I was fighting for breath that seemed to not be able to find its way into my lungs. We've been at this for hours you and I, throwing punch after punch. Every blow I gave you fired back another one that was even more powerful than mine. I prided myself on my resilience and strength but around you I just went weak. My knees would begin to shake and I would feel like if I didn't hold onto something I would fall down. This is how you controlled me.

I was sitting in a cool metal chair in the small, dreaded interrogation room that I was often put in just so you could taunt me. I was nothing in here but a play thing to you, I was nothing but a doll to take off the shelf to move around and play your game. I tried to move forward away from the cool metal that was making me shiver, but of course my hands were hand cuffed to my sides so I couldn't move.

You just sat there staring at me like an unmovable block of ice. Your snake like green eyes stared into my hazel ones and a smirk found its way onto your red lips. You have always liked looking at me and I used to like letting you. That was until you stabbed me in the back anyway.

You licked your chapped lips as if preparing for another round in the ring. I breathed in through my nose as I found the strength to take the knives that were going to pierce my skin. "I still love you, you know? After everything you've done. After everything you've screwed up." You said leaning forward and folding your pale hands neatly on the table.

I found myself growing colder and my heart began to pound loudly as it always did when you said those words. You knew just how to get inside my head and turn my mind inside out. You knew how to make me go crazy.

"I've never loved you," I found myself saying for the hundredth time. "Why would I love a monster?"

The smirk on your lips grew deeper and like the sly fox you were I could see you getting ready to move me around on your chess board. I could see checkmate for you in sight but I didn't know how to avoid it. We've done this song and dance so many different times and in so many different ways but we never came to an ending. Probably because you liked this cat and mouse game but this time I could tell it was different. You had something new and you were just waiting for the right time to move your final piece.

"I might be a monster to you, but to others I am a hero." You said laughing at the irony of it all. "I took you off your high horse and made you humble. People will be thanking me once I'm done with you."

Now it was my turn to laugh as always, our moves had been choreographed so well you would have thought we were putting on a play. "People will thank you? For 'humbling' me by keeping my captive for what day are we on? Oh, that's right, 365. You've had me for a year and you haven't made any progress. How does it feel to be a failure?" I sneered at him, this was off script. This was because today was a game changer.

Your eyebrows raised at my words, you didn't think I was truly keeping the correct count but I had been from day one. Ever since you nabbed me by tricking me into letting you give me a ride home. Well, I'm never going to make that mistake again. I'll freaking walk to Australia before I get a ride from anyone ever again.

"You're right, I haven't made any progress." You admitted, and I felt surprise and satisfaction run through me. "But that just means I have to try something else."

As if on cue the door opened and a man in a white coat handed you a syringe filled with an orange substance. The orange liquid did not look friendly at all, I didn't want to know what was going to happen to me when the injection hit.

"You're not putting that thing inside of me!" I snapped struggling against my restraints. The panic was truly setting in and I could feel the end nearing.

You simply ignored me and the doctor held my flailing form still. You came around to my bare arm and roughly thrusted the needle under my skin. I felt your lips near my ear when you put the liquid into my body and your breath came out smoothly when you spoke your next words.

"You should have humbled out when you had the chance."

We have now reached checkmate.