A.N.: This fic was originally meant to be posted on Christmas, or New Year, but I am terrible last past months with time, because school is terribly overtaking my free time, and I feel so low. The only thing that keeps me alive is coffee, maybe music, and the thought that I will see Patti in London next September. Without these I would be probably already broken and stressed out and lot more….so with my optimism, and faithful coffee :D I'm writing, because that is also another thing, which brings light into my life, and makes me happy. So let's forget about school for a moment, and let us dive in beautiful world of fantasy, possibilities and sex of course ;-) I hope, you all, my dolls, are doing great in New Year 2018, and I can only wish to you, let your dreams come true :3 with love, hope, optimism and lots and lots of kisses your ZiZi hugs and ZiZi kisses xoxo

Sunday forenoon.

Patti was just checking her turkey in oven, when Matt was finishing mashed potatoes, and Josh was probably packing the last gifts in his own room. Low tones of Christmas carols were echoing through the house, from stereo in living room.

,,Okay, four kinds of pie, ginger bread, fruitcake, boiled custard, Christmas ham and Christmas cookies, mashed potatoes, and turkey is nicely turning gold, have I forgot on something ?'' Patti was counting on her fingers, and checking in her mind, while talking with her husband.

,,Yes. To chill out darling,'' Matt chuckled, leaning down and pressing soft kiss on her red flushed cheek.

,,Will that be enough ?'' she turned to him, still worried.

Matt put the bowl with mashed potatoes on counter, and hugged her ,,If this is enough ? You're doing this every year, love, and you're worrying just because it's Johnny's family, so now, take your rum,'' he handed her cup from counter, full of hot buttered rum, turning her and slowly pushing her out of kitchen ,,Go to living room, and sit for a moment. I will finish, and then we could drink something together hmm ?''

Patti couldn't say a word, and she was suddenly in living room, and since the hot mug she was holding was burning her inner palm, she quickly sat down and put it on the table.


,,-You say 'okay' one more time, and I'll be forced to pacify you !'' echoed from the kitchen, with soft chuckle in Matt's voice, and Patti giggled.

,,O-…Fine !'' she huffed, leaning in the couch, and breathing out slowly.

Suddenly she heard low buzz, and jumped up again.

,,Where is my phone ?'' she started quickly turning all around to find form where that buzzing was coming from.

,,Patti…here,'' Matt chuckled, as he appeared in doors to living room, holding her phone. Patti smiled, walking to him, when he twitched his hand up, so she couldn't reach it ,,But I won't give it to you, until you calm down.''

,,Fine !'' she stood normally, waiting for him to lower his hand. Only then he gave her the ringing phone, and Patti's smile partly faded. ,,Hi Sheila…yes, yes Merry Christmas to you and your family too.''

After few minutes of talking with friend, Patti sat down beside Matt, who I the meantime finished his work in kitchen and took his own rum, sitting with it on couch.

She slowly put her phone on the table, and took the mug, which was now less hot than before, so she could finally take a sip.

,,Is there something that could make you calmer ?'' Matt chuckled, watching her, how she was dully looking in her mug, thinking.

,,What, honey ?'' she turned swiftly her face to see him, as he laughed.

Leaning towards her, he kissed her, surprising her, and only when he backed away he asked again ,,I said, if there is something that could make you calmer ?''

She grinned at him ,,Maybe one more kiss.''

Matt's grin got wider, with her words, and he obediently leaned closer, and captured her lips in another kiss. She tenderly stroked his cheek in response, when their tongues lightly met, and he hugged her waist, to scoot her closer.

When she looked in his very blue eyes again, she sighed dreamily ,,And repeat this, when I'll start again…''

,,Gladly,'' Matt gave her approving nod, when they laughed, hearing Josh coming downstairs.

,,Good, you're here, I'm done, and Lily texted, they're like ten minutes from here,'' Josh announced, reaching to table, where was plate with Christmas cookies, and took one full of chocolate cream.

,,Great,'' Matt nodded, drinking from his cup, when Patti watched her son, sitting into armchair opposite them.

