Tomoharu and Wakana are Half-Koropokkuru and half dragon creatures,

Both of them are on a boat in the middle of the ocean,

They encounter Akkorokamui,

A sea monster that is swimming towards their boat,

Wakana captures Akkorokamui,

Takes it to her village,

And stores it in her home.

Wakana goes back to the boat,

Tomoharu and Wakana encounter Amemasu,

A giant fish-whale hybrid,

Amemasu uses it's fintail,

To hit the boat,

And destroy it in half,

Tomoharu and Wakana swim back to land.

Amemasu creates an earthquake near the village,

The tsunami floods the village,

Minato the Half-Koropokkuru and half deer shows up,

And drinks the water in the lake,

Amemasu swallows Minato,

Minato sets himself free,

By tearing Amemasu with his antlers to death.

Amemasu's corpse sinks down into the ocean,

The water drains the land in the village,

Tomoharu and Wakana went back to the village,

To give the villagers deer and fish,

Tomoharu and Wakana get a new boat,

Sail around the ocean,

And continue to fish.

After fishing in the middle of the ocean,

Tomoharu and Wakana went back to the village,

And gave the villagers more food,

A young man encounteres Wakana,

And pickes her up with his hand,

Wakana escapes,

And goes home with Tomoharu.