a/n This story is completely fictional with fictional characters and fictional settings. The title Future Friends os inspired by the song Future Friends by Superfruit. I hope you enjoy and excuse all errors. This has a mature rating for graphic scenes and language and the characters go through a lot. this chapter has been changed and edited multiplied times many because I changed the main girl's appearance so yeah. it's still like not perfect though do not expect this to be good. i'm only writing this for fun so i don't expect like some future classic with this

Every tale has beginning, a point in space or time at which something starts. For this tale, it's hard to figure out where it truly begins as for this story to make sense you would have to know others to truly understand what you are about to read. As for this story, it takes place in different points space and time. Both points brought people together and also tore people apart in ways they never expected it to. Here's what you need to remember to read this story, some things are never just so simple.

There will be things in this tale that you will probably have never heard of. In fact, reader, almost everything you will read in this will have things that you will never heard of. For example, there's a city that you've never heard off, located in the northern regions of Pennsylvania, called Circle City where the richest people live tallest and fanciest buildings and all buildings seemed to be formed in the shape of a circle. It was once called the most glamorous cities to visit and everyone dreamed of moving to Circle City. They said that living in Circle City means you'll live a great, fabulous, and will have everything you've ever wanted but that's not true.

Not everyone in that lives in Circle City lives a glamorous life filled with riches. See people always forget that Circle City is more than just the giant circle of buildings. For the people who aren't rich, they live on the Circle City lines, narrow black roads that have small houses lined at the sides. Most of the houses are abandon while the rest are filled with struggling families or young people that had foolish dreams. One of the houses was painted red, not a bright pretty red, a type of red that looked like dried up blood that was slowly turning brown. The roof was falling apart and there was a beat up a mailbox that had the words 'Fuckface' spray-painted over the words 'The Baskets'. The only good thing about the house was the beautiful view of the lake that spread out behind it.

Tiberius Daniel Basket, or Ty as he would like to be called, had lived in this house with his mother, Lisa Joanne Basket, since he was ten years old after his father, Joel Richard Basket, died and most of their money had gone into medical treatments that were unsuccessful. With very little money, Lisa moved Ty to the red almost brown house where they had for eight years. Things weren't the best since Joel had died; Lisa had fallen into a state of depression over her husband and she couldn't even look at her son without getting upset as they looked almost the same with their light brown hair, green eyes, and tan skin. It's a unfortunate how grief can affect others. Ty was left to take care of the house and his mother while going through school and working at the Petite Circle Hotel.

Sometimes it was easy, as Ty didn't have friends except his girlfriend of two years Casey Miller and he wasn't good at any sports so all he did was homework, work, taking care of himself and his mother. Just because it was easy though, didn't also mean that Ty was happy. His mother never spoke anymore, his girlfriend had disappeared as a two weeks ago and he was a suspect for her disappearance, and to make matters worst the kids at school wouldn't let him forget it.

On a random day in the season for fall, Ty was walking to work from school wearing a blue hoodie over his uniform and he had black eye over his left eye. Ty's brunette hair was badly done as normal, not like badly done on purpose; it was badly done because the boy did not care one bit about his looks. The boy had turned eighteen as of a month ago; he didn't even celebrate it, as he just didn't want to. Ty didn't have any friends and his mother just didn't seemed to care about him anymore. Casey had brought him a gift, a little bracelet with a brown leather strap and a silver medal that he was wearing on this day, before leaving him alone. The main thing you should know about Tiberius Daniel Basket was that he was having a terrible day.

For many reasons. He had work and Ty wasn't looking forwarded to going to work that day, or any day of the week, but he didn't want to go home either. This week marked the eighteen years without his father and his mother was even more upset than normal. He loved his mother very much but he just wished he could do more than just bring her pain. Another reason was because Philip Herman had given him a black eye. Ty was blaming himself for some of this but the rest he blamed Philip Herman which was why as he was walking down the cold cursing Philip. He blamed himself for pushing Philip to the point where he punched him but it was also just Philip's fault for being an asshole.

Ty was young at this point, still youthful and still ignorant about the world. But at this point in time, he loved to believe that he knew everything about the world. It was something that future him would come to hate about his younger self. Ty didn't know it yet but today was the day that his view of the world, a world he thought was so little, was about to be destroyed. It all started with him going to work and a girl named Bill.

