Gorgon's Dreams

Stone. Stone the perfect element unlike steel it doesn't rust it erodes, turning into something else sometimes something even better than the original state that it had been.

She had seen so many statues, for she couldn't even look at a being without it turning. At first it seemed to be a curse but eventually after her years of existence it became her glory. She loved it the hardness the unwavering stillness of the rocky creatures she created.

Beautiful is the word that came to her mind when an eager, youthful warrior entered her cave and was quickly turned into yet another statue, something that would last way beyond the initial lifespan of the being.

She considered it helping, helping to maintain life in her way, her way of stone, marble, hardened clay. She wasn't certain at first as to how to control her eyes, those yellow cat eyes, that turned to slits of doom for any who crossed her.

Doom. She chuckled in her sleep with her long reptilian tail curled around her, and her babies, her slithering, hissing, babies, resting upon her crown. Her forked tongue slipped in and out of her gorgeous face, the only thing left human on her, the face of an angel, the face of death.

Back to how she had learned to somewhat control her power of stillness, she at first only turned her visitors to hardened clay. Hardened clay didn't last long enough for her and was weak. The time she learned that she had some sort of control over the type of statue she could turn them into was when a strong, smart, human tried to use his shield to remove her enchanting head from her body. He failed but she was so angered that all of her babies came to life and used their eyes as well as hers to turn him to marble…a beautiful marble statue of a once fearless warrior, shield in left hand, gladius in right, shiny metal breastplate, leather skirt, greaves, and bracers.

All of it turned to a polished marble, black streaks in white shining brightly to her eyes. Her finest work to date, she shivered in her sleep dreaming of the small clash that ended in failure for the intruder.

Hah she would've laughed had she been awake. It seemed the more concentration she put into her stare the harder the type of stone would become, until…until…what's a harder type of stone, no no a more precious, more gorgeous type of stone than marble?

Crystal. If marble were possible then maybe, maybe a type of crystal? With nothing to do but experiment on her visitors there could be an even more precious substance to her abilities…only one can wait and see…

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