There was a rabbit, hopping freely through the woods until that citrus evening where gunfire would make him retreat for his life. Such a dangerous world it was for the rabbit, hoping to live at least a little longer until the day would come where he grew old and died of natural causes.

"Natural causes," he repeated to himself, still shaken from the gunfire. "Natural causes, please kill me; but don't let murder beat you to it."

Now don't get the rabbit wrong; he's not saying he wants to die at all. He knows, however, that mortality is very real and will take him away one day. Still, it's nice to let death come naturally—not forced by the pistol of man.

The following morning, the rabbit is hopping. The green grass, beautiful sun and cloudy skies. The breeze tickling his fur while he enjoys this day that reminds him why life is so important. But what's that tickly sound coming from the grass?, he wonders. He stops his hopping. His ears lifted, carefully listening for the sound to return. Nothing but silence.

Pounce! But the rabbit manages to escape that spot before the dingo lands with its readied claws. The dingo snarls with fiery eyes, chasing down the rabbit until it can't push its head through that small hole in the log. Lucky for the rabbit, his body was small enough to fit through. He goes back to his hole, realizing once again that outside is no safer than yesterday.

But maybe night will be different? "No," the rabbit shakes his head. "That's when predators are most active. When the hell am I going to find some peace?" If it's not a predatory animal, it's man. If it's not man, it's a predatory animal. The rabbit is beginning to understand that no matter how far he hops… he can never go far enough to reach peace.

So the rabbit confines himself to his hole. He'll stay in there. It beats going out into the open where a hunter or dingo could find and kill him. He stays in that hole for days… and misses the times when he embraced daylight. He wants not to waste his life in fear, but at least make the most of it by embracing some beauty of the woods. "What good is this hole going to do me?," he's realizing. "It's cramped in here. There's no light. No food grows down here; I'll starve."

Alas the rabbit returns to the outside world, but is making the same mistake again is he not? He knows the hunter could spot him. He knows the dingo could catch him by surprise. In either case, he realizes it's better to take a risk than live life as if he weren't living at all. He hops through the fields of green, and how lovely they are when shadowed by gray clouds. Not many rabbits like scenery like this; but this rabbit is different from them. It's no wonder he ventures this area alone. A lone rabbit… without any other rabbits to help him if he hops his way back into trouble.

A new dingo hung around this area because the last one left ever since the rabbit hid away for days. A new hunter hung around this area because the last one left for the same reason. Cornered by these two enemies and not even knowing it, the rabbit makes one last hop… soon falling still on his side. His blood becoming a bed for him. The dingo ran off because hearing the gunshot made the predator too afraid to stick around. The rabbit could have avoided this had he remained hidden, but at least died knowing that he took a risk to live without fear.