The earth is plagued. Yes, damaged in its splendor; splendor of blue skies, white clouds, green and sometimes snow-covered trees that are used to camouflage the planet's underlying evil: humans. Now I know what you're thinking: Only a human could be writing this, so why is he bashing his own species? I bash my species because my species bashed me first… then twice, then three times and more. I write this because it's time I told my fellow humans a truth: we are not perfect, superior or any of those things. Yet some of us feel our race is more superior than any other race. Some of us feel that because the animals crawl and cannot speak, they are meant to slave for us as pets or filthy vermin to be ran over by our cars on those dark roads that leave us no choice. Sickening, isn't it? To value our car getting damaged more than valuing the deer, cat or any other animal that will be damaged upon getting struck by the vehicle. We don't want to pay for any car repairs if we don't have to, so taking an animal's life is more convenient. If only money didn't make us forget that we as humans are capable of having a conscience.

Ah, money. That one word that drives so much of humans' choices in life. They will spend it so frivolously, so wastefully on so many ridiculous items of pleasure—cars, houses, jewelry, stocks; you name it. But there are things money can buy that are not so frivolous. Some people can buy children—oh, dang; that sounds so wrong, does it not? A human buying another human? Alas was the same problem with slavery: humans buying other humans to labor for them, die for them or both. More sickening is the fact that back in those days, "slaves" weren't considered human; they were simply commodities believed to be put on this planet to serve their masters. If the slave refused, or tried to get an education, or tried to discover what it meant to live as a free human, the already-free human would stop them via the bullet of a gun. But slavery is not something of the past; it is still present today. Think about it. In every country is a ruler, and that ruler uses his or her power to enslave his or her people. How are they enslaved? The answer is simple: money. Money enslaves us because it makes us do whatever we have to in order to "earn" it. Now… there is the alternative of stealing said money, but where does that land us? Yup. I don't want to go to prison either.

So what's the point I'm trying to get at, you ask? Or maybe you want me to "shut up" at this point because I don't know when to stop babbling on-and-on. Maybe you don't like to read long things, and by no means am I trying to be like those slaveholders who hold a pistol to your head, saying, "You will read or you will die. Do as I say, as you are supposed to." Of course, slaves weren't allowed to read either. Modern day slaves on the other hand are allowed to read but not allowed to have money without "earning" it, lest they be imprisoned for "stealing." Modern day slaves are allowed to have as high of an education as they want but are obligated to pay back the student loans required for it, lest the government rob them of almost every dime they earn just to resolve their debt while putting more cash into the pockets of those big shots back at D.C. And people wonder why the suicide rate in this country, this world, is evergrowing?

Of course, there are other factors contributing to suicide. One flaw of many humans is that they like to bully others. They make others feel worthless, sometimes in order to make themselves feel better… and other times doing it for the sake of being malevolent. Don't believe there are humans out there who hurt others with nothing to gain from the pain they cause? Try living the life I lived back in middle school and you will meet a being who is so beautiful… yet so dastardly; dastardliness that only adds to her already-gorgeous self. And there goes my flaw: I am in love with someone that incomprehensibly evil.

But my point is not to merely bash humans. So many of us complain about what is wrong with this world but rarely do any of us feel like offering a solution to the problem. Complain-complain-complain. It's all we seem to do as humans. So here I'll try to rise beyond my humanity, to the best I can anyway, and offer the solution: beings beyond humans. For so long, our kind has sought extraterrestrial life; lifeforms beyond this planet, this existence that we know as life itself. Whether or not they exist is still a mystery. After all, I can't recount any human who managed to venture beyond the stars and find such higher-level creatures—can you? Still, if they do exist, I only hope they are better-off than we are down here on earth. I hope no such thing as discrimination, fear, heartbreak, lies, pain, abuse, war, terrorism, illness, death and anything else we've suffered here on earth exists on their world. And whether or not existence itself is to blame for such vices remains in question until we know… for certain… that lifeforms who live beyond those problems are somewhere out there beyond the stars. Maybe earth's people will one day find a way to embark on such a journey, traveling beyond the confinements of space itself until they've reached a new planet of life where problems don't exist. "Problems not existing" might sound crazy to you, but to me it is a matter of having hope. I don't want to accept the fact that these ways of "earth" are the only ways to exist. I want to dream for a better life… and indeed I have every right to dream; it may be the only right that no human can ever take away from me.