The Petite Circle Hotel was one the richest hotels in the city of Circle City and it was anything other in petite. It was a gold colored building that stretched so tall that it almost seemed reached the clouds in the sky. The man named Dante Thomas had started it and the hotel stayed on the Thomas family lines for years and years but owning this hotel came with a dangerous price. Until one year, Leonardo Thomas decided to stop paying that price because he didn't want his daughter to be like everyone else in his family. As you can guess that same year, Bill Maribel Thomas was born. She was the same as Ty only a month later. She and her parents had lived there since she was a baby and she had continue live there even after her mother passed away.

Ty had worked at the hotel ever since he was fourteen and he had never spoken more than three word to Bill. It was when they had first meet on Ty's first day. Ty was a little bit shorter than and Bill wasn't to the point where she was a complete head smaller than him. The two meeting for the first time wasn't anything special as it started with Ty working in the elevators, wearing a ridiculous red uniform with a silly cap, and Bill stepping inside, her eyes glued to her phone. "Top Floor please," she said. Ty nodded and pressed the giant button with the number 35 on it. Floor 35 was known as the penthouse floor were Mr. Thomas lived and he had no idea why this girl was going there.

The elevator bing, letting the two know they had arrived at the floor but before the door could open, the words 'Please Show ID' appeared in black letters. Bill pulled out a silver card and held against the scanner. The letters disappeared for a second before new set of words appeared saying, 'Bill Thomas, excess granted.' She's his daughter? Ty was surprised as Mr. Thomas was a tall white man with blonde hair while this girl was short, had dark caramel like skin, and curly black hair. The golden doors opened and Bill exited the elevator. "Have a nice day," Ty had told her but Bill had said nothing in response. That was their first and only conversation (if you would count that as a conversation). The kids never had any form of interaction, which was surprising as Bill and Ty went to the same school and Ty worked for her father.

Sometimes life is like that though. Where the person that could be the person you learn to care about most in the world could be walking right next to you. That's the story of Bill Maribel Thomas and Tiberius Daniel Basket, the two people who for years never notice and cared about one other. They walked on the same sidewalk for years, not thinking that the other would bring any to their life. They were so wrong though. We all have a sidewalk person and we never know for the longest time. But how are we to know who our future friends are?

Ty arrived at the hotel three minutes early for his shift. The manger, Mr. André, was staring at Ty from cross the room with his wide green eyes. Mr. Andre was a small, plump man with round-framed glasses and red tie that matched the hotel wallpaper but he was a small man that anyone under him knew not to cross with him. Ty had only once had a bad run in with Mr. André and it let him debating if he should find a new job but nothing paid better than the Petite Circle and he stayed. The second he stepped into the worker's locker-room the wall phone began ringing. "Worker's locker-room, this Tiberius Basket speaking," Ty said, in a voice that made it sound like he cared.

"Mr. Basket," a unfamiliar voice greeted. "I'm Leonardo Thomas, the owner of the hotel. Just the man I was looking for, how are you doing today?"

"Um… hello sir," he replied. He was so unsure of a lot of things at this moment like why was the owner of the hotel talking to him? Why was he looking for Ty? And why the hell did he care if Ty was having a good day or not? "I'm fine, sir. How about you?" He asked, even though Ty didn't really care whether or not Mr. Thomas was having a good day but because he was talking to his boss he decided to try and be a deceit human for a couple of seconds.

Mr. Thomas laughed, it was a serious type of laugh, not a oh funny type of laugh. Like a laugh you would hear from a villain when they are trying to be threatening. "I'm fine as well, Mr. Basket. I was wondering if you could do me a favor. I'm sure you know that multiple girls have been going missing over the past couple of weeks." Ty gulped at the mention. In Circle City, it was sometimes common for people to disappear into the night but they usually always come back but this time things were. Over five different girls had been missing for a while. One of them was Casey Miller, the last girl to go missing, and right now everyone believed that Ty had something to do with her disappearance. "You also probably know that I have a daughter, Bill, and I don't want to anything to happen to her. I need someone to walk her back to the hotel and make sure she is safe. I figured that since you two were the same age and go to the same school, that you would be great to pick her up. Understand?"

"Yes….sir," he said in an unsure voice.

