Darren stopped beside a door and flipped the light switch inside. "This is your room. I wish I could've dressed it up a little more."

There was a large bed, maybe a full size, against the opposite wall. On top of the covers were a few stuffed animals. There was only one window in the room, pink curtains pulled back to let the light in. The dresser was old and the white paint was chipping off of it. On top was a red box shaped like a heart. The carpet was the same as the living room though it matched the pink. The walls were white. Everything felt soft.

"I'm lenient when it comes to bed time so you don't have to go to bed now unless you want to."

I walked inside and over to the bed. Under the window was a large wooden box. A chest. I opened it and found different kinds of toys in it. There was a fair amount of blocks scattered at the bottom.

I sat down on the bed and faced the stuffed animals. There was a traditional brown teddy bear but there was also a yellow hippo with purple ears and a turtle that was more of a pillow than a stuffed animal. I picked up the bear and there was a price tag on the ear. Only the price was ripped off from the rest of the tag.

I took the bear with me as I sat down in front of the toy chest. I opened it up and started going through the toys once more.

"I'll be in the next room over if you need me, okay?"

I looked back at Darren and nodded. I waited until he walked away then I jumped up and pushed the door almost to a close.

I took a deep breath before I knocked on the door.

"Come in."

I opened the door then walked inside the room. It was small and carpeted just like my room was. The walls in this room were paneled wood, which made it seem old. There was a desk in the middle of the room, with a computer chair on one side. There were two windows against the wall in this room, blue curtains on either side. The laptop on the desk was opened and there were papers scattered around it.

"Hey, Aly. Is everything okay?" Darren asked, looking up from his laptop.

I bit my lip and dropped my eyes to the floor.


I pointed at my full diaper.

He got to his feet and walked over to me. "Do you want to do it?"

When Owen did it, he was always so rough and touchy. I knew he and Darren weren't the same person but I couldn't shake the feeling that something bad would happen.

I nodded.

"Let me show you where everything is." He led me back to my room and opened the dresser drawer. "There are extras of everything in my room if you need them. And if you need to use the bathroom, it's connected from my room."

"Am I allowed to?" I asked softly. One of Owen's biggest rules was for me to never go into the bathroom unless he was with me. It was his way of making me incontinent more so than I was.

"Why wouldn't you be?"

I knew he didn't know what happened between Owen and I. I hadn't told him and I didn't think Owen did either. He may have bad mouthed me to Darren but he wouldn't tell him personal things like that unless Darren asked. I could understand why Darren wouldn't understand why I am the way I am.

He brushed a strand of my hair behind my ear and I squeezed my eyes shut tightly. "None of the rooms are off limits. Just don't go in my desk in my office, okay?"

I nodded.

"I have to get back to my work. Come get me if you need anything."