My hair dances in the wind,

While drops of water splash into

my eyes.

"Who's diving with the M?"

A voice calls out,

and I hear my own voice yelling


A helper gives me my BCD,

and I start to put on my

weight belt, fins, mask and BCD,

motionlessly as if by command.

When I am done, I let myself

fall backwards into the water.

I place my fingers on the top

of my head, forming an 'O'

with my arm to let them know

I am ok. I let all the air out,

and let myself sink down.

Even though I am almost

weightless in the water, I

feel the heavy tank on my

back as I listen to my

Darth Vader like breathing

through the regulator.

Even though I know I

depend on it, and the

rest of my equipment to

survive. And even though,

each breath I take,

I am reminded of that

dependency, I feel free.

For the first time in a

long time, I feel free.