The Numbers:

Often disregarded, and hated

for their association with maths,

numbers are everything.

Numbers trigger memories,

dreams, passions, failures, success.

45 means the highest possible,

24 the lowest. 39 is me,

somewhere in the middle.

7 means greatness.

6 is the norm, the me, my average.

5 is the oh god ... I need to work.

4 is the oh god ... mom is killing me.

4 seems like one's worst nightmare,

but it is often overshadowed by

3, 2 and 1.

172 is today. Days until I'm

free. Days until the real scary

part begins.

8 means waking up.

12, lunch.

And for a bit, 6:20 is dinner.

17 is me today, and tomorrow

until it no longer is.

25 will be me always, as long

as I live.

12 is infinite.

12 is Christmas, and Months and


12 has no meaning yet.

Today has infinite meanings.

Today is 172.

Today is 11.

Today is 1.

It's useless to dismiss numbers,

for they are everything.