There is a room full of people.

Some, too young to

understand what is happening.

Those who fall asleep,

on their mother's laps.

Then those old enough to know something

important is happening,

yet too innocent to know

the meaning of words spoken.

Next those classified by

designer brands and large followers.

Even those, who usually

hide beneath the mask of

instagram, Facebook and Twitter

lay down their phones.

Those who well understand

the meaning of the words,

of the sin,

and stand up tall as examples

for their kids.

Finally those, too old to

sit up property, who,

through the magic of the

words transform,

and stand up on their shaky legs.

All those together, and united.

United by the same

belief and the same words.

This is the magic,

that we seek.

We hide under a desire to

purge ourselves of sin,

which I'm sure is true,

yet let me tell you.

The true magic of this

thing you created, are

moments like these.