Lo and behold!

The monstrous crowds of skyscrapers;

Rising from the concrete slabs below,

Up towards the grey darkened skies.

Smoke curdles from river-side factories,

Curling and swirling,

Floating and coating the air in binds of smoke.

People stalk the darkened streets,

Full of discarded cans and wrappers.

Lamps flicker close to nocturnal alley-ways,

Where monstrous appetites loiter and wait.

A grey-filled world of concrete and bricks,

Grey skies, grey ground and grey waste.

Mother Nature's tears flow unseen,

As human nature's greed goes unchecked.

For past the hardened streets,

Lay patches of woodland goodness.

Small places where the wildness hasn't been choked,

Where this wild dwell, hunt and breed.

However, the future is quickly setting in.

These "homo sapiens" who are creating this "progress"

Of cutting down homes which they see as just trees,

Of churning up homes which they see as just ground,

And of covering sacred soil which they see as just Earth,

Is delivering what is to be every existing creature's future.

Well, shame on you "Wise Man".

For you are not wise,

And you are not making progress.

You are havoc and destruction rolled into one.

What happened to the great Worships of the Sun and the Moon?

The rebirth of the Sun,

The passing of the Moon stages.

Why is there no longer Great Worship of our Earth?

Why do we not bow before Methuselah?

Nor morn the felling of the mighty Prometheus?

Why is the time to revel in our natural riches

So far removed in the past?

Instead, our ancient habitat is slowly disappearing,

Filling up with concrete jungles

And hardened ground.

A world of green and light is transforming to grey and plight.