"Our brain stimulates reality. So, our experiences are a form of dreaming, which is to say, they are mental models, simulations, not the things they appear to be." ~Stephen Leberge

I live in a world full of dreams.

Whether they're my dreams, or your dreams, they are still dreams.

And that dream is reality.

Everything, moving in a motion that can't be stopped.

Sometimes it changes, most of the time it stays the same.

We don't think about it too much, because everyday it's the same thing.

We wake up, perform our expected tasks, whether that be work, school, play.

And then we got to sleep.

And wake up, starting all over again.

In our own litle world changes are constantly being made.

But in the grand picture, it's the same thing.

And we do nothing to change it. Why would we?

It's exactly how we want it to be.

No flaws, no breaks, no errors.

Unless you can see the flaws in the system.

If you can, then you are one of the few who can grasp beyond the 3rd dimension.

If not, then you're like everyone else.

Living in a simulated dream.