."

Delia laughed and leaned into his chest. "That's one way to put it."

"Alright, I am ready to go." He told her as he hugged her tight.

Delia smiled and looked at him and nodded, "Yeah, but I am not sure I am. I know I have to, but it doesn't mean I want to." She started toward the door.

She walked down the corridor, looking around as she went. She noticed things she had never noticed before. How the candles in there holders never left wax but still yet they melted as they burnt. How the paintings on the walls of her relatives past hung without a speck of dust.

They soon came to her father's chamber and she knocked. Several minutes passed and she went to knock again when the door opened. Genevieve was looking at her from the other side of the door.

"Can you come back in a bit dear?" Genevieve asked her as she looked from her to Damon. Her hair was a mess and her dress looked as if it had just been thrown on.

Delia looked at her, "No I cannot, I have come to speak with my father and speak with him I shall."

"But he is a tad bit busy at the moment." Genevieve told her sounding inpatient.

Delia looked at her, "I do not care, it is of importance, now let me pass."

"I will not, you can wait like everyone else." Genevieve said as she went to close the door.

Delia shoved the door back open, "I will talk to my father. No women will keep me from him just because she is not done pleasuring herself with him."

Genevieve's face turned bright red as she looked at her, "I swear," She was going to say something else when Delia interrupted her.

"I do not care if you swear or curse or whatever, you will let me in to see my father." Her hands were on the door and she took a step closer to her and Genevieve took a step back. Delia was starting to get aggravated and Genevieve could tell by her eyes.

Gregory popped his head around the door to see what all the commotion was. When he seen Delia he looked at Genevieve, "Leave us."

Genevieve looked at him, "But…"

"I said leave us." Gregory told her in a sterner voice.

Genevieve looked from him as she nodded to Delia. Her eyes were furious.

"Come in daughter." Gregory said as he walked back in and sat in his chair.

Delia looked at him as she sat down, "Please tell me you have not been sleeping with her."

Gregory looked at her. "That is no concern of yours."

"But it is father, she is not right. There is something wrong about her. Very wrong" Delia told him.

"I am but a man, who has been without a companion. I will not refuse one that wishes to be pleased." He told her as he looked away from her.

"Do not tell me that you will not turn her away. You have turned away countless others that wished to please you, so why is she different? I tell you father, tell her to leave before it is too late." Delia told him as she pleaded for him to do as she asked.

Gregory looked back at her. After several minutes he nodded, "As you wish."

"Thank you." She told him as she smiled at him, "I have come to tell you that it is time I set out. I will take Damon, Aletha, and Drake to help."

Gregory looked at her, sorrow forming in his eyes. "You only returned to me days ago, I am not ready to lose you again."

"You will not lose me father, I will be back," She looked at Damon. "After all, we have a masquerade and a wedding to plane out." She looked back at her father.

Gregory nodded as he looked to Damon and back. He stood and walked over to her and bent down to hug her. "Please, come back to me."

Delia stood and hugged her father. "I will."

They stayed in the hug for a while, she letting him hold on to her, knowing it would help him. When he finally let her go he looked at her, little tears ran down his cheeks. Gregory walked over to Damon and looked at him, "I trust you will not let anyone harm her."

"I will do what I can, but she must fight Nicholas alone. But do trust me she will come back alive." He said as he looked at him.

Gregory nodded his head. He turned back to Delia and kissed her on her forehead. "Be careful daughter."

Delia kissed him on the cheek. "You know I will." She turned to Drake a moment later and nodded to him as she started toward the door. She opened it, looked back at her father, and then walked from the room. When Damon was out of the room she gave her father one last smile and shut the door. She closed her eyes. 'Aletha, where are you?'

Aletha answered a few minutes later, 'Out in the garden. Why?' She asked her sounding as if she were enjoying herself.

'Is Drake with you?'


'We shall be there in a bit.' Delia told her as she opened her eyes and took Damon by the hand. They started back down the corridor. Ten minutes passed and they came out of the kitchen into the garden. Another five minutes passed by the time they found her.

Aletha was near the fountain and she looked at them as they walked her way. "What's going on?"

Delia looked around, Drake was in his dragon form sitting on the banister of the fountain. "Would you like to go with us to face Curtis, Eric, and Nicholas?" Delia asked her as she finished walking to her.

Aletha looked at her shocked. "You're going to go and turn yourself in?"

"Kind of, we are going and I figured you would want to go and take your frustrations out on the one that has caused most of them. Damon was going to go to help out, but I will have to face Nicholas on my own."

Aletha looked at her, "And how will you do that?" as she said this her hands went to her hips.

Delia smiled at her, "I have my ways."

"If you say so" She paused as she looked at her.

"Well, what do you say?" Delia asked a while later, "Besides, you will know where to go."

Aletha looked at her, "Well, you have a point there, and it would feel good to give Eric a piece of my mind. Are you leaving now?"

"Was planning on it" Delia told her.

Aletha nodded, "Do you want Drake to go?"

Delia stayed quiet for a while as she looked at the dragon, "That is up to you, but yes, I would ask that you come."

"And what does your father say about this?" He asked as they looked at each other.

"I have already said my goodbye's to him, no, he doesn't like it but he knows it has got to be done. If I do not go ahead and get it over with I will be hunted down until I have to face them alone. At least this way I have an advantage." Delia told him.

"Alright, I will go." He nodded. "How do you wish to proceed?"

"I don't know, why?" Delia asked looking at him.

"Just wondering if we were walking or teleporting" Drake asked as he leapt onto Aletha's shoulder.

"Either or, it really doesn't matter. We will get there when we get there." She said as she looked away.

"OK, so which are we going to do?" Damon asked.

"We can walk a little ways and then teleport, or we can go ahead and teleport there. It doesn't matter to me." Delia said then asked everyone, "What would you guys want to do?"

"I don't care." Aletha said as they started walking towards the exit of the castle grounds. "Tough I will say that I would rather get it over with sooner rather than later."

"I don't care which we do, if you guys want to walk we will walk, if you want to teleport then I will take us all." Drake said as he curled his tail around Aletha's neck.

"So, are we teleporting or walking?" Aletha asked as she looked forward.

Damon was the first to answer, "Well, like you say, I would rather get this over sooner rather than later."

Delia did as Aletha had and looked forward, "Well then, I guess we teleport."

Delia laid a hand on her clothing, "We are far enough away for the palace that I can change." Moments later she was in a tight fitting leather body suit. It was black with accents of purple along the edged that cupped her breasts and pushed them up showing off a lot of cleavage, and the part that covered her torso that had an opening, wider an inch under her breast and went to a point an inch under her belly button. Silver wires ran down keeping everything in place. Her necklace hung on her cleavage and a matching belt hugged her hip, a bright amethyst jewel rested right under her belly button. A single piece of cloth wrapped around her as a skirt and tied in a knot on her right side, leaving the side of her right leg open. Black leather boots with many straps came to her thighs.

"Damn girl, you wanting to make them distracted aren't you." Aletha asked as she looked at Delia.

Delia looked at her and shrugged, "I thought it would give me some kind of advantage."

"Yeah, I'm sure you are right." Aletha said laughing.

"Well, I guess we are ready then." Delia said as she looked at everyone.

Aletha looked at Drake and told them where their destination was. Drake nodded and waved his claw, instantly a portal appeared in front of them. Aletha went first, followed by Damon, and last Delia.