"Good," Mr. Thomas did the evil laugh thing again. "She'll be outside the coffee shop on the corner of 10th street waiting for you." Then he hung up. Ty sighed and placed the phone back in its place. It was going to be a long day.


Bill Thomas was having an okay day. Well it was okay in a standard measure of how days were going, it was better than Ty's day, but sometimes seems that don't seem so bad are bad when you are the one going through it. That's what was happening with Bill Thomas, her day probably, mostly likely, not that bad of a day but according to her, the person going through it, it wasn't an okay day. It was a terrible day in the eyes of Bill. The day had began with her waking up thirty minutes late, putting her behind schedule, then after getting to breakfast late only to find that her father had broken his promise that they would have breakfast together, and then she failed her Chemistry final and when she tried to talk to her teacher about retaking it, he got mad at her and wouldn't allow her to do anything to fix it.

It was probably worse then okay but others, the people that surrounded Bill in her life, would probably tell her that her day didn't truly suck. It was only okay. The events that happened next would be the moments those others would call the worse and for while so would Bill but those moments brought her the real things in life. Her phone was buzzing with different messages from the girls at her school, who were asking if they could hang out or if she wanted to go to a party later. The answer to all of those questions was no. Bill had no interest in seeing or hanging out with anyone but because she didn't to hurt anyone's feelings, she would just ignore them for a while and then response with some lame excuse like she didn't see those texts or she had to help her dad out with something.

Luckily for Bill, the people who were texting her they weren't her real friends so they didn't know that Bill hadn't a real conversation with her dad in months or did they know that she secretly disliked them all. They also didn't know that she hung up at the coffee shop across town, which is where she would disappear to after school, it was a place away from no one who knew her. Bill was hanging outside the coffee shop with her black curly hair was hanging down against her face and was wearing giant jacket that she got from the men section at the Mall, which her dad had a fit about, over her school dark blue uniform.

The brick wall of the coffee shop was pressed against her back as she just stared out at the busy street and would occasionally look over at the red-head girl who was sitting over at the table cross from her and was reading a book that Bill was unfamiliar with. Every time she did though, the redhead girl would smile, making her green eyes shine, before looking back down at her unfamiliar book. Bill wanted to talk to her, she was just waiting for the courage to come to her, but she would never get the chance to. The moment Bill decided to screw it and just go and talk to her was the moment a very tall boy with pale skin and brown hair wearing a blue hoodie stepped in front of her. "Bill Thomas?" he said, his voice was shaky, not in a nervous way like a cold way. It must not have been that great of a hoodie.

"Depends," she started, "who are you?" Bill was never really the one to

The boy sighed and removed his hood from his head so that Bill was able to see him clearly. She had seen him before but he wasn't someone that would stay at the front of her brain. Bill than noticed his black eye and realized that he must have been the kid that Philip Herman tried to beat up the hallway earlier today. "I'm Ty Basket. I work at the hotel under your dad and he sent me to pick you up and take you home." He explained.

There was a bubble of anger in Bill. Her father always seemed to think he knew what Bill need but he didn't. Bill didn't need to anyone to walk her home. She would walk herself home every day and just because a couple of people had gone missing didn't mean that she was going to be the next target. "I don't need a babysitter," she told Ty Basket. "Sorry that you had to come all the way out for nothing." Bill picked up her bag and threw it over her shoulder before walking away from him, their shoulders hitting as she walked by. She tossed her coffee cup down and didn't look back at him.

Ty didn't what to not care about what happened to the girl but walking the girl to the hotel was his job and if she ended up getting kidnapped then he would mostly likely blamed for another girl going missing when it wasn't even his fault. Ty began walking after Bill, not in a creepy stalker way only because they were literally go to the same place, grabbing her thrown down coffee cup and taking it to the nearest trash can. The two walked like that for a while, Bill in front with her heeled-boots clicking against the pavement and Ty unwilling and annoying following behind her. Bill knew Ty was behind her and Ty knew that she knew he was there because as much as she wanted to be sneaky about the whole thing, he would catch her looking over her shoulder to look him.

Some of the looks where the same. Where Bill would look at him like he was some weird stalker who was following her around even though she had a restraining order against him. Then every another fifth look Bill would look at him like he was something to pity like a lost puppy that was following you home and she didn't have the heart to send it away. It was annoying. After another one of Bill's pity looks, Ty rolled his eyes and that's when he saw the man across the street. He almost missed him but then somehow man seemed hard to miss. He was tall, looked beat up badly, and was wearing a very dirty fur coat. The man was too far away for Ty to see his face clearly but there was something about him that seemed familiar. The man turned his head just a little and Ty tried to looker hard to see more but then suddenly he felt a hard forces against his chest, making him stumble back.

