Words can break hearts and only words can piece them back together

Sometimes we forget the meaning of words.

How deeply they can touch us, how they can caress the hearts more sensitives strings in ways you never knew any one could.

Its like some one is soothing a hunger that you didn't even know about. An ache that you lived so long with, that you had forgot how light you feel without its burden.

Because we ,humans, are weak. We let ourselves be victims of society rules, that built hearts of steel, starved from affection and contact. That with their turn they will deny love to others.

But the rules are made to be defied by souls so bright that they are not afraid to make a change, to take a stance.

This beautiful person its not me. But maybe its you. Because, I, have spend to much time feeling for others that I have numb myself.

I made a fortress from mirrors around me that on the reflection people see what they want to see and not who is really there.

Through the wall of my fortress, no one can see, and no one needs to know whats going on in there. Because seeing you incomplete is better than seeing you broken. Than seeing all your ugly parts, your bruised flesh and broken bones.

Because tears can be turned into smiles with one shift expression. Because when for years you lived with the motto ''me against them'' you learn how to make company for yourself and you just live with it.

Maybe tonight its not the night to change that, but maybe it is the first step. The one that turns the game around and changes the rules. The hardest one and most painful.

But this is what bright people are for, to med broken hearts, to balance out the darkness that drown us, with their love, kindness, will power and strength.

Because maybe one word is enough to change the ru of the story, or two pages full of them...