Fauna stepped into the rose garden behind Winter's Castle, lost in a dream world as the crunch of snow beneath her acts as a reminder of reality. Her long ebony dress trailing behind, she wraps her fur cloak round her shoulder tighter, trying to keep the cold out.

Her garden looks so beautiful in the winter, so pure and innocent, just like a child.

She dreams of having a child, just one, so she can sing it to sleep at night, explore the world's finest beauty with it, she wishes to hold a child and sit on a rocking chair by the fire telling bedtime stories.

She smiles at the thought of owning a rocking chair and sitting it by the fire for that one purpose.

Fauna stops to look at a rose bush that peeks out from behind the veil of snow to greet her. Her smile widens into a grin as she reaches up to touch the single red rose that still lives, even during this harsh, cold winter. But as she touches the rose she feels a thorn jag into her finger, she pulls away quickly but a small cut was made on the edge of her finger.

She watches as three drops of blood falls to the snow at her feet.

"Oh, how I wish I had a daughter whose skin was white as snow, lips as red as blood and hair and hair black as ebony." She says to herself, a quiet whisper as she looks back up as the single red rose "As beautiful as you, little rose."