"Watch where you are going," Bill told him. Ty looked around and by the looks of the concerned people around him and Bill, he realized that he must of lost focus on the road. "You almost ran me over," she said, "what the hell where you even looking at?" Ty turned his head to spot the man again but he was nowhere to be seen. Bill was looking in the direction, there was a very annoyed look on her face. "Well?" She asked.

He eyes continually searched the streets of the man but he was gone so he just let out a simple, "Nothing," and began walking away. Now things were different, Ty was walking in front of Bill and she walked behind him except they were closer then before. Not much closer, only by an inch, but it was a step. They came to other stop as the sign had turned red and the two were now standing side-by-side, much closer than before. Bill wanted to say something but she didn't. She didn't know the boy and he wasn't her problem so there wasn't any reason too.

Bill and Ty stood in uncomfortable silent waiting for the light to turn so that they could get out of the cold weather and escape from each other. Ty was ready to just leave Bill and just cross the street anyway when it was clear but then, "It a shame about her." She said. Bill wasn't looking at Ty anymore but now at pole with a missing person poster on it. The picture was a girl smiling brightly and her hair pulled back in a ponytail and she was wearing a soccer uniform. On it were the word,

Casey Lucy Miller

Missing for over two weeks

Height: 5'3

Has blonde hair and freckled skin

Brown eyes

If found please call this number #610-575-6660

Ty choked on his words as he stared at the paper. Casey Miller, Ty's girlfriend and the real friend he had ever and the reason Ty was subject in a police case. Her case to be exactly as Ty was the only person to see her before she disappeared. "Yeah," he managed get out, his voice was filled with sadness. "It really is." The light turned and Ty started crossing the street fast with Bill right behind him. He hoped that she would just catch on that he knew Casey and that she would just drop the topic.

Bill followed him at a fast pace trying to keep up with him, "Did you know her?" She asked. Ty nodded his head, again still praying that she would just drop it. "How? Did you go to school with her because so I did. Do you go to my school? That must be where I've seen you before-"

"I don't want to talk about Casey!" Ty shouted. People's heads turned to look at them and they all thought – what most people think when someone yells in public – that the people who yelled was mad but he wasn't mad. Well he wasn't completely and totally mad. Who isn't a little mad these days? We all have small fires that stay lit and never seem to leave our souls no more how much we want them too. Ty wasn't angry but he was sad and he feared that talking about Casey would just bring up all the emotions he had. Ty wasn't one for showing his emotions, when you live in a household like his the only thing you can do is hide your feelings so that it looks like at least someone is strong.

Even though he knew that he shouldn't have just screamed that at Bill as it was an over reaction, he didn't care. Why should he try sharing his feelings with a girl who he had only met once and only shared three words with then? And there was no way in hell that Bill Thomas gives a shit about him. That's when Ty made a bet with himself that Bill would mostly forget who he was the next day. He said this like he knew of his future. Young boy always filled with two things: youth and stupidity.

Ty began walking again and Bill followed again silently, her black curls bouncing with each step that she took. Once the hotel was insight the two teens only had one goal in mind, to get the hell away from each other. They probably would have spirited down the street if that didn't look at all suspicious. They were basically smiling once they had reached the door. When the warm air reached as the doors opened, they turned to each other.

"Well thanks for walking me back," Bill said. But she didn't mean. What she wanted to say was 'You seem to have some serious issues that need to be worked out.' "I hope you have a good day." Again she didn't mean that either. What she wanted to say was 'I hope you get that stick out of your ass one day.'

Ty gave her a fake smile and replied, "It was pleasure making sure you arrived safely." His voice was filled with sarcasm, which gave Bill the information that he understood that she meant nothing of what she had said. "I hope to see you again soon Bill." He didn't mean He wanted to say 'I hope I never speak to you again' and Bill knew it. But she kept that fake little smile high on her face and turned on her heels and began walking towards the elevator.

"Asshole," she muttered.

