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Episode 1 Part I: Fuck you Lucas and Dreams do come True

"Imma beat his ass if he chooses Elion." Max snarled, almost ripping the pages of his manga out.

"He has chosen me, why must you continue to interfere with our courtship?"

"You do not deserve him Elion!" The dark elf snarled with fury as he watched the light elf wrap his arms around his mate.

"I don't love you Xalth!" Lucas yelled as tears filled his jade-colored eyes, "Why can't you take a hint, all of this fighting is tearing me apart!" Xalth took a step back with pain in his eyes, "Shall we kill them?" Nylian asked as he and Kailu stood in front of their heartbroken friend. "No." He whispered as he caught sight of Elion and his two idiots smiling in victory.

"Fine Lucas." He snarled as the teen looked at him with fright, "Choose Elion, choose a mate who will be your downfall."

"Shut your mouth!" Elion growled before kissing Lucas, "Don't listen to him love, he's just jealous that you didn't choose him."

Xalth gave the other elf a wicked smile, revealing shark-like teeth, "You're full of lies and deceit, you will betray him to your own lust."

"That's enough, Carric! Kealen!" Said elves stood beside their leader while Xalth just smiled even wider as Nylian and Kailu stood rigid, ready to slaughter the light elves.

"Beat their asses!" Max whooped with a grin, "Hush Max!" His mother yelled from downstairs, "Your brother's trying to sleep." "Then why are you yelling?" He snarked back quietly so that he wouldn't wake his little brother, who was teething, and cause him to cry all into the night. He turned the next page and his eyes softened.

Xalth and the other two dark elves panted harshly as Carric, Kealen and Lucas's friends stood between them and Elion and Lucas. "Give up Xhalth." Elion sneered, "You've lost, now deal with it."

"Fuck you!" The dark elf snarled, "Please leave us alone!" Lucas whimpered as he held Elion's hand tightly. "Why can't you leave him alone?" Ethan, one of Lucas's friends, growled as he eyed Nylian who had his hand on the hilt of his large dagger, "Because Xalth is his true mate! Not this fraud of an elf!" Nylian growled.

"No!" Sam, Lucas's other friend yelled, "Elion is his true mate! You're nothing but a wannabe king! A failure!"

Max took a deep breath, "Fruit loops...fruit loops...fruit loops..." He repeated over and over, calming himself.

Kailu let out a guttural growl, "You watch your filthy mouth human!"

"You know nothing of our king!" Nylian also put out.

"Shut the hell up!" Xalth roared and everyone did, "M-my lord?" Kailu asked hesitantly.

"Kailu. Nylian." He spoke in a deathly calm voice, "Yes my lord?" Both asked in unison.

"We're leaving."

"B-but my lord, what about your mate?" Kailu asked while Nylian just growled as he glared Lucas down, "He has made his choice."

"Your heart will brea-"

"Shut up! Now let's go." Xalth raised a clawed hand to snap his fingers and a swirling portal appeared. He looked back at the group, "We'll be back." With those ominous words, the three dark elves disappeared into the portal.

Max closed the manga before putting it back onto his book shelf that were full of books and manga. "I wish that I could be there." He growled, "I would kick the goodies' asses and..." He trailed off with a bright blush on his face as he thought of Xalth. The dark elf was handsome and kind once you got through his cold exterior. He was just naturally sadistic. His coal/gray-colored skin always looked smooth and maybe even cool to the touch, his ruby orbs looked so full of determination and anguish with a hint a sadism and his shark-like teeth, that all dark elves had, and claws made him look even more dangerous than he already was. Max narrowed his eyes, "Fuck you Lucas." He said with a blank face, "If I ever meet you, I'm gonna kick your ass." He yawned, "Geez, all this hating on them has me all tuckered out." He nodded off a few minutes later, not noticing the falling star outside his window.

Max woke up with a major headache, "Fuck me!" He yelped as he tripped over his cover.

"Oh my, such language young one." A feminine voice said

The teen shot up, "Who the flip are you and why are you in my room?" He growled as he eyed the woman in front of him. The woman had short, curly red hair with light maroon-colored eyes. She was dressed in a knee-length wine-colored dress that had a slit that stopped at her thigh and a pair of sliver pumps that clashed with everything else she was wearing.

"My name is Celica and I'm here to grant you your wish."

