A/N: 10th story for me on this site, and another sort of angsty drabble. Contains minor alcohol abuse

Inspired by the song 'No One' by Trocadero

Her Name Is No One

Summary: I watched in bitterness as they danced with their partners, with none of my own...


Probably the most overrated event to ever take place at high school.

It sounds like it will be utterly fantastic; one probably imagines themselves dancing the night away with their high school crush, marveling at how beautiful their dress is or how handsome they look in a tuxedo. Maybe they imagine sneaking away from the party to have a quick romp in a car, or smuggling booze in to the drinks.

But for me, not the case.

My inner demons were far too well-known for me to get a date. I'd have better luck trying to win the lottery than getting a girl to go to prom with me.

I know I wasn't perfect; I knew that I had struggled with addiction for most of my teenage years. But one mistake can ruin your reputation in a heartbeat.

It leaves you alone, broody, and bitter.

I don't even know why I bothered showing up to the stupid event. I had no date, zero intentions of dancing, and was only being used for my ability to sneak alcohol in.

Yet there I was, alone.

I watched in bitterness as they danced with their partners, with none of my own to make a beautiful memory with. I suppose if one asked me, I'd have given a reply something along the lines of this: "Yeah, I do have a date. Her name is no one."

Ugh. Someone get me a drink. I could use one.

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