,,Isn't it rude, to let them arrive by taxi ? Shouldn't we pick the-'' she was purposefully silenced when Matt gripped her chin, turned her to him, and kissed her again. Josh contentedly grinned, and used the advantage of situation, to take another cookie.

,,Ma, it's totally fine. They insisted, to let us stay at home, remember ? You agreed about it,'' her son stated, still grinning, when Matt broke his kiss, and Patti hardly swallowed.

,,Okay,'' she nodded.

,,What did I said ?'' Matt laughed at her, driking.

,,Come on ! I'm not supposed to even talk ?!'' Patti protested, look from her husband inquiringly to her son, and back.

,,Yes !'' they agreed together, and she opened her mouth wide in funny insult, closing her slowly again, and pursing her lips at the end. Then she closed her eyes, and raised her brows, like silent 'Fine' and took a sip form her mug.

Josh slowly stood up, walked to their stereo and turned Carols of the Bells little louder, to lift the true Christmas atmosphere.

Really, in incomplete ten minutes, they all heard car parking in front of the house. They quickly stood up, and walked to their hall, when Patti tugged at Matt's sleeve. When he turned to her, she gave him inquiring look, and he nodded chuckling.

,,You can talk.''

,,Thanks, love,'' she smirked, shaking with her head, when they all heard door bell. Josh willingly opened the door, in which stood Lily, holding big plastic box, in which she had also lots of Christmas cookies.

,,Hi !'' Josh cheered, taking her hand, which was covered in black glove, but still was cold, and tugged her inside the house, hugging her tightly.

,,Oh, hi,'' she smiled to his chest, before kissing him.

,,Hi ! We couldn't wait !'' Jack cheered, waving at Patti and Matt, who showed him way in.

,,We too, sweet boy, we too,'' Patti nodded hugging him, before she hugged Lily too.

,,Dad is so sorry, but he had to take the second taxi, 'cause, we couldn't fit in one with baby cot,'' Lily said seriously. ,,But he's right behind us !'' she added, when she saw, how Patti smile nearly faded.

,,Lily-Rose Melody, how many times I told you, to not lie, especially to our hosts,'' Johnny said with low voice, when he stepped into doorway.

,,Johnny !'' Patti cheered, when he immediately shushed her, since he was holding baby cot in his hand. ,,Sorry,'' she whispered, gritting her teeth.

,,I didn't lied, I was just joking, and I said you're right behind us, that means I said event he truth,'' Lily giggled, hugging Josh.

,,Hi Johnny,'' Matt whispered too, when Patti suddenly stiffened, as she saw Amber, right behind Johnny.

,,Hi everyone,'' she gave bitter smile.

Quiet spread in the hallway, until Josh uttered ,,Alright, I'll help you with luggage, shall we go ?''

,,Sure,'' Johnny nodded, and Matt joined them, they dressed in warmer coats, and after Johnny gave cot with sleeping baby to amber, they walked outside, to taxi, for their luggage, and gifts.

,,Well, welcome in Connecticut,'' Patti tried for sort of smile, because she promised not only to Matt, but to herself, she will act polite, unless the blond will act the same.

,,Thanks. Very, very cold, but beautiful nature, like from a fairytale, really,'' Amber nodded quietly with smile.

Maybe I was wrong in her….maybe she'd changed, since she has the baby…

,,Then come in, and make yourself comfortable,'' Patti encouraged them all quietly to take off their coats, and get in.

They moved to living room after while, Amber was still taking care of the cot, when men brought inside the last bag.

,,Beautiful house,'' Lily breathed, when she walked in their old-fashioned living room. ,,I love it.''

Jack nodded ,,Yeah, that stove looks pretty cool.''

Amber only nodded quietly ,,Nice. At least, it's warm in here.''

,,Done, and taxi is paid, he's just heating the car, because it conked out, so…'' Matt announced, when they walked into living room to them.

Johnny willingly took the cot back, because he insisted that when he could, he will carry it, to not let Amber carry the weight.

,,So sit, and tell, how was the flight ?'' Matt started conversation, smiling widely.

