A/N This poem is about the BAMF known as Olympe de Gouges. Basically during the Reign of Terror in the French Revolution, she was sticking up for Women and African American Rights, not just white men. For example, after The Declaration of Man and the Citizen, SHE WROTE The Declaration of Women and the Female Citizen. Anyway look her up, she's awesome. I wrote this because she doesn't get enough credit. Also, low-key playing around with assonance and consonance.

The Virtue of Equality
For Olympe de Gouges

"Regardless of what barriers confront you, it is in your power to free yourself; you have only to want to."

In the midst of a Reign of Terror, a risky Revolution, you still attempt to rectify your Rights of Women. You write to rid slavery and free your fellow maidens, identify other illegitimates, and legitimize the virtue of equality.

The famous female that was far ahead of her time, yet still punished for favoring the minorities. Within the hypocritical world where class lines were blurring, but gender and race distinctions were as clear as ever.

More incorruptible than The Incorruptible, your beliefs never wavered, but your dream for true equality was beheaded along with you. "Women, wake up… recognize your rights."

A/N EVERYTHING IN QUOTES WAS WRITTEN/SAID BY OLYMPE NOT ME. (Oh- limp de Good) Background info: Maximilien Robespierre was known as The Incorruptible. He was one of the top 3 white dudes who led French Revolution. (His ass gets beheaded too)