Knock knock.

No answer.

Glancing back at the creature behind him, the warlock slipped his hands out of his leather gloves as the wind howled against the building before him. Each crevice seemed to echo the sounds of the wind, twisting throughout each crack and windowsill. It looked as if the place hadn't been taken care of for several years. The windows were caked with filth and grime, much like the door. Even the brass door handle was streaked with dirt.

Murmuring under his breath, the warlock cupped his hands and opened his fingers, his eyes illuminated as they focused on the tiny blue sparks spiralling from his hands and landing on the door handle. A soft click alerted him to drop his hands and motion for the creature behind him to follow as he opened the heavy door and stepped inside.

The warlock closed the door soundlessly and walked down the hallway just as silently, his large frame casting even larger shadows along the walls. Each candle he passed set his shadow in a steady wave as he moved along, his follower several paces behind him. Opening a second door the two men found themselves in a large, warm room. Candles were lit all around, set on top of side tables and lining the top of a grand piano that stood in the corner of the room next to a lamp that wasn't on. A simple yet beautiful chandelier hung from the high ceiling. That too, offered no light. Sitting on top of a high shelf, three candles lit up a framed photo of a man next to his beautiful young wife, her dress shaping her round stomach where their unborn child rested. To the left of the shelf was a fireplace, the shadows of its flames licking at the warlock's shoes against the carpet. Across from the fireplace was a beautiful leather couch, and sitting on that particular piece of furniture was a man, his dark hair greying and his eyes fixed on the floor at his feet.

Eyes focused, the Warlock approached the couch, his face expressionless. "How long did you think I'd let you get away with what you have done?" he rasped, his voice deep and rough. "Did you think I'd forgive you? I haven't."

The man sitting on the couch looked up, his leaf coloured eyes resting on the warlock. He did not respond.

Shocked, the warlock gritted his teeth and clenched his fists tightly. This wasn't the man he had come for. "Where is he?" The warlock presented the man with a creased photo of another.

Silence was the only reply the seated man offered, his face still tilted in the warlock's direction. His fingers didn't even twitch and his gaze never averted, although he looked tired and unfocused.

"I asked you a question!" the warlock hissed, muscles tightening and jaw clenching. "I know that you know where he is. Or," he removed a dagger from his belt, holding it out toward the seated man, "shall I force it out of your mouth, you pathetic old bag?"

Still, no response.

Furious, the warlock grabbed a hold of the man's shirt, nearly lifting him from the couch. "Speak!"

Eyes blinking rapidly the man only stared back, his mouth opening and then closing again. He moved his hands up as if to gesture something but the warlock dropped him back to the couch, body ridged with fury. Turning the warlock headed back toward the door.

"You will regret this encounter." He turned back toward the seated man once more. "One day you will all pay. I swear it."

Without another word the warlock spun around, his coat swirling behind him. A sudden wind penetrated through the walls, taking the light of the candles with him as he disappeared from sight, plunging the lone man into complete and utter darkness.

Authors note:

So this is just the prologue to my book. I hope you found it interesting! - tes