"My wish?" He asked, confusion written all over his face.

Celica clasped her hands together, the sound of her bracelets echoed as they collided. "Yes, you wished to be with your love interest, Xalth right?"

Max snorted, "This is a dream."

"No, it's not." Celica said with a pout, "I can make any dream come true, so do want to be in the story or not?"

Max raised an eyebrow, "I believe you." And Celica sweat-dropped, 'He believed me so quick.'

"Will I be taking Lucas's place?"

"No, he will still exist, but he will not be the chosen one." The woman giggled, "You will be the chosen one, but the others will think that he is, so keep it a secret for now and also, training wouldn't be a bad idea."

The teen nodded in agreement, if he ends up the chosen one then those damn creatures will be after him, "But won't they know that I'll be the chosen one with all of those creatures coming after me?"

Celica gave him a sheepish smile, "You and whatever friends you make will have to protect Lucas to hide it." He groaned at the thought, "But you can train him." That brought a smile to his face.

"Then what about my family?" He asked thinking of his silly mother and his adorable little brother; he growled as he thought of his sleazy father who had been cheating on his mother while she had been pregnant.

Celica gave him a soothing smile, "They will go with you, but at a cost."

"What is it?"

"They will not remember their time here, especially your mother." Celica explained, "She will think that she has lived her entire life there, it will be like déjà vu."

Max nodded, "It might be good for her to forget about the sperm donner."

"So, do you agree to the terms?" The woman asked, the playful tone gone and a serious one replaced it.

He hesitated, thinking over the cons and pros, "Yes."

"Very well, when you wake up, you shall be in the world where your greatest desire is." She said, kissing his forehead and everything went black.

Max woke up the next morning with a feeling of excitement. He quickly showered and got dressed, choosing to wear his blue tank top, ripped blue jeans, his pair of black combat boots, his lucky silver earing that had a small chain that could connect to the upper part of his earlobe and his black bandana with long, torn ends that ended right above his waist. He ran downstairs to see his mother feeding his little brother, "Good morning my little rebel." The woman said as Max pressed a kiss to her cheek, "Good morning mom, do you need any help cooking breakfast?"

"That would be lovely sweetheart, thank you." Max nodded before rolling up his sleeves and getting to work.

~20 Minutes Later~

As he finished up his plate, Max quickly put the dirty dishes in the sink before grabbing his backpack and skateboard, "Bye mom! Bye Oliver!" He yelled, running out of the door, excited to see if what the woman had granted him was true.

Max smiled as he saw his new school, Maplewood Academy. "Yaaahhhoooooo!" He yelled, scaring the nearest students, "I'm finally here." He ran to the entrance, charging right through the door with a maniacal smile on his face.

"Holy hell, that kid is nuts!"

"Look at the bandana and piercings, is he a punk of some sort?"

"He's so adorable."

"Yeah, look at those cute little freckles."

"Dude, I thought you only liked chicks."

"Eh, he's cute."

Max snickered to himself at the comments as he went to the front desk to get his schedule, "You're new here, aren't you?" A soft, hesitant voice asked and Max turned around to see Danny Smith. He internally frowned as he remembered the fate of the young freshman.

Lucas looked up to see a cheery blond boy with chocolate-colored eyes, "Hiya! My name's Danny, what's yours?"

"Lucas Williams." The teen said back shyly making Danny smile, "It's nice to meet ya buddy!"

"My mom died when she gave birth to me and my dad blames me for it." Danny said blankly as he showed his bruised arm to Lucas.

"I'll be your friend forever." Lucas promised and Danny's eyes widened, "Really?" "I promise."

Danny looked on sadly as Lucas smiled and laughed with Ethan and Sam, "Lucas..."

"You don't need to hang out with this looser Lucas." Ethan sneered, causing the blond boy to flinch as he looked up at Lucas with pleading eyes.

"I don't need someone like you." Lucas said coldly as he watched tears roll down Danny's cheeks.

Danny looked down at the gun in his hands, smiling bitterly at the memories, "You lied..."

The next day Lucas sat on his bed wide-eyed as he read over the newspaper, "H-he's g-gone..." He choked. There was a picture of Danny with a huge smile on his face, but in the paragraph beside the picture announced the cheery boy to be deceased. A suicide they said.

