"Sweetie, dinner is ready!" Daddy called from downstairs. Food! I jumped off of my bed, a smile stretched wide across my face. I ran towards my bedroom door, tripping over a few dolls I'd forgotten to clean up. Woops. Maybe Daddy won't notice. I got myself back up and went out into the hallway, turning left, and stopping at the top of the stairs. I gulped. I had never been a fan of stairs. Stairs take you to high places. I didn't like high places. They scared me. If I fell, I could get hurt really bad. I didn't want to get hurt. My tummy growled. I was hungry. I sat down on the top step, and started scooting myself down the stairs. Each drop to the next step made me bounce and I giggled. This was fun!
Finally, I made it to the very last step. I looked up and saw my dad sitting down a plate at the table. He smiled when he saw me, a very warm, very loving smile, and it made me smile. He came over to me and picked me up.
"There's my favorite girl," He said, kissing me on the cheek. I giggled.
"Daddy, you're fuzzies tickle," I laughed. He rubbed his beard.
"Don't make fun of the fuzzies, Ellie," He sat me down in my chair at the table. The smell of bread and spaghetti filled my nose. "Eat up, sweetie." Dad took a seat across from me. I grabbed my fork and twirled it in my spaghetti, trying to get as many noodles on my fork as possible. Spaghetti was my mom's favorite food, and because she wasn't here with us anymore, I wanted it to be my favorite food. It made me feel close to her.
"Ellie, you're making a mess," Daddy laughed, reaching across the table with a napkin to wipe my chin. I smiled up at him. He gazed down at me, but only for a second. We both heard a crash, and looked towards the front door. It was open. Two men walked in, wearing all black. Even their faces were covered in black. But their eyes weren't. Their eyes...they glowed bright yellow as they looked at us, yelling. I couldn't focus on their words. Their eyes were so yellow and scary I couldn't look away. A third man walked into our house, bigger than the other two, and when I looked at him, his red eyes glared back at me.
"Ellie! Run!" My dad's voice broke me away from the red eyed man, and I looked over at him. The two yellow eyed men were grabbing him, pulling him away from me. I yelled for him, tears starting to pour down my face. "Run!" He yelled again, right before the yellow eyed men ripped open his chest with their bare hands. I screamed. Blood poured out of my Daddy. I screamed. My body felt hot. My vision blurred. I screamed louder and I could feel all the warmth in my body explode outward, towards the yellow eyed men. I heard them scream. The red eyed man looked scared, but he shook it off and ran towards me. I locked eyes with him and the next thing I knew, fire was swallowing him whole...

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