As dusk started to fall, Kalir had finally returned back to the Splenai Castle from school. The 15 minute ride on the public tram makes the Akita wolf-dog a bit tired and all but he was relieved that he finished his hard examination that lasted for the 3 days straight.

When he entered towards the kitchenette, Kalir could see Splero and Rokusena by the table. The monarch was reading a pamphlet while the vixen was drinking a cup of tea.

'Hey there, Son.'

'How's school, dear?'

'Everything's fine, Mom. I'm just tired and all, though.'

'I see.'

'Have you taken a bite already, Kalir?'

'Not yet, Dad.'

'Oh. I thought you already took a bite from school.'

'Nah. I'll just eat here then. What would be our dinner by the way?'

'Some tofu and boiled rice.'

Kalir nodded.

'That will do. Let me change my clothes, guys.'

'Sure thing, Son.'

'Go ahead.'

'Alright then.'

Kalir then went to his room. From there, he places the satchel on one corner and he switched from his school uniform into his normal regalia. The Akita wolf-dog then returned back to the kitchenette. Malir was now joining with the other two. Kalir sat down and the timber wolf saw him.

'Greetings, Kalir!'

'Heya, Malir.'

'Have you eaten something today?'

'Not yet.'

'Well. Have some then, dude.'

'Thanks, man.'

Kalir then took a bowl of boiled rice and a few tofu slices from the plates. As he started eating, Splero lowered down the pamphlet he was reading and looks at him.



'I have something to say with you.'

'What is it, Dad?'

'We're going to have an oversea travel tomorrow.'

'Really? Where to?'

'To the Bataan Peninsula.'

'Ain't that located at the Philippines, Splero?'

'It sure was, Son.'

Rokusena tapped his hands with her paws.

'What are you going to do in there, dear?'

'Oh. I'm going to take Kalir on the trip to a World War Two shrine that was on a mountain called Mount Samat.'

'I see.'

Malir raises his paw.

'Mount Samat, you say?'

'Yep. I have contacted a Filipino tour guide earlier and after reviewing the tourist destination that were within the peninsula, I finally booked in some tickets for 1500 Pesos.'

Kalir perked up.


'Of course, Son. I'm going to take you there because I'm sure that you will going to love that place once we get there.'

'I'm so hyped now, Dad! When will the trip would go on?'

'We'll be going to depart at about 4 AM, Kalir. I already told both Rei and Delorion that they would be in charge of ruling the regency while we're away for the trip to the Philippines.'

Splero then sighed in relief.

'This would be my first time that I'm going to take a trip with you, Son.'

'That would be great, Dad.'

'I know. Anyway, continue on eating.'

Rokusena nodded with a smile.

'Yes, sweetie. Eat on with your rice and tofu.'

Kalir complied as he resumed on eating his light dinner.