a/n the last chapter of future friends. i'm at 211 pages and in my document that i'm writing this in i'm currently at 57,024 words. i had decided to change the ending which means i have to rework the sequel outline that i have so wish me luck! the title of the chapter is a reference to future friends by superfruit i hope you guys enjoy this chapter! please excuse all errors.

There are many parts of a story, which makes it hard to define what is truly the beginning and what is truly the ending. This isn't the true ending but is the end of a part of the tale. A tale that started two people witnessing a crime, a girl taken away from her home and turned into something terrible, a boy lost in a mystery of what had happened to his family, and a girl surviving in a place that plans to use her in the worse way. It's been a story with many turns and twists, leaving many questions. Characters have been left in the dust and unsure about what was going to happen next. But in The Place No One Knows About, the Girl Called Starra was planning something for day she knew was going to come. After Valentina's death and the talk with the man, she sat in her room, lying down against the wooden floors, when suddenly she heard the sound of a door being opened and being slammed shut.

"Are they sure it's her?" A voice asked. She recognized the voice; it was the man's voice.

"They've been watching her for days and it was the first time in weeks since she's been alone. They were able to get her away from the boy." Another voice explained. It wasn't one that she recognized but she guessed it was one of the men who walked around the area with the large guns. "They said that they should be arriving with her in the morning." There was a couple of silence as if the man was trying to think everything through. The Girl Called Starra meanwhile was slowly sinking into a feeling of panic as the day had finally come when the real girl was going to take her place. "What shall we do sir?" The same voice asked.

"Tell everyone that we have found the true one," he said. The man's voice seemed almost cheery, well still dark and deep but there was something about it that made him seemed happy about the fact that they had just kidnapped a girl.

"And the girl?" Another voice asked, it was a voice that happened spoken this the conversation started but by listening she could guess that she was girl being talked about. The Girl Called Starra knew what they were going to do with her, the same thing that they had done to Valentina. They were going to kill her and leave her body to that thing in the woods.

"When the girl arrives," the man paused for a second as if he needed to think about the ways he wanted to kill her, "just kill the girl upstairs. Don't tell her anything, just make her turn around and shot her in the head." The other voices were quiet, making the Girl Called Starra guess that they had nodded their heads not because they agreed with what the man was going to make them do but because they were going to do what he said for they feared what he might to do them with they disagreed with him. She heard the door close, it was a very small sound but to her a person who had just heard her own death sentence being written, it sounded like a bang. The Girl Called Starra had thought that everyone had left the room, as it was silent but then she heard the man laugh. It was a laugh of joy and excited, as the man was excited that the day had come when the moment of revenge had finally come. When the laughing was over, the door was shut and the Girl Called Starra flinched. She was expected herself to cry, but she didn't.

Her chest felt heavy like someone had his or her foot pressed hard down on it but not a tear fell from her eyes, as the Girl Called Starra was no longer her title. It was someone else problem so she was never going to cry over this place or the state of her life anymore as the only problem she had now was how she was going to escape this small white room in the hell of a place she had been trapped in for years. There was still a cuff had her leg and she knew that they would take it off but only after they had put a bullet in her brain. She was going to have to figure out how to get the cuff off or at least even get the chain off. The Girl Called Starra pulled herself up from the ground, making Charles Wallace jump up from the ground, curious about what she was doing. She pushed as far away from the wall were the chain was and pulled hard back from the wall. When the cuff around her leg met with her skin it began to burn, making her stop pulling for a second before starting up again.

It went done like that for a while, time went by and the sun started coming up and a five hour drive was coming close to an end, with another girl start closer and closer. The Girl Called Starra was in pain now, with every pull the pain grew and grew. She wasn't going to stop. She wasn't going to let them kill her, that was what was getting her through this. She wanted to get out of here or at least get out of this fucking room. The thought of getting out of this chain made her pulled even harder, she would get out. She was going to get out. She pulled harder and harder, grunting as she did before she screamed loudly and pulling her leg back hard, the wood that held the chain broke, throwing her back. The Girl Called Starra wasn't completely free as the cuff was still around her leg and there was still a chain connected it to it but it wasn't apart of the wall anymore.

