Here is a theory I made up about 3 weeks ago. I've done the research needed, and now here is the final paper for my theory.

Keep in mind this is a THEORY, not a factual essay.

God's Universal Theory.

The subconscious mind is part of our very being, that does the tasks we can't do, such as digesting food. It also has a secret ability to connect with the Universe, and use the connected power to grant us positive and/or beneficial wishes, known as the Law of Attraction.

But, HOW can a subconscious mind connect with the Universe? It's part of you, making it human, right?

The truth is, the subconscious mind isn't human at all, and we aren't JUST humans. First, I'll start with the subconscious mind:

If you were to ask your subconscious mind to do something, like get you a chair, it could do that. It would send signals throughout our body, telling it our command. You would get a strong urge to get a chair, and the urge would grow stronger and stronger until we got ourselves a chair, unless we have strong willpower. Although you did the work, if just our mind thought about getting a chair, it wouldn't force it because it wouldn't be life threatening.

It seems like the subconscious mind knows everything and anything, but what if it WAS everything and anything? Here's the answer to what the subconscious mind is:
The Universe.

The Universe is everything anything, and everyone. It's everyone because inside of us, the Universe is there, as our subconscious mind. Both are infinite, both are everyone, and both are supposed to give information to God. The Universe was created so God could learn as much as possible. The subconscious mind has a task of helping us learn and receive information.

The subconscious mind wouldn't have to connect with anything in order to use the Law of Attraction, it would just use it's power, since it's the Universe.

Now, if the subconscious mind is the Universe, what would that make you?

I have an answer for that, too:
We're God. We are both infinite, both forever learning, and we both are Creators of life.

As I said, " Both ( The Universe and the subconscious mind ) are supposed to give information to God. ". The subconscious mind is supposed to help us gain knowledge, meaning the Universe is supposed to help God gain knowledge.

Now, for my final piece of evidence, it's from a song by KRS-One, called Know Thy Self. Part of the lyrics say,

" Know thyself, and thou shall know, the Universe and God. "

Know your subconscious mind- the Universe -know yourself- God -and when we understand the subconscious mind is us, we know ourself, and we know we are the Universe and God.