Kailu losing his mind when he found out that his soul mate was dead; he was screaming and threatening Lucas and the others while Xalth and Nylian tried to hold him back.

"Hey, are you alright?" Danny asked with concern, "Y-yeah, I'm fine." Max stuttered before giving the slightly shorter teen a smile, "Will you be my friend?"

"W-what?" Danny asked in shock.

"I'm sorry, I'm just new and all and I thought maybe that I could make some new friends and all."

Danny gave him a big smile, 'Good, that means that Lucas and his goons haven't destroyed his confidence.'

"Sure, I'd love to be your friend."

"Awesome!" Max said, glomping Danny who just laughed at the other teens weirdness.

Max loved his classes and also the fact that Danny was in every one of them, but there was one problem. Where the fuck was Lucas and his goons? He was supposed the hide the fact that he was the chosen one, but the little prick was making the job a lot harder when he couldn't be found.

Lunch time finally came around and he and Danny sat in the lunchroom eating and talking about everything and anything.

"I love unicorns."


"Y-yes?" The younger teen asked, hoping that his new friend didn't dislike him like Lucas did now that he had found new friends.

"You are the biggest cinnamon roll around. You must be protected."

"Ok?" A tilt of the head and Max glomped him again.

"What the hell are you doing to Danny?" A confused, but also amused voice asked and Max looked up to see another teen. It was Beckett Evans, or Beck Evans.

Beck Evans was friends with Danny, but due to their different schedules and Beck's job at the bakery, he wasn't able to spend as much time with the younger teen as he wanted. He was a gruff teen who protected Danny to the best of his abilities. He tried so hard, but in the end, it never even mattered as he saw Danny's photo in the paper.

His depression was his downfall as a creature of the lost devoured his soul little by little. He lost his sanity and Lucas and the others believed that the only way to save him, was to kill him and set him free.

Nylian tried to save Beck, knowing that the strong-willed human was his soul mate. He had hated humans, but seeing those hazel green eyes brought him to his knees.

Beck was slaughtered by Elion and his band of goonies and he got a kiss from Lucas as a reward. Nylian had almost killed Elion, but the others were able to fend him off, so he went to hold onto his dying mate.

"I f-failed." Beck choked up, crimson bubbling out of his mouth and the dark elf did his best to wipe it away, but more just appeared.

"No, you didn't." Nylian growled, "You tried your damned best, don't ever say that you failed."

Beck gave him a weak smile before the light left his eyes and his body went still. Nylian screamed in denial, begging the teen to come back and for him to not leave him.

Beck was killed-no, murdered even though he could've been saved. Max would make sure that he lived.

"He is the biggest cinnamon roll. He needs to be protected." Max replied back, trying to look innocent.

Beck snorted as he pulled Danny away from him, "Nuuuu." Max pouted and Danny laughed while Beck smirked, "What's your name?"

"Max Sawyer, you?"

"Beckett Evans, but I prefer Beck." Max smirked and the other two narrowed their eyes in confusion.

"Bekah, lemme smash."


"…...hah!" Danny laughed, finally getting it.

"Fuck you." Beck growled, "So, I can smash?" Max asked while wiggling his eyebrows as Danny leaned on him while still laughing.

"Hell no!"

"I love him already." Danny laughed, wiping his eyes.

"So, where's Lucas?"

"He went with Sam and Ethan to go visit his sick aunt." Beck raised his eyebrow, "Really now?" Danny flinched and Max faked a confused look, "Who's Lucas?"

Both looked at him, "He's my other friend."

Beck looked at the blond teen, "Friend is a bit of a stretch."

"He does care..."

"I never said that he didn't, but damn!" Beck snarled, "He treats you like shit."

Max frowned, "He should know better than to hurt someone as nice as you." Danny blushed while Beck sent him a grateful grin, "Lucas is a fake. He and the others, Sam and Ethan, always treat him like he's lower than them and not to mention that Lucas is always showing off his boyfriend."


"Yeah, his name is Elion. Weird name really and he's an asshole too."

"I see, so do they just up and leave like that a lot?" Max asked as he bit into his burger.

"Yeah actually." Beck snorted, "They'll just up and leave and not let Danny know and he just turns into a ball of worry."

"Do they ever apologize when they return?"

"Hell no. They just tell him to fuck off and leave them alone."