She laid back in relief, she wasn't caring about time right now because she was no longer stuck to that stupid wall. Now all she had to figure out was how to escape but it was too late for all that. As the girl was now being carried back to the house and two soldiers had been sent up to end her life. Charles Wallace started licking her face and jumping around her, almost to tell her to get moving for with every second, the closer the men got to the door. But she was tired and like everyone when they tired, she just wanted so time to get her energy back and relax. Unfortunately by the time the Girl Formally Called Starra had pushed herself up from the ground, looking for ways to get out of the room, the door opened revealing two soldiers who looked dishearten about what was going to happen. "Hello Miss," one of the soldiers said. She was no longer Starra. Oh how she had longed for that died to come, but she had hoped it would never be like this.

"Please don't do this," she pleaded. The men walk into the room and close the door.

"I'm sorry about this," the other man said, grabbing her arm, making her turn around. "If it means anything, we thought that you be the Starra that would work. We thought you could save us." She was confused, but it wasn't the main thing to focus on. She was going to die. She looked at the window, staring at the outside, thinking about all the times she had dreamed about seeing the world. She heard shuffling behind her and then the sounded of one of the men saying another soft 'sorry' before the another one said, "May Anghira bless you another life." Again another thought that she didn't understand. In what she expected to be her last moments, she prayed that in this last moments that there would be some miracle.

The Girl Formally Known as Starra was blessed but not by Anghira, but by something else. Charles Wallace watched the men line the gun up with the girl's head and he started to growl as the dog watched the men threaten his owner. One of the men pushed him away and asked the other why the hell there was even a dog in the room. Charles Wallace got anger as he watched one of the men's fingers drift towards the trigger. He slowly changed away from his golden, fluffy, dog form into his real monstrous form. The Ionpider was much bigger and scarier then his other form, the form that the girl had grown to love, he had hoped that she would never have to see it but Charles Wallace knew that she wanted to see the world and he was going to let her live do that. Even if he had to become like the rest of his kind. The men turned away from the girl and their eyes widen upon seeing the giant beast, staring down at them.

Both of the men held their guns up towards him now but before any of them could shot or doing anything, the Ionpider used on of its arms to grabbed the gun the men were holding and when they tried to pull it back, the Ionpider threw them both hard against the wall. He grabbed the girl pushed her into the void in the wall so that she won't have to witness any of this. She cried out as he did and the Girl Formally Known As Starra was thrown into the void in the wall. She laid on her back with a thud and she could hear the sounds of gunshots and men crying, begging for their lives. Then there was nothing but silence. She looked over the area that surrounded her; it was like the outside, just a black void that seemed endless everywhere she looked. Weirdly though, it wasn't dark. It seemed as if somewhere there was a light source. As far as light source go, this was one wasn't the brightest and it wasn't the best but it wasn't enough so that she could see what was around her.

And what was it that surrounded her, besides the darkness, were piles of bones. They didn't seem human, in fact to anyone else in the world that had a better memory then the Girl Formally Known As Starra, would be able to tell you that the bones seemed a bit abnormal for any sort of animal. She could only guess that these creatures were like Charles Wallace and that he had been the only who had made it out of the void alive. Or he was the only one who didn't get to be free and happy, well as happy as Ionpider could be. Just as the thought of the golden dog crossed the Girl Formally Known as Starra's mind, he jumped through the void and rushed towards her. There were so spots of blood on his fur and once he got closer to the Girl Formally Known as Starra, she was able to tell which was the blood of someone else and what was from him.

She tried to look over at his wounds but they seemed to be getting smaller and smaller now as if the dog was somehow healing itself. Charles Wallace gently laid himself down across her lap and she slowly petted him until his breathing become slow and even. In a sense she was free and that did take bring some happiness to her but she was still in the house. She needed to come up with a plan on what to do next. There was another girl coming and she was going to try and make her stay as sane as possible. She was going to become what Valentina was to her, someone to keep her company and most importantly, someone to feed her information. As she slowly petted Charles Wallace, she smiled as she remembered. She was no longer the Girl Called Starra; she was no longer their pet, their sacrifices.

She was Jenny and Jenny was going to bring this place to the ground.


