The rain sounded like the pitter patter of thousands of tiny people walking across of the taxi. The driver watched the dark country road silently, while the passenger slept in the back, their face obscured by a blanket. The road turned from squishy gravel to sleekly paved, trees made a beautiful fall schemed tunnel.

Peering in the rearview mirror at the passenger and the back to the road. "Excuse me, ma'am we're almost there." sitting and sitting up from an uneasy sleep, they pulled the blanket off their head and sleepy packed it back up. They turned a few more corners and out of the darkness of the night, a huge metal gate appeared like something out of a Fairytale. It was just as tall as the trees that guarded the surrounding area. In this atmosphere, the night, the rain it almost felt like apart of an evil castle. As they rolled up to the gate a touchpad screen built into the brick flashed to life, requesting a name and student number. The driver handed the girl an umbrella as he backed up to give her space to type it in. each step made a loud splashing, causing ripples to shoot out across the huge puddle.

After putting her name and number it processed the information, in the form of a loading bar. On the head of hitting 100%, it flashed a welcome screen, "Welcome Hazel Daim." Sounds of gears grinding against each other, the gates slowly opened. Hazel dashed back to the car, not wasting any time. She could feel the excitement in her, it felt as if her heart was trying to harmonize with the pitter patter of the rain. Following the path some more they finally came to the last stop, pulling into a drop off station in front of the school. An outcropping keeping her dry as she got out. She paid the driver and lugged her bags into the building. She had gotten there a day early, to dodge the chaos of having to find her room in a crowd.

Walking past the empty check-in desk, she pulled out a small crumpled up piece of paper with her room number on it. 229b. Finding the right floor and hall in the directory she started up her journey up the stairs. Still, she could feel the adrenalin which helped to get the bags up the stairs. It was her first time traveling alone, let alone being in a different state. Reaching the floor she started reading off door numbers in her head. "221, 223, 225, 227, 229!" once again reaching into her pocket but this time pulling out a silver key, placing it into the door and turning it. The lock made a satisfying metallic click and she pushed it open. The sweet was plain, the lack of decoration made it feel unhomely but that'll change soon enough she thought.

She stood in the doorway, taking in all that had happened within this past month. She had gotten accepted into the school of her dreams, it's her first time traveling out of her home state and it's the first time she gets to live without her parents. The least to say, she was excited. So excited she had missed the fact the bedroom light was on and someone had their head peeking out.

"Oh hello I didn't think my roommate would be here before me." the other girl hesitantly came into the living room, not Hazel could get a better look at her. She was of average height, slime, black hair that came down to her shoulders, eyes that were an odd shade light green which was shadowed by dark bags under her eyes. She seemed to about to go to bed because she wore purple cat patterned pajamas.

"Um, hi. Yeah, I didn't think anyone would be here until tomorrow either." she grabbed her arm awkwardly before quickly jutting it out in front of her, causing Hazel to jump back in shock. "Oh… sorry, I didn't mean to scare you."

Taking a deep breath, "hey it's okay, I'm Hazel."

"Blake Green." she gave Hazel a little half smile. "Would you like some help unpacking."

Hazel giggled and shook her head, "Nah, I'm just going to grab my PJs and hit the sack." Blake nodded and just uncomfortably followed the redhead back into the bedroom. Blake hopped back into her bed on the left side of the room while Hazel changed in the bathroom. She placed her laptop back on her lap to continue her writing. Coming back Hazel body slammed her bed, making a loud thud and bouncing a few times. "You look tired."

Blake just nodded. "Is my screen going to bother you while you sleep?"

"Not really, I'm used to light flashing and loud noises going off. My older sister is quite a night owl." again Blake just nodded, not taking her eyes off the screen as her fingers typed away. "Oookay, good night Blake."


The night was kind of an uneasy one, the feelings of both anxiety and excitement stirred made Hazel stir in her sleep. It felt like a war waging inside her stomach and the awkward exchange with her roommate was not helping excitement win. The following morning, Hazel unwillingly swung her legs to the side of her bed. Noticing the neatly made bed on the other side, she waddled her way to the bathroom to get ready.

"Hey…" she paused, popping her head out, toothbrush still in mouth. " Red! what do you like to drink? I'm going on a shopping run." Hazel's face resembling The Thinker statue.

"Yeah could you pick me up some Caramel Milk Coffee, they come in a box of little packets." Blake silently nodded, shoving the essentials into her bag and walking out the door. "Well that was nice of her." plopping on the couch she turned on the TV, staying like that till Blake returned.

The door making the same satisfying click from last night, Blake walked in. She seemed a lot happier than last night, a bit of a pip her step. Getting Hazel's attention, she softly tossed her the coffee mix. "Dudebro, thanks."

Blake giggled, placing her energy drinks in the fridge. "so tell me about yourself." slightly taken back Hazel for she wasn't expecting to be engaged in conversation.

"Oh okay. I'm 18, from New York, I love video games and I can brew a coffee that'll keep you up for hours." Blake looked ecstatic, the kind of face you make when you haven't eaten in three days and there's a cheeseburger on the other side of a window.

"Oh, oh, oooooh. You will be very useful small one because man this deadline is killing me!" she shuffled her way next to Hazel, turning on her computer. "Going to need a few all-nighters," Blake grumbled under her breath.

"You a writer?"

