How could you leave me?

After everything I've done,you go and toss me aside as if I were trash.

I'm left all alone with nothing but a shattered and withered heart no thanks to you.

As I lie in pain,I think about all the times I had spent with you.

I cherished the moments prior to your betrayal.

You broke me,lied to me,hurt me,and made me feel like nothing more than a used wanton.

How could I have been so foolish?

I can't believe I fell for all the things you said to me back then.

It was you and I forever but now you make me shiver in the light.

You went behind my back and cheated on me for the entire time we were together.

You gave me false hope and look where it got me.

I was stupid in love thinking I could have you but no,I was wrong.

You threw me away,pushed me away and caused me to be in so much pain.

I nursed my aching heart for so long hoping you'd take me back and love me again.

That never happened because I realized how much of a cruel person you are.

All you are is a philandering,dishonest human being that I regret falling for.

I'm no longer the girl that cried over you for so long.

You can no longer hurt nor break me down the way you did in the past.

This is my goodbye from me to you.

You lost someone special and that was me,the girl who always encouraged you to continue living.

Things are different now and I have to accept that.

Us parting ways is for the best.

I must do this for my own sake.

I refuse to be haunted by the pain you put me through.

I was oblivious to your abuse but when I looked back,I knew I was in my own personal hell.

I don't need your mistreatment because I know I deserve better.

I'm much better than this.

There's just no reason left to try.

Now it's gone too far,look at where we are.

You would rather bicker with me than walk away.

I never thought we would come to this.

Not all goodbyes have to be depressing.

This goodbye has beauty in it.

Try to say you loved me but guess what? You never did.

I'm finally free from all the fights we had and your mistreatment.

I realize my mistake but I learn from it with each passing day.

I'll never take you back even if the world was coming to an end.

I held on for too long,it's time to move on.

I have now found a love that can treat me better than you can.

He would never ever hurt me the way you have.

Never again will I ever see your face. I am done.

This is my farewell. Time for me to walk away.

Author note:This poem was inspired by two ex boyfriends of mine. One is an asshole and one is a douche. This was also inspired by two songs called "Cold" and "Nobody Wins" by The Veronicas. I hope this poem was enjoyable. I gotta finish writing a smutty story and get started on chapter 14 of Boys and Pets asap. Stay tuned,my gummy bears.