"That's pretty cruel." Max said while pulling Danny into a hug, "You shouldn't have to take that shit from them."

Before Danny could say anything, the door burst open to reveal three teens that were all too familiar to Max and he almost growled. It was Samuel Locks, Ethan Rogers and Lucas Williams. Once Lucas caught sight of Danny, a big grin appeared on his face and he walked over with the other two following. Beck did growl and scooted closer so that Danny was in between him and Max.

"Hey Danny." Lucas said with a smile before his eyes landed on Beck with distaste.

"Hey fuckboy." Beck smirked as the three scowled at him, "You basta-" Sam started, but Lucas held up his hand.

"Ignore him. Now who are you?" He asked and Max noticed the prick looking at him.

"The name's Sawyer, Max Sawyer." And he grinned as Beck let out a groan, "It's nice to meet you Max." Lucas said, ignoring the goofy introduction.

"Anyways," Lucas said turning to Danny, "Do you want to come with us to Elion's summer house? We're going to have some time to reconnect and relax."

"What about your sick aunt?" Beck asked and Lucas rubbed his neck sheepishly, "Well, it was a false alarm on her fault."

"So how does Elion fit into all of this?"

"Ah, he offered to let us come over for this weekend after seeing how tired and exhausted we were, so, do you three wanna come over?"

"But what about Xalth and his goonies?" Sam whispered, or at least tried to and Max's ears perked up in an instant.

"Xalth? Who's that?" Danny asked with confusion, "He and his goonies, Nylian and Kailu, are a bunch of punks who bother us daily and he's jealous of Elion and Lucas." Ethan replied

"He's jealous of you and Elion?" Danny asked and Lucas nodded.

"Yeah, he says he could love me way more than Elion, but no matter how many times I tell him no, he just won't give up. He's obsessed with me." Max had noticed That Lucas's emerald orbs had went a soft jade at the mention of the dark elf. He frowned as a small ball of envy hit him, but he quickly brushed it off, "But anyways, you guys are welcome to come. Show up at the train station this Friday around three o-clock, ok?" And the three were gone.

"I wanna go." Danny whispered and Beck sighed, "I know..."

"Can I come too Bekah?" Danny laughed and Beck growled, "It's Beck!"

Max stood with Lucas and his friends, waiting on Danny and Beck. "Hey guys!" The four looked over to see Danny and Beck walking over, the younger teen was smiling wildly and it made Max cover his eyes, "About time." He heard Sam grumble and Ethan snorted, "Sorry we're late, I just had to make sure that I had everything packed." Danny said with a sheepish smile while Max took this chance to tackle Beck in a hug, "Bekah!"

"It's Beck!"






"Bekah! And that's final!" Beck growled in before his eyes went wide at his mistake. "Hah!" Max cackled as Danny giggled loudly, "Your ass just got looney tuned." The other three just stood there with confused looks on their faces, "Who's Bekah?" Lucas asked and Max just gave him a look, "Bekah is Bekah." Before anything else could be said on the weirdness, the sound of the train horn echoed, "Time to go." Lucas said with a grin and the six boarded the train.

Elion glared harshly at Xalth and his goonies and the three just smirked back at him, "What's wrong Elion?" The dark elf said with malice in his voice, "Your presence isn't wanted here, fake prince." He growled before grinning at the snarls he received. "My lord," Carric said while not taking his eyes off of the dark elves, "Lucas and his friends should be arriving in half an hour." Elion nodded before shooting Xalth one last glare.

~30 Minutes Later~

"Hoe don't do it."

"I'm gonna do it."


"What the fuck is wrong with you two?" Beck asked, "Nothing." Both said in unison as they glared at each other.

"You're both getting triggered over UNO, so yeah." The compartment door slammed open, "We're almost there!" Lucas squealed, "I can't wait for you all to meet Elion."

"What about that Xalth guy or whatever?" Beck yawned and Lucas began to sweat, "Umm, he's going to be there as well, but don't worry, he won't bother us."

"Is he good looking?" Max asked with false curiosity.

"You'll find out when we arrive which..." Lucas trailed off as he pulled his phone out, "will be in a few minutes actually."

The six teens arrived twenty minutes later, "Holy shit!" Max gasped as he saw six other people waiting for them. He quickly spotted Xalth in his human form and immediately began to drool. The dark elf stood at 6'4 with long dreadlocks and mocha-colored skin; he was dressed in jeans, boots and a heavy coat. Max felt envy bite at him as Xalth eyed Lucas with a soft smile.