Bill didn't remember much of getting into the house or having the crowds of people surrounding or even being put into some stupid and uncomfortable white dress. Honestly her brain didn't really start understanding the things that were happening around her until two people, who were holding her weak body by her arms, up the stairs. Her eyes weren't focusing correctly so her vision was blurry and unable to focus on where she was. Whatever they had injected her with something that felt like it was only supposed to be used when you wanted to wake up the next morning with a headache and have dumb tattoos (like someone's name or the word believe written in fancy writing) that you don't remember getting on your body.

Getting up the stair felt like what Bill imagined hiking felt like as she had never been hiking before so when she reached the topped, she felt as relieved as someone could feel when they've been drugged and kidnapped to a somewhere she didn't know and then drugged again after trying to escape. The two people who held her arms were talking, quietly as they could as they still thought Bill was loopy but not so quietly that she couldn't hear them. They talked about some room and another girl and how they hoped that the room was cleaned up a little. None of it really made sense to Bill as her mind was trying to pick itself up but what she could make out was that some shit went down in the some room and some girl was died or missing or something. Again her loopy mind was having a hard time, trying to understand all this.

As Bill's vision slowly got better, she was finally unable to figure out where she was. Well not like location wise but she discovered that she was in a house that was very grey and was currently being dragged down a hallway. The people dragging Bill stopped and one of them moved towards the black door that was on Bill's right, turning the nob and opening the door. The person quickly placed her arm back around her shoulder before the two people walked her into a room with that was all white. Bill couldn't help but wonder if it was her loopy mind or if it was real until the two people let her fall onto the ground and her face was pressed against the white floors. It was real alright. The two people walked around her and Bill felt something cold and rough be placed around her ankle.

She turned her head to see a black cuff on her ankle that was connected to a long chain that was attached to the wall. Bill pushed herself up to from the ground and watched the two people leave the room. She looked around the room to see that some of the walls and part of the floor were covered in small holes that could have been bullet holes and then on the wall to her right there where was a fist size hole in the wall. Then on the wall to her left there was a giant black hole. Bill raised her eyebrows at it and tried to move a little closer to investigate it but the chain on her leg would only take her so far and she fell against the floor in disappoint.

She's smaller then I thought she would be, a voice echoed through out the room, making Bill sit up. I wonder what her name is.

"Who are you?" Bill asked, looking around the room. "Do you know where I am?" Either the drugs hadn't wore off and her mind was still going loopy or someone else was here. There was a couple seconds of silence before a sound came out of the black hole and Bill jumped in fear and shock. Then a small golden retriever jumped out. The dog shook its fur like it was wet or something before marching over to Bill and licking her cheeks.

I'm Jenny and that's Charles Wallace, the voice said. It didn't make anything more clearer for Bill but she continued to listen. And welcome to hell.


A white van pulled up to a crappy looking house on a crappy little street and the doors opened with handful of people dressed in scrubs with mask over their mouths jumped out, rushing towards the house. The last person to get out was a tall man where sunglasses and a suit which raised a lot of questions as to why he was wearing sunglasses as the sun wasn't bright or barely out. He walked out of the van, following the groups of people wearing scrubs and masks into the crappy house on the crappy street and even took a second to notice that the beat up a mailbox that had the words 'Fuckface' spray-painted over the words 'The Baskets'.

Someone screamed, "Sir!" and the man put his attention back onto why he was at this crappy house. The door was already opened so he stepped through into the house where a women wearing blue scrubs and a white mask was waiting for him. He nodded and she started walking him through the house and to the living room where a chair sat in the open and next to it was boy whose he hand was covering his shoulder and his hand was covered in his blood. The boy's skin was pale which meant that he had been bleeding for a while now. A woman who was the only one who didn't have a mask on and was wearing white scrubs was kneeling down next the boy, looking at the results and checking to see if he was okay. "He has little life left in him," she explained. "Should we let him die here in his home?"

The man smirked, not because he thought that it was a good idea or because he thought that the woman was smart and kind for thinking that. He smirked because he had a cruel plan in his mind, it wasn't want he was told to do but who said that the Doctors weren't known for causing others pain. "No," he said and the woman didn't even seemed shock. "Where's the fun in that? Wrap up his wounded, give him some medicine, and then let's take him back with us." The man rubbed his hands together in the evil way that villains do in movies and the woman didn't disagree. She pointed out different things for the people around her wearing scrubs to do and they did them. They all did what they were told.