At that same moment, Ty turned and began walking to the worker's locker-room. "Nosy bitch," he muttered. If you've probably guessed that was not the last time that Bill Maribel Thomas and Tiberius Daniel Basket ever talked to each other. Maybe in whole another universe it was but not in this one. Sometimes the people we meet who are important to us keep reappearing until we finally accept that they are there for a reason. Well that's the beginning of Bill and Ty's relationship for you. It only was about two minutes before they saw each other again. As Bill was waiting for the elevator, someone tapped on her shoulder, making her turn around.

It was Mr. André, a man who had worked at her father's hotel for hotel for years and was somehow even shorter than Bill was. "Miss. Thomas, what are you doing here?"

"Is this a trick question?" She asked him. "I live here. I've lived here for years and you've known for a majority of those years."

Mr. André took a deep breath, not taking kindly at Bill's tone. Mr. André was one of those adults who believed that anyone younger than him was a rebellious and childish person and was out to get him. He thought this about almost everyone including Bill, who like she said had known him for years and knew that she hated doing most of things that her generation loved. "Miss. Thomas, I believed your father requested that you be escorted today, are you aware of this?"

Bill held herself back from rolling her eyes, "Yes I was aware." She said through her teeth. Again she was remained about how stupid all of it was. "And I was escorted safely back to the hotel by one of the boys who works here." The elevator ding and the doors opened. "If you'll excuse me, I have homework to do and it's been a long day." Bill took a step forward but Mr. Andre grabbed her tightly by the arm, holding her back.

"Miss. Thomas, your father requested that you be escorted all the way back to your hotel floor and as he is my boss I wish to not disappoint him." Bill watched as the elevators doors closed and sighed. "Now where did Mr. Basket go?" Mr. Andre didn't let go of his grip on her arm and drag Bill across the hotel lobby.

Back in the worker's locker room, Ty was dressed his maroon bellboy outfit complete with ridiculous hat and the weird gold trim. He took a look at himself in the mirror and got that feeling, which a mix of sadness, disappoint, and embarrassment of himself. It was type of which is usually only felt when one is embarrassment over the fact that this is the life they are living. The worker's locker room opened and Mr. Andre came in, pulling Bill Thomas with him. Ty gritted his teeth and Bill crossed her arms as their hopes of never seeing each other again failed.

"Mr. Basket, do you care to explain to me why Miss. Thomas was waiting for an elevator alone?"

Ty raised his eyebrow, confused on why he asking such a simple and kind of ridiculous question. "She lives here and her father owns this whole hotel." He told him. "Pretty sure you've worked here for most of that time."

Mr. Andre took even more deep breaths just like he did when Bill said that almost two minutes ago. "Mr. Thomas requested that you escort Miss. Thomas today."

He nodded, "Which I did as you can see." He pointed to Bill who still had her arms crossed but the annoyed look that she had on her face before soften a bit at his remark. It was a small thing and Ty almost went by it. The corners of his month went up just a small and little bit. It was something small and something that probably won't be remember but sometimes the small moments are worth noting about. "Now I don't really see the problem."

"The problem is that Mr. Thomas wanted his daughter arrive safely not only at the hotel but at their hotel floor. I found Miss. Thomas going up to her floor all by herself which is not what her father requested." Mr. Andre explained. "There have been five girls missing over the last couple of weeks, as I'm sure you know, and hate for the police and Mr. Thomas to think that you were responsible for the disappearance of another girl." And there it was. It was a remind for Ty and an answer for Bill. Information can have that sort of effects on people. It can fix or it can break you. "You're nice boy, Mr. Basket. Just please do your job."

The room was silent, Ty was too ashamed to speak, Bill was nervous about what to say, and Mr. Andre was waiting for his response. Ty finally nodded his head and Mr. Andre clapped his hands together. "Great! Miss. Thomas, your father should be upstairs on your floor, waiting for you. But he send that he will be doing work in his study so please don't disturb him." She nodded her head and brushed her hand through her hair so that it fell in front of her face. Mr. Andre left the room, leaving the two alone. For the first the two teens looked over at each other. Bill opened her mouth to say something but quickly shut it before turning on her heels to the exit. He followed behind her.

