Love Letter Lovelies 6:

Lovely Brides

by Glee-chan

Chapter 20.

Makoto Ozawa

Dr. Fujisawa's Beach home was the perfect honeymoon spot, even if it was after Chrismas. While not the warmest weather, it still wasn't the winters she was used too on the Mainland. The Izu Islands, at their coldest, dangled around 15.56 Celsius (or 60 degrees Fahrenheit), and at the moment it was warm enough for swimsuits. Kozushima Village, like Yumoto, was designed to be the perfect vacation location, and the last few days had been the happiest Makoto had ever been.

She was cuddled up next to Kaede after playing around on the beach, snuggled up on a blanket watching the ocean. To go from snow to beach was amazing, never mind having the perfect wedding and reunion with all her friends. She was living in the clouds, and didn't allow dark thoughts to bring her down.

"Mako-chan, may I ask you something unconventional?" Kaede asked her after they had a quiet moment.

"Of course?" Makoto leaned her head back so she could see her lover behind her.

"Something Jessie said after the wedding had stuck with me." She spoke softly. "I am wondering if maybe I haven't allowed you to experience life to it's fullest."

"What do you mean?" Makoto sat up, spinning so she could see Kaede's sunglasses covered face better.

"It's just that I'm the only person you've been with." Kaede went on. "Up until now I never thought about it. Jessie seemed to think it was ridiculous. I wonder if she's right."

"I fell in love with you, Kaede. I don't regret not having wild nights with someone else, or having crazy stories like you or Shiho-chan. I'm happy."

"Even still... I feel guilty that even I was with Sora-chan before we got together. Even if you had a moment with Maria, you hadn't dated anyone."

"Are you saying you want me to have a fling with someone?" Makoto teased her.

Kaede smirked and shook her head.

"Then I don't see what the problem is. I got you and I've always been happy with that."

She took that in, silently as she always did, then ventured another question. "Did you like Maria?"

Makoto gave her a look.

"I'm serious. If she hadn't died and we didn't get back together after our hiccup, would you have been interested in her?"

"I don't know." Makoto shrugged. "Maybe. I mean, it wasn't like Maria was shy about expressing herself. I might have gone along with it for a while... but I don't see Maria being the type of girl I'd like for the long term."

"What about Shiho-chan?"

"I always thought she'd be better with you." Makoto giggled. "I always liked it when she had to kiss you or something for a King's Game punishment."

"Then Yui-chan?"

Makoto waved away that suggestion. "Too much work. I love her, but I don't see how Mari-chan does it."

"She might not keep it up for long." Kaede remarked.

By now, Makoto had learned about the huge blowout between Yui and Mari at Kaede's party. Everyone had done their best to keep the bride's weekend as happy and stressless as possible, but something like that was hard to keep quiet. She knew that both she and Kaede restrained their natural impulses to go support their friends, and even now wondered if she could do anything to help. Kaede, of course, had seen the whole incident first hand, so she must know what she was talking about. Yui and Mari were in trouble, despite that night in the hot spring.

They moved on from that conversation to have lunch at a local restaurant. Like many of the tourist, they had placed on t-shirts over their swimsuits. While the food was great, the whole location was so casual that seeing others dressed like this was the norm. The two of them were back in honeymoon mode now, enjoying each others company without the stresses of friends, work, and shoot schedules. It was just them.

Once they finished, they went site seeing for a time, then returned back to Dr. Fujisawa's home. Makoto was about to suggest a shower, when Kaede pressed her to the door and kissed her softly. Without any further discussion, Makoto wrapped her arms around Kaede and pulled her in closer. Like a couple of teenagers, the soft kiss turned into a full-blown make-out session.

Minutes later, their swimsuits were on the floor, Makoto was on the living room couch, and Kaede's head was in-between her legs. They had been having hot passionate sex ever since the wedding, yet it still was just as intense as the first night. Now alone, Makoto didn't have to be as conservative as she was back in the Inn, and let her moans out loudly. Doing so drove Kaede on.

They took turns bring each other to orgasm, and through the process made their way around the house. They finally settled in the guest room they were sleeping in, then she finished off Kaede for the second time in that location. Now, both out of breath, Makoto crawled up beside her wife and laid down next to her. They groggily looked into each other's eyes, enjoying the moment. Kaede's hair was matted to her forehead from the sexual sweat she had been shedding, her cheeks were flush, and her expression was more alive than it usually was. This was a Kaede no one else saw. She was her wife.

"I love you." Kaede moaned sentimentally. She always got like that after she came.

"I love you too, Kaede."

"I wish we could stay here forever." Kaede breathed in, drinking in Makoto's nudity.

"What, and never see the others again?" Makoto teased her.

Kaede was silent for a moment, then whispered. "All I need is you..."

Makoto was kissing her again. Even if she didn't think she had the strength for another round, her heart was bursting with love. Kaede kissed her back, and like at the door they were engaged in another make-out session. This time, it was soft and tender.