Max shook it off and he turned to Danny and Beck, "Swiggity swooty..."

"Don't you fucking dare." Beck growled as Danny howled with laughter, catching the group's attention, "I'M GONNA GET THAT BOOTY!"

"What the fuck?" Nylian asked snickering while Xhalth and Kailu just stared at the teen.

"Lucas," Elion said, "Who are they?"

"Oh, this is Danny." Said teen gave them a toothy smile and a small wave and Kailu felt his heart speed up.

"This is Beckett." Beck frowned, "I prefer Beck." Nylian smirked at the hint of attitude in his voice.

"And this is Max, the new student at school." Max felt all eyes on him and he waved shyly while trying not to look at Xalth. Elion gave them fake smiles, "Well, it's certainly nice to meet you all." He said with a small bow that made Max, Danny and Beck cringe, "No need to be so formal dude." Beck said with a smirk, "I like you already." Nylian snickered as he approached the teen, "Oi!" Sam growled, "Leave him alone Nylian, he doesn't want your bullshit." Beck raised an eyebrow at how defensive Sam got, but decided not to say anything against it.

Max felt his shyness creep up on him and he scurried over to Beck and stood slightly behind him, "What're you doing?" Beck asked while keeping an eye on Danny who was busy listening to a story Lucas was telling. "I'm a little shy. There's a bunch of people I don't know and it's making me slightly nervous." Max said as he glanced at Xalth who was, as well as Elion, listening to the story as well.

"You all must be freezing!" Elion said loudly, catching everyone's attention, "Shall we go inside?" Everyone nodded and they all went inside, sighing as the fire warmed them up. Max took off his hoodie and hung it up with the other coats and jackets, "Wow Max." He turned around to see Danny looking at him with big puppy dog eyes, "I didn't know that you had a tattoo." Max blushed as once again, everyone looked over at him.

"You got a tattoo of lilies?" Beck asked as he pulled Max's shirt up, causing said teen to squeak in embarrassment as he quickly pulled his shirt back down.

"Y-yeah, It's my favorite flower." He grinned with no ounce of shame on his face for getting some flowers tattooed on his back.

Lucas nudged his lover while trying to ignore how Xhalth had eyed the teen up, "Ah, would any of you care for something to drink?"

Nylian threw himself onto the couch with smirk, "Ya got any monsters?" Beck perked up and blushed at the wink that the other man sent him. Elion inwardly growled, "No, but we do have tea, water and soda."

Lucas smiled as the others began to talk and interact, but he frowned as he saw Xhalth glance at Max every few minutes. "Ne, Elion?"

"Yes love?"

"Do you love me?" He didn't notice the dark look pass through Elion's silver orbs, nor did he notice the small downwards quirk of the elf's smile.

"Of course, Lucas." He replied with false concern, "What would make you think otherwise?"

"Nothing, my sweet prince. I love you too."

Later, when everyone had gone to bed, Max quietly snuck his way into the main room and sat in front of the roaring fire.

"What're ya doin' up?" Max gasped and turned around to see Xhalth standing at the entrance of the kitchen, "I couldn't sleep. Had too much on my mind."

Xhalth said nothing in return as he eyed the teen who made his heart throb unconsciously. It should be impossible since Lucas is his destined mate, but said teen was too enamored with the damned light elf. He took a sip of the tea that he'd snuck out with while narrowing his eyes at Max. His waist-length chocolate-colored locks were pulled into a low ponytail and his few piercings were missing. He was in nothing but some gray sweats and simple white tank top, but he still made shivers crawl up his spine. Xhalth could feel his fangs lengthen inside his mouth as he watched Max move his hair out of the way to reveal his cream-colored neck, and the desire to claim the teen became almost overwhelming.

"Are you alright?" He noticed Max looking at him with concern and the feeling grew stronger as he watched the flames make Max's icy eyes stand out.

Xhalth coughed and nodded, "Y-yeah. I'm going to bed, goodnight." With that he left Max alone to think on what had just happened.

The teen blushed brightly as soon as the dark elf was gone, "He was totally checking me out!" He squealed as he got up and walked back to his room, a hop in his step.

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