,,Oh, yeah good, but Val was crying half of it,'' Jack chuckled, sitting on the couch beside his sister and Josh.

,,Poor girl,'' Patti sighed.

,,Poor girl ? Poor us, it was unbearable for several minutes,'' Amber uttered through her teeth, glaring at Johnny, like it was his fault.

Okay, I'm taking it back…she didn't changed.

,,But she fell asleep right in New York, and slept all through the drive in here-Ohh, she's waking. Wanna see her ?'' Johnny ignored Amber, and smiled at Patti and Matt. They walked to him quickly, to see little girl yawning.

,,Oww-she's beautiful,'' Patti moaned silently, holding her mouth with palm, as suddenly small tears appeared in her eyes, and she didn't know why, but it was so nice.

,,She really is beautiful,'' Matt approved, stroking Patti's shoulders, while looking down at girl in the cot, who start blinking up.

But Amber was glaring more and more dangerously.

,,I will have to feed her-''

,,-I can do it, we have enough of milk, we just need to warm it up. Can I ask you for it ?'' Johnny looked at astonished Patti, how he really cared.

,,Su-sure,'' She nodded, looking at smiling Matt, who was so captivated by the small creature in cot.

It was suddenly wonderful, to watch him in such state.

,,I will do it, just give the bottle to me,'' Matt offered willingly .

Johnny smiled, putting cot down ,and wanting to take Valery out of it ,,Alright, Patti would you hold her for a second ?''


,,-Enough. We're here not even for ten minutes, and you already don't need me ? I thought we agreed about something, and I told you especially that I don't want her to touch her,'' Amber suddenly stood up, crossing her hand son her chest, and glaring at Johnny.

,,Excuse me ?'' Patti reacted slowly, and Matt put his palm on her shoulder.

Johnny slowly narrowed, letting Valery in cot, as he said calmly ,,Amber, yes we agreed…we agreed about not making scenes, because we were invited, and Emma is not only your daughter, but mine too, and when I decide that Patti, Matt or Josh will hold her, and they will want, they will hold her.''

,,Invited ?! We all know it's just because of her-''Amber pointed at Patti, rudely.

,,-I warn you Amber…you should thought about this sooner. I'm not going to argue with you here, and in front of the little one, and what more I won't let you to insult my friends,'' Johnny spoke still calmly.

,,You're paying attention to them too much. We're at home, you're talking about them, you're with Valery, and even with her you are talking about them. I don't care, you invited us, I didn't want to come anyway, but I didn't want to let Johnny stay here, and let my daughter get groped from you. Who knows, what disease would she get ?!'' Amber start harshly throwing insults, her voice higher with each following one.

,,That's it. I invited you in good manners, and if you don't wish to be here, nobody is holding you here, I won't let you to spit at me, when you don't measure up to me. If you're going to be rude like this, get your ass out of my house,'' Patti firmly pointed out the window, looking straight to Amber's eyes, and this time Matt let her, because she was absolutely right.

,,Fine, Johnny, we're leaving,'' Amber harshly stepped around him, taking her coat, from hallway, but Johnny stood firmly.

,,If you want to leave, then leave. We're staying.''

Amber gaped at him, before closing her mouth and nodding unwillingly ,,Give me Valery.''

,,When I said we, I meant even Valery. She's staying,'' Johnny slowly took the cot from the ground.

Another gape, but at that moment Amber only grabbed her suitcase, and rushed outside.

,,I-I'm sorry, I don't know, what took over me, I don't usually throw people out…I…I should go to her,'' Patti shook her head.

,,No you were right, she started being rude, and-'' Matt was about to stop her, when she shook her head.

,,But I can't stand, I threw somebody out on Christmas-even when she was rude,'' with those words, Patti with shoes, in coat walked outside.

Spotting Amber on half way to taxi, which was still there, heating, Patti walked to her, taking her arm.

,,Amber wait. I am sorry for what I s-''

She get slapped on her cheek, like it wasn't enough, Jack Frost was slapping her both cheeks bravely.

Patti gasped first at shock, and then anger boiled within her. Christmas-not Christmas, she won't let that bitch to treat her in such way.