After a shower and a nap, the two of them had dinner, then watched the sunset together on Fujisawa's balcony. This time Makoto was holding Kaede in front of her, resting her chin on the girl's shoulder. She smelled nice. How Kaede could even think that Makoto felt like she was missing out by not being with someone else was beyond her. She found her love, and just like that 15 year old who read that intimate love letter so many years ago, she knew Kaede was hers.

Entering inside after the sun set, Kaede decided she wanted to cook for Makoto, so she stood in the kitchen watching her. Kaede had that small little smile on her face at being watched, and didn't make a fuss about her being in the way. They ate, washed dishes together, then settled back down on the same couch they had sex on earlier that day. Now Kaede was the one holding Makoto.

"Do you think it's time to get our own place?" Kaede asked seemingly out of no where.

"We do have our own place." Makoto looked up, curious.

"No. I mean a real house." Kaede stressed. "Some place that's a real home, not just an apartment."

"Oh." Makoto blinked and sat up. "I hadn't thought about it."

Kaede still had that small smile. "I'm only asking because it's starting to get troublesome for me living in such a populated area." She didn't have to explain that her celebrity had been growing of late, and now she was starting to get fans. "Plus, I think it would be nice to have a place that's truly our own. We can buy our dream home and decorate it the way we see fit."

"That sounds nice, but... but I sort of like the convenience of where we live now." Makoto felt bad for bring practicality into this. "The apartment is small, but so close to the clinic. Plus all of our friends are there-"

"I'm not say we get rid of the apartment," Kaede quickly amended. "but I'd like a place we can just be ourselves in. Think of it as a weekend home. It's a place we can go to just be alone and relax. We have the money... we can afford it."

Hearing it put that way made the idea grow on her more. "Do you think we can get one with a lot of guest rooms so the others can visit?"

Kaede nodded. "We could get a pool too, so you and Saki-chan can continue your swimming sessions."

Makoto beamed. "Now you're sucking up to me so I'll say yes!"

"Maybe." Kaede smirked. "It's just... now that we're married I feel like this is the next step. I like feeling like we're progressing forward."

"Okay then." Makoto agreed. This was important to her, and it wasn't like it was a bad idea. "I can't give you a child, but I can do this."

"About that..." Kaede blushed. "...there's something else I'd like to talk about."


Kaede nodded.

Makoto's breath nearly left her. She had said the child thing as a joke, but deep down she knew the two of them had thought about such a thing in the back of their minds. She didn't know if it was legal for them to adopt a child as a couple, but it was something to look into. The thought of her being a mother with the woman she loved was both scary and exciting. Was this something they could do, especially with Kaede's public life? Then again, Kaede hadn't kept silent that she was in a gay relationship to the media, yet she still was getting jobs. Would bringing a child into the equations be a game changer.

"Well... let's get the house first and worry about getting a kid later. We're both still young. Let's enjoy our alone time while we can."

Kaede looked thoughtful at this, then nodded her head.

She wasn't disappointed, which was a relief. Kaede basically just wanted to know if Makoto was opposed to the idea in general. Now that she knew that she wasn't, she could relax. Still, it made her heart race. Kaede wanted to be a Mom. Deep down she knew this all along, but actually saying it was a different matter.

"It was nice seeing the others." Kaede's voice brought Makoto back to reality. "I didn't think Hikaru-chan could look more beautiful."

"Maybe she had work done?" Makoto joked.

"She looked natural to me." Kaede must have not gotten the joke. "I ran into her in the hot spring the night before the ceremony. If those were fake, I'd be impressed."

"Checking girls out behind my back?" Makoto giggled and shoved her.

"Like you weren't drooling over Ayane-chan." Kaede knew better. "Don't pretend I didn't see you!"

"She's famous! I know I should be over it by now, but she's freaking Ayane Ito!"

"I'm famous too, Mako-chan!" Kaede gave a fake pout.

"Aw, getting jealous?" Makoto flicked her bottom lip. "Well think of that next time you look at Hikaru-chan's boobs."

"I don't like her boobs. I like yours." Kaede said, then playfully squished them.

"AKK! Hey!" Makoto giggled, pushing Kaede's hands off. "I don't have as much to grab a hold of, so be careful!"

"Oh... so you'd rather I grope Hikaru-chan... or Jessie?"

"Definitely not Jessie!" Makoto squeaked, then placed Kaede's hands back on her chest. "I'll lose to her for sure!"

"No you wouldn't." Kaede leaned forward and kissed her, hands still cupping her breasts.

Makoto laughed under Kaede's kiss, starting to feel it again. "You're frisky. Thinking about all those naked girls got you hot?"

"There's only one girl I'm interested in." Kaede stated once more.

Giving a fake pout, Makoto turned her head. "I don't know if I can believe you!"

Using her fingers, she pulled Makoto's chin so that she was facing her. Then Kaede returned to kissing. Even though the had so much sex earlier in the day, Makoto was turned on again. Pulling away, she stood up and pulled Kaede to her feet. Then, taking her hand, she jogged over to the bedroom. Once inside, she pulled off her shirt and crawled on the bed. Kaede joined her, taking off her own clothes.

And so they at it again...

The End.