It would lying to they that they were all doing this because they thought it was the best idea. It would be the truth to say that they didn't have a choice as the man had already taken one thing away from them and they were scared to see what else he would take. They bandaged the boy's wound on his shoulder and give him some medicine before placing on a gurney and pushing him out of the house. They didn't know that two people where watching from a distance. The two people weren't planning on attacking; yet, it was more like they were waiting for something to happen.

Once the boy was loaded into the van with the people in scrubs all around him. The man who was now sitting next to his body, looked at him questionably. "What's his name?" He asked.

"Tiberius Basket," the woman wearing white scrubs and had no mask replied. The man nodded his head and couldn't help but think, Oh Tiberius, what a mess you have gotten yourself into. The van took off and a couple minutes later, a small green truck followed behind. What a mess it was.


Drew sat in the passenger seat for his broke down car with a bloody bandage wrapped around his hand. His eyes were glued to the road in front of him as Casey drove through Atville and into another town. He used his good hand to push his glass up his face and continued to hope that his story had a good ending. Or at least an ending that didn't involve Casey. While Drew felt terrible, Casey was living in the driver's sit as she thought about how things were going to work out and she was loving it.


The man walked across the forest grounds, the sounds of leaves being crunched by his feet followed him around and the smoke from his joint left a smell around him. The air was bitterly cold, so much that his faces hurt but he continued walking. People liked him were dressed in black and they nodded their heads as he walked by. He knew these people didn't respect him as much as they respected his father but he didn't give a fuck about what they thought. For today he had finally completed the promise he had to his father the night he had died. He got the daughter of the man who had betrayed them and she was going to be Starra. There had been several people to be sacrificed to the beast. First there was Luva then Harrich and many more, each time to keep his people a live and looking young for however long they were there.

The next person to be sacrificed was going to be known as Starra and they had a hard time, keeping a Starra but then they were promised one girl to become that Starra and before they could even have her, she was taken away from them. But now he had finally gotten Bill Thomas and she was going to be Starra. Not whoever that other girl, he had found the true one. He couldn't stop smiling. The man stopped in front of two men who then moved to side revealing a giant hole with a staircase that spiraled down. The man brought his joint to his mouth before pulling smoke out at one of the man before walking down the stairs. The man was out of view so he was unable to see the two men roll their eyes at him before beginning to comment about how much the hated the boy.

The man walked down the many steps of the spiral staircase, the far he went down the more lights had to be added, as the creature liked it dark where he rested. He was normally worried about his meetings with the creature about but this time he wasn't has he finally had some good news what was going to happen next. He had someone to give him. The man took one last smoke before dropping the joint onto the ground and stepping onto before walking towards to the floor. The room was semi-light; there were a couple lights in half of the room while the other half was filled with darkness. The man heard the sounds of something growling from the dark corners of the room as the creature woke up from his sleep.

WHY HAVE YOU COME? He heard the creature cry out. YOUR SMELL MAKES ME SICK.

The man ignored the comment about how he smelled. "I have news for you about Starra." There was a loud sound that could obviously heard as laugher. "The topic of your next meal makes you laugh?" He asked.


"I've finally gotten the girl," the man said, trying to keep a calm voice. He hated when the creature was right, but even though he won't admit and he knew it was the creature was always and will always be right. "This was will work, I promise."

That sound terrible sound came from the creature. DON'T MAKE PROMISES YOU CAN'T KEEP BRION. REMEMBER I AM THE ONE THAT KNOWS ALL AND YOU AREN'T YOUR FATHER. Brion sighed with anger and started turning away from the creature.

"This one will work!" He shouted as he walked about the stairs. "You'll see! Everyone will see!" Brion like a kid marched up the stairs and the creature laughed at him. It was going to work, he told himself. He was going to show everyone up.


The beginning of this tale, you were told that this story start in two different points in time and space and those two points would bring people together and tear some apart. If you have been paying attention then you now understand why this story isn't so simple as it could be. Details are important and if you miss one then that could change everything. You are probably still confused and are probably asking what about the dying hero? What about the kidnapped heroine? What about the boy who couldn't escape? What about the girl who lost her mind? What about the girl who just wanted to live her life? What about the dog? Well no one said that this was final part, the swan song, or the last battle. There is still more to the story dear reader. One day characters could be the future friends they are meant to be.