Second star to the right and straight on till morning to Neverland, but what happens if you pass over neverland and keep flying? A couple stars away is a planet quite like ours, named Gliese. But is doesn't have oxygen or humans. The plant life is extraordinary, with vibrant colors. A river divides the land it two different parts that are very different. From space, you see one side cloaked in darkness, while the other side is bathed in light. The native species of this planet are called Felix, meaning blessed beings.

There are two types of Felix, the pure and the evil. Hearing this you may think the evil live on the dark side and the pure live on the light side, but it's the opposite. The dark side provides cover for the pure ones from the harsh sun that could kill a Magnus, they live in houses with few to no windows. Another reason for the pure ones to live on the dark side of Gliese is the darkness creates a cloak for them to use for their military. The pure ones have dark features. Dark skin, hair, and eyes. They can blend in with their surroundings, this comes in handy especially when the evil Felix, named Advorsa, invade the pure one's land.

The Advorsa live on the side of Gliese bathed in light. They are pale, with light colored hair and eyes. One trait that is very different about the Advorsa is they have a reptilian look. Their skin has a shiny sparkle, that almost looks like wet scales. They are beautiful and alluring creatures, often seducing the Magnus, pure ones, into producing mixed children that could not survive on either side of Gliese. So they are sent to live on Earth. At first, there were few of them, then as the years went on there were more and more inhabiting the planet. The Advorsa and Magnus call these beings of both light and darkness the Viri.

Amethyst, who has a Magnus mother and Advorsa father, was kept by her mother's family because she died after giving birth to Amethyst. She would be raised as a Magnus, for you could not tell that she was a Viri. She had all her mother's dark features. What Amethyst never knew was that her mother was pregnant with twins, not just her. Her sister, Alexandra, was taken by her father to be raised as an her long light blonde hair and sparkling blue eyes, no one could mistake her for anything but an Advorsa.

Alexandra's father seemed to fall into a depression around her tenth birthday. He would leave for long periods of time sometimes up to a year. Mostly Alexandra would live with her Advorsa grandmother who despised her for reasons Alexandra never knew. Growing up Alexandra didn't have many friends so she found happiness in dancing and reading which is very unusual for Advorsa, seeing as most people take pleasure in training to be a thief or to kill the Magnus.

Amethyst and Alexandra are special. They are the only Viri that are able to survive on their home planet, yet no one knows that they are any different. Not even themselves. The things that make them different from other Viri were hidden. The only difference everyone knows, is their wings are gone. At the time of their birth, there was a war going on. They've always been told that their wings were damaged and had to be cut off. But they never had wings, to begin with. No Viri does. It was the perfect cover-up, wasn't it?