,,That's for that 'measuring' you mentioned,'' Amber nodded, before receiving one slap back.

,,Yeah-you cannot hold a candle to me, I was right in that. I came to apologize, and you slap me ?! What the fuck is wrong you ?!'' Patti screeched ,watching how blonde stroked her cheek.

,,How dare you ?''

,,No ! How dare you ?! I invited you, I tried to be polite, I didn't do anything bad, neither to you ,neither to your child, and all what I got so far was one compliment about Connecticut and my living room, then several insults and one slap !'' Patti nearly yelled at her, before receiving another slap.

,,Here you have some more,'' blonde smirked, before turning on her heel, but Patti growled, and gripped her long hair in her fist, dragging her backwards, and then pushing her right into pile of snow beside her, with amber loud scream.

,,You want to fight like a child, fine then,'' Patti growled, before she pushed her back into snow, when Amber wanted to stand up, but this time Amber caught Patti's sleeve, and they end up both in snow.

Amber was yelling, Patti was growling, and they only barely heard Johnny and Matt coming to them, and if they didn't tore them from each other they would get wet and cold inside out, due the snow.

Matt was holding tightly brunette's arms, just as Johnny blonde's.

,,Alright, calm down both,'' Matt spoke, as Patti's chest was heaving, and her cheeks were hellish red. She swallowed hardly, and slowly calmed down, while Amber wrenched from Johnny's grip, and as if it wasn't enough, when she swept the snow off her coat, she glared one last time at Patti, taking harshly her suitcase and turning on her heel, she was about to walk down towards taxi, but her heel slipped on the frozen ground, and she fell straight to her bottom, gliding down with loud screech, until she landed in front of the taxi driver, and her suitcase beside her.

Not denying the situation Patti burst in laugh, just as Matt and even Johnny, and as Amber heard them, she gave to taxi driver money, and sat in the car, which was already heated up, so taxi left in two more minutes.

,,I am so sorry,'' Patti laughed, when Matt swept the snow off her coat.

,,It's okay, you gave her what she deserved, I'm proud of you love,'' he kissed her on her freezing, red cheek.

,,If I may say something….thank you. Both, for not getting offended, for not throwing us all out, and…and for giving her such whacking. I haven't got such fun for long time,'' Johnny admitted ,when he walked towards them, as they were both smiling.

,,Johnny, it was her, not you, who was rude, you even spoke up for Patti, I thank you,'' Matt patted his shoulder.

,,And that was yet nothing. When I get angry…things are flying through the air,'' Patti chuckled, being hugged from both of them, while walking carefully inside the house.

,,You know, I think these Christmas will be wonderful, and way more, without her,'' Matt smiled ,winking at them, as Johnny and Patti smiled, closing doors from inside, and locking for sure.

,,You're totally right,'' Johnny agreed with wide smile.

,,Are you alright ? We saw everything !'' Josh with Lily quickly asked, when the trio appeared in living room. Lily was holding carefully Emma, who was already awake, and if she stayed in cot, she would cry.

,,Yes, I'm just wet and freezing,'' Patti chuckled, nodding.

,,I will bring you blanket,'' Josh quickly ran to hall and upstairs, to his room, for some blanket, while Matt sat Patti on couch, and gave her rum to drink something hot.

Johnny took carefully Valery from Lily, and sat beside Matt and Patti, who was just covered with blanket Josh brought to her ,,So, do you want to hold her ?'' he asked smiling at little girl, who was mumbling and humming in his arms.

Patti looked at Matt with smile, and then back at Johnny ,,Sure.''

He carefully handed Valery to her, and Patti was very careful on the head, smiling at that beautiful baby girl.

,,Welcome…welcome into this crazy world…and into our sort of family,'' Patti smiled, her hands still cold, so no wonder girl mewled, when she touched her lightly with her fingertips.

But when Emma's orbs widened, she looked into Patti's, and smiled.

,,Welcome beauty,'' Matt smiled, stroking baby's tiny palm, as he hugged Patti around her waist, her head fell against his chest.