The lobby was grand and giant and filled with different people checking in and out. Bill and Ty weaved their way through the crowds to the elevators. Ty reached over and pressed his fingers against the button, making it light up a bright gold. The numbers at the top binged lightly and made so very annoying sound that surprising wasn't a ringtone. The number one lit up and the doors opened people flowed out the doors. Once every person was out, the two stepped into the elevator and the golden doors closed behind. "You look ridiculous by the way." Bill whispered to Ty. He rolled his eyes at the comment.

"It's your father's uniform," he remarked.

"I never said my dad had good taste," she snapped back.

He rolled his eyes. Rich kids, he thought. The elevator was silent other the sounds of elevator passing floors and the bad music that played softly behind them. "So you did know Casey Miller." She then said. Ty didn't answer. "That's why you to upset earlier because you knew her and the police think that you did it." He still kept quiet. "Why do the police suspect you? Did you threaten her or something?"

"No," he whispered. "I was her boyfriend."

"Really? I didn't know Casey had a boyfriend." She said.

"Well you were probably too busy focusing on yourself then other people." He said. "Like you are too busy trying to learn more information about a girl you probably don't know and not even realizing that I don't want to talk about it. Can you please just shut up about the whole thing?" Bill want to say something to snap at him, tell him that she was wrong and that she did know who Casey was but she didn't. He wouldn't believe her anyway. It wasn't like they would talk after this. The two teens were back at the feelings of they couldn't wait to get away from each other. Both pair of eyes were eagerly watching the light switch from one number two the next. Until the elevator came to stop, the lights flickered above them, Bill grabbed onto the railing next to her and Ty fell back against the wall behind him, his hat fell onto the floor.

"What the hell?" She cursed.

Ty picked up his hat and placed it on his head, "The elevator stopped." He said.

She bit her lip in annoyance, "Well I figured that out dipshit. Why did it stop?"

"I have no goddamn clue," he walked to the doors. "Come on. If we get the doors open then we can climb out." Ty put his hands in the crack of the two doors and began pulling, which did nothing. He tried again and again the doors stay. Bill giggled from the corner of the elevator. "Can you please help?" He asked. "The fast we do this, the fast you can get back to your room and I can go to work."

Bill dropped her bag down against the floor and walked over to the doors and helped Ty pull the doors open. After awhile the two doors finally opened and out stretched the hallway leading towards the door to the Thomas's floor. In another time, this didn't happen. There was no elevator problem in that timeline, they didn't have to pull open the doors as the first thing problem they were solved together in that timeline. In that timeline Bill's front door wasn't open. But that timeline didn't exist anymore.

"Is someone else home?" Ty asked as he and Bill pulled themselves out of the elevator.

"Only my dad but he never leaves the door unlocked or just wide open. He's really paranoid about it." She said. The two slowly crept towards the door to the apartment. Bill hoped and prayed that it was just a mistake. That for once in her life her dad had just forgotten to lock the door but sadly Bill was wrong.

"Bill No!" A voice screamed out. That's when the shot went off. Ty reached out to grab Bill but it was too late. She had escaped his gasp and was running towards the door. Ty didn't want to follow but even though he didn't like Bill, he would never wish for her death. Ty rushed through the door where Bill stood, frozen in front of him. The first thing, Ty noticed was Leonardo Thomas' dead body on the floor; blood was oozing from his head. Ty put his hand on Bill's shoulder for comfort before realizing that she wasn't looking at the ground. The second thing he noticed was the killer or killers in this case were still there.

Ty felt like all the air had taken from his lungs. In front of them was a tall boy with light brown hair and whose face was bruised, dirty, and had spots of blood on it. He was wearing a gray t-shirt, ripped jeans, and flip-flops and all covered by giant white fur coat. Only of his hands came have been seen at the end of the sleeves while the other just hung loosely. The other person was a small girl with a pixie haircut who, like the boy, had a face with some blood on it. She was wearing a blue leather jacket with blue and white strips on it, which covered a black shirt and she was wearing a red bandana and darks jeans with black boots. But the main thing, the thing that had Bill and Ty stunned was the fact that they were looking right at Mr. Thomas' murder and they looked just like Bill and Ty.

a/n well it's NaNoWrimo and I'm doing this story. I can't believe the chapter this long. I just wanted to write a lot today. what will happen next (if you even care)? maybe we find out Casey or someone. Im trying to be cool it's not working. like i said this is a story i'm writing for my enjoyment and it's nothing serious so lower your expectations. Okay bye!