The Water Dancer

Once there was a water dancer
Whose dance though not exactly the most dazzling
But it was definitely outstanding enough
To attract people's attention
Though comments about the water dancer was a mix
Between good and bad
The water dancer danced on
As she did not care about what the world think
For she was a proud girl
Who thought that nothing in the world
Could harm her
Either physically or mentally
For she was a water dancer
Who was able to dance elegantly on water
While a lot of people could only dream on
As they watched the water dancer with admiration
And jealousy

But on one faithful day
While the water dancer was resting beside the lake alone
Instead of spending her time dancing on her beloved lake
There came a mage
Who exude a light that was not bright enough to blind her eyes
But it was more than enough to throw her off balance
Curious, the water dancer stared at the mage
Only to find that his intense gaze was on her
As well

And so the water dancer and the mage form the unlikeliest of friendship
For the mage could only watch
While the water dancer continues to perfect her dance
On her lake
But every time the water dancer was about to falter
The mage would call her name
Clap for her
Encourage her
And it was with his words
That the water dancer was able to continue
Perfecting her dance

On the day she completed her water dance
The mage plopped down beside the lake
And watched her dance her unique dance
As he did so
He quietly scribbled on a piece of paper
Before sending it to her hands
With his magic
The paper fell gently onto her opened palms
And she gingerly opened the piece of paper
In the middle of the lake
For she cherished even the smallest gift from him
He who she had come to love and adore
He who appeared when she felt like giving up
Her precious water dance

"Will you stay by my side, for the eternity that is to come?"

With tears in her eyes
And a pounding heart
She transformed water to ink
In the middle of the lake
And wrote to him her answer

"If you take my hand, I will walk with you out of the dark"

The mage, now certain of the water dancer's feelings
Joined her in the middle of the lake with his magic
And with a shy smile on his reddened cheeks
He took her hand gingerly
For to him
She was the most precious person in the world
And in correspondence
The water dancer placed a soft kiss on his lips
For she knew that she would rather have no one else
To share her happiness
Her anger
Her sadness
And her hopes for the world
For the eternity that is to come

For 5 months, the beautiful couple danced on the lake
With sparks of magic decorating the already mesmerizing landscape
Though not many knew of their shared vows
But for those who did know
They smiled on
As they silently prayed for the couple's happiness

Alas, as per the saying from ages past
All happy things must come to an end

One day, as the water dancer woke up
From a well-deserved slumber
She found that her mage
Who has provided her
His protection and warmth
Has gone from her side
She seek high and low
But to no avail
He was nowhere near her
But as her eyes turned to the forest
Beyond her beloved lake
She found her answer

For her beloved mage's eyes has been drawn
To the mist beyond the forest
His eyes clouded
His ears muffled
His hands reaching out to the voices
Different voices
That stood beyond the lake
In the forest
No matter how hard she screamed
No matter how hard she ran
No matter how hard she reminded him of their promises
He no longer see her
He no longer hear her
For his attention is now
Beyond the mist
And into the forest

Perhaps it is time to let him go
The water dancer pondered
For the elegant water dancer
Also possessed a beautiful mind
Perhaps it is time to let him go
For his attention is no longer on me
On this lake
Perhaps it is better if I let him go
To seek his perceived
More valuable treasure
Beyond the lake
Beyond the forest
To the mist
Who have been beckoning him
Ever since he spoke his vows
To me

I was never truly on his mind
I may yet be another treasure
That he seek to obtain
And possess just for a little while

With a heavy heart
The water dancer chant the ancient words
That her mother has taught her since ages young
To release the mage from his vows
For the water dancer did not wish to bind him
A man who no longer has his heart on hers
Any longer than necessary

Go, my once dearest mage
And continue seeking the treasures you desire

And with a wave of her hand
The water dancer summoned waves of water
To send the mage to the other side of the lake
Away from her
Into the forest
Into the mist
That kept calling to the mage

As the mage disappeared into the forest
The water dancer once again
Took her place in the middle of the lake
To her surprise
And horror
The waters that once held her up
Once comforted her
Has now turned into a whirlpool of darkness

And with no way to return to the shore
That has been overwhelmed by plague
Of darkness
The water dancer decided to save herself
By dancing to the most dazzling choreography
That no one in the world has ever seen
For if she does not continue to dance
The lake would only swallow her whole
Erasing her existence entirely
A new savior come
To pull her out of this darkness

She told herself
She does not need a savior
For she has vowed to herself
As she danced on the now deadly lake
That she would become her own savior

And she hope
That one day
She will be one with the lake again
Dancing the most dazzling dance
Regardless of opinions of people around the lake
Regardless of her own
Once aching heart


Author's note: As I am currently going through a very critical phase of my life, I feel that a poem is the best way to express myself. Because this is my very first poem since I left secondary school, any constructional criticism is welcome.

Due to this poem being based on real life personal events, I apologize in advance if the poem makes you feel uncomfortable. Please understand that this is my only emotional outlet with this account being the only account that allows me to freely express myself without eliciting unnecessary reactions from my family and friends.

Thank you for taking your time to read, and understanding my situation.