Kill 4 Me

It's funny what's brought me to this point, a woman, a beautiful seductress.

"Would you kill for me?" She had asked me. I laughed it off as usual not taking her seriously as we lay in bed together. I cupped her chin and kissed her, it sent shivers down my spine and got my blood pumping, just a kiss and I felt as if I could take on the whole world.

"Would I kill for you?" Again I questioned myself, would I kill for her. The answer wasn't as simple as a man would think. Sure I cared BUT did I care that much?

You're supposed to protect what you love, protect what you care about, protect YOUR PROPERTY. Question is is this person only your property or is she a liar, a carrier of the deceiving disease or was she sent for pure torture, to pretend to care and instead use you for whatever they want?

"Would anyone kill for anyone?" People kill for less, for money, for pleasure, for land, for religion, but for LOVE? This isn't Romeo and Juliet, if a person was so sure you were that obsessed with them how much power would they hold over you, over me?

"People kill for less." She slithered into my ear as I looked into her bright fluorescent green eyes I thought they do kill for less. I was taken aback by my own thoughts of how I could care so much about a being that seemed to be so weak physically, it made me WANT to protect her from anything and anyone. So soft so loving. I hated it the feeling of helplessness from an imperfect being that brought me to my knees.

"Please KILL for ME?" She whispered caressing my chest. I reached over to my nightstand and picked it up. IT was my pistol, she reached over and ran her hand across the cold steel of the Tokarev before letting out a small laugh, smiling with her small teeth, her gorgeous teeth, that laugh...MY GOD, that laugh.

"What are you going to do with that?" She pondered sitting up on her elbow as she toyed with my head, and my weapon.

"To do what you asked," I said silently, only to her, and my pistol.

"What exactly is that?" Her hot breathe was in my ear.

"Kill for you."

Her quiet laughter was reassurance enough…


I don't know what this is, it came to me as I typed so don't be too harsh.


Vicious Cerberus