The Song of the Last Unicorn Maiden-1

Book 1: A Geek Becomes a Goddess

The End of the World & The Rise of Magic

In the year 2018; the world ended in a nuclear war that was started by North Korea and it tore a rift in dimensions that another world began to bleed into Earth. This other world was Faery and Magic entered our world in a great wave that spread over the planet, and everything changed.

The surviving human race who had managed to take shelter soon emerged to find a whole new world and strange exotic creatures that one hears about in fairy tales, legends and myths were now roaming about. Strange beings also appeared and began to offer help; these beings were Sidhe and they came from Faery to investigate the rift that was causing their world to bleed into Earth.

Three years passed and in 2022; researchers of both human and Sidhe discovered that Faery, and Earth were slowly merging into each other. The surviving technologies have either merged with Magic in a delicate balance or periodically will not work.

A very delicate balance formed between the two worlds as the merge continued to slowly bleed. The human race began to rebuild with help from certain fey and surviving corporations began to slowly come forward to help form a government.

The surviving human scientists who work for the corporations have begun experimenting with life and death, and studying Magic. They salvaged what experiments were left and continued the work of the old world.

The human scientists soon discovered Death Magic; they began to raise and control the dead. The new Necromancers began experimenting on the dead to create viruses that they soon created the first zombies.

It wasn't long until in the year 2030; the Necromancers started a war and began using the unread as weapons. Anyone bitten by a zombie becomes infected and in thirty-three days the victims die, and rises as new undead.

The thirty-three days last in six stages…

The First Stage…The victims becomes weak for eight days; everything feels heavy even trying to rise and stand or pick up and carry something was hard.

Second Stage…After the weakness there follows seven days of high feverish body fever; soaking in cold water helps but the victims can't cool down and wearing anything makes it worst, except linen otherwise no clothes.

Third Stage…Then comes the six days of endless sleep; the victims will do nothing but sleep and cannot eat or drink anything.

Fourth Stage…Following that are five days of bruise-like splotches, ashy-gray skin and looking like a corpse; painful fluid-filled sores also form that are very delicate and will release greenish yellow pus if touched, and causes more agony to the victims.

Fifth Stage…Followed by four days of shedding tears of blood, the eyes would become red and swollen as bloody tears fell down the victims' faces.

Sixth and Final Stage…Finally for three days the person would become suddenly stiff; it would start at the feet then work up the legs, until the victims could no longer move or sit or even bend. The victims' bodies would become stiffer and stiffer until they slowly die on the third day.

If they are not cremated in seven days; the victims will rise as new zombies who find a Necromancer and bonds with them, the undead also feed on the living. This war lasted for seven years and the Sidhe helped in the war (the Sidhe fought on both sides in a civil war); the war became known as the Seven Years of Chaos and it ended in the year 2037.

Most of the Necromancers were killed and their undead servants were left to wonder the wilderness, and cause untold dangers to the rest of the surviving races. Only seven Necromancers remained and they went into hiding; Magic still flowed over Earth in waves and people began to develop the abilities to wield Magic.

Soon half-human and half-Sidhe children were born to human women who had lain with a Sidhe, and became pregnant. These children became the first Siúlóirí Gaoithe (Windwalkers) and they began whole new bloodlines as adults among the human race.

With Faery bleeding into our world; Earth went into a great change and the human race along with the Sidhe began to change with their worlds as they try to survive…