"Yeaaaah… nothing big though, I write this small story online that a few people have taken a liking to." She stretched her arms, making an orchestra of cracking noises. Each One making Hazel twitch and cringe.

"Oh yeah, the sound of bones popping just what I want to hear." Blake turned her head, grinning devilishly and it began. She starting from her neck all the way down to her feet. "Oh my god, stop. If you keep going I will leave and never come back."

"Aww, but who would be my roommate?" Blake teased. They were interrupted by heavy metal blasting from the bedroom. Hazel Dashed from the couch to grab her phone, something she'd never had before this month.

After a short awkward silence, she walks back into the living room. Wiggling her freckled covered nose as she grabbed her hoodie. "My sister just arrived, wanna help me get her stuff or do you gotta write?"

Blake debated for a moment, fidgeting with her ring on her pinky. "Yeah let's go." the two shuffled their way through the now crowded hallway. Boys and girls alike arriving at the school grounds, finding their rooms or just roaming the campus. Staring into the sea of students Hazel shuttered, she wasn't used to being surrounded by this many people. The two strategically made it through the crowd all the way to the school's parking lot; which was not an exception to the busyness.

They looked around the busy lot, Blake blindly looking around and Hazel determined to find her sister. "There she is!" she yelled out of excitement. Following Hazel's finger, Blake found a girl riding a lowrider Harley crawling toward them. Pulling up Hazel practically tackled her sister off the bike, "Arryn look I made a friend."

Though they couldn't see her expression through the helmet, Blake could still see the curiosity of the biker as she cocked her head. "See I told you it wasn't that hard." She bragged, Somewhat muffled.

The roommates followed Arryn as she parked her bike, swinging her leg over the vehicle and in the same motion taking off the helmet, Letting her long orangish blonde fall to her back. Her fashion of choice was typical for a biker, leather jacket, black jeans and tall boots. Her features match Hazels though Arryn had fewer freckles. She hugged her sister once more and gave Blake a huge grin. Shyly Blake smiled back but before she could say anything she found herself in a group hug.

"Arryn Gives the best hugs ever! Eh Blake?" Just nodding Blake obscured her face with her hands. Taking a small bag from the side of her bike the trio was off to the sea of kids once more. The hundreds of voices were practically deafening but the dorms weren't too far. Arryn could tell the crowd made Hazel physically uncomfortable, trying to avoid running into anyone.

They finally made it to Arryns floor in the skyscraper-like building, no thanks to the elevator being so busy. The hall was the same layout and decor for all the others, same as any of the rooms. It was quite blatant the people that run the school wanted them to decorate them.

Excitedly Hazel bounced around while her sister played with the key to open her room door. Blake waiting patiently, not quite sure how to feel about how fast this has all gone. But all three of their jaws dropped when the door finally open, the whole room was completely furnished, with blueprints of different types of vehicles hung on the walls, a large black leather couch sat in front of a huge LED tv. "I think you have a roommate Arryn."

"Yeah, that would have been my first guess." stepping inside, there was a whole wall of pictures of odd vehicles the girls had never seen before. Looking around, the kitchen was full of food, the bedroom was a mess but there was one lingering question; "Where is the roommate?"

"HELLO?" Arryn called out. But the dorm remained silent. She shrugged and firmly seated herself on the couch. "Well, from what you guys were saying I'm the only one the get the best dorm."

"Hey, Hazel." Blake had bent down to whisper in Hazel's ear. "I think we should invade this dorm and take it over." Hazel snickered, taking a seat next to her sister. For the next few hours, they just relaxed, though that was interrupted by the door opening quickly. Casually walking was a well dressed young man, piercing green eyes and slicked back dark brown hair.

"Oh? Good evening ladies, which one of you is Miss Daim?" Both Hazel and Arryn raised their hands simultaneously. The boy's face went for confidence to confusion in a matter of seconds.

Blake sat up, addressing the boy with a wave. "Their sisters, the one you want is the tall one." nodding excitedly, behind him was a large shopping bag. He reached and pulled out a pair heeled tennis shoes.

"The moment I found out that my roommate was female, I knew we'd get along so much better so I got you a gift." He strode over to Arryn and placed the shoes on her lap. Baffled by this her gaze kept bouncing back and forth from the shoes and her sister.

"This is very… kind of you but what do you mean we'll get along better because I'm a girl?" He gently smiled, taking a seat on the couch's armrest.

"I have 4 sisters so generally I get along with girls." The tro nodded, grateful it wasn't something creepy. Yang straightened her poster, shooting out her hand towards the boy.

"Arryn, you know my last name." Cheerfully he took her hand and shook it, his hand becoming a slight red from Arryn's grip.

"Percival Clair." Taking his hand back, shaking the pain out. "As much of a pleasure it is to meet you ladies, I will be going to bed. the girls said their goodbyes before returning back to the tv.

"He seemed nice, a little odd," Blake stated.

"He's cute too but that doesn't mean diddly squat till you know him." Arryn teased. After a while of talking, their attention was drawn back into the tv.

Midnight rolled around a lot faster then the girls would have thought, Hazel had already fallen asleep an hour before. Arryn and Blake had been quietly talking since. "I'm like take a hint, like a hell boy?" Blake Silently giggled.

"I know the pain, I've been trying to break up with my boyfriend but he wont give up." the pair similarly rolled their eyes. Arryn raised her fist toward Blake.

"Besties?". She was beaming, they tapped their fists together.