The Allies of Nexus.

Chapter 1: The Blazing Adventures Ignites!

A lustrous eclipse's light hovers over a small residential district.

In a small house in middle of the suburbs we see three friends, a five and a half foot tall boy in a white polo and grey cargo shorts with black wavy hair with a very meek demeanor, a tall slender ginger young woman wearing a green flower themed headband with a brown cardigan and jeans with fox like eyes who had confident stance, and lastly a seven foot young man with silver locks in a sweater and jeans who was stoic as a wall.

In the middle of them is a board game unlike any other. It was a miniature landscape that divided from a grassy plain, snowy tundras, active volcanoes, arid deserts, rich jungles, shadowy forests, and a vast ocean around it. Each section had a castle with a jewel by its base. What was more spectacular about this board game was that the figurines the three players were using were moving. In the very middle of the board game was a crystal ball projecting images of hordes of monsters all over the map. Between it were two boxes, one of sun and the other a moon. The trio deeply engrossed as they navigate their characters through the lands of Nexus.

An unfamiliar twilight shines through the window.


A sun themed key and a moon theme key shoot through said window.

The trio snap out of their stupor.

Instead of rushing out at the mystery vandal, they notice that the key correspond with the two locked chests on the game board.

Tall gentlemen: Uh guys, do you not see the eclipse?

An unscheduled eclipse had taken to the sky.

Tall gentlemen: That wasn't supposed to come till next year.

Meek boy: It's beautiful….

The foxed faced woman covers her eyes from the eclipse's light.

Fox Faced Woman: Who cares? All people got from those are damaged eyes and cloudy days.

She redirects her attention on the runt.

Fox Faced Woman:I'm not finished stomping you flat Nate.

Nate: Aww...

To fill their curiosity they unlock the chest using the keys. The boxes attract to the crystal ball and opens up like a flower. A burst of sparks erupts from the core! A lovely little tune from a musical box played….

Foxed faced girl: Did we win?

Tall gentlemen: Well that was rather anticli-

It starts to spin faster and faster!

A large vortex erupts from the center of the board game!

Foxed face girl: Holy shit!

The room gets torn asunder!

The tall young man gets dragged in first after painfully slamming into a wall, The fox faced girl second, and the short man last.

The color of the room starts to fade to black and white

The sound of a clock plays and starts to slow down.

A beacon of light flashes from the orb!

The roof of the house is decimated!

We cut to a medieval forge holding a sign with the name "Boundless Hammer." painted in an amber shade of orange. We then see the youngest boy now adult. He is writing in his diary with great anxiety. He is in a leather blacksmith apron, a worn grey tunic, blue jeans, and steel tipped leather gloves with latches to his wrists. A necklace with a flame shaped amber is hanging from his neck and a tiny spiked collar was on his left ring finger. There is a visible jagged scar around his neck.

Nate's Status: Stressed

Health(Hp): 200/200

Mana(Mp): 1/1

Mood: Busy

Petals:-66.58(Trillion) in gold.

Under ambiance of a warm gentle sunlight lies a plethora of medieval equipment in the forge ready to be shipped off. A lovely set of armor with a velvet blue hue is roped up in a crate. On the side of that is an longer crate with an iron prosthetic leg. He is counting several medieval weapons divided into three separate crates. There is a envelope on his desk with words, MONTHLY PAYMENT DUE SOON. print in red bloody ink.

Nate:Alright that covers the next shipment of axes, spears, and swords.

Nate: ("So what do I need to do next?") He turns around to see a ninja towering over him!

Nate: Gah!

The moron stumbles backward and falls.

The blacksmith regains his composure and foot after recognizing his guest. His dark cowl obstructed his face only showing his piercing blue eyes. His reinforced leather armor was a deep shade of blue and had a lighting bolt enigma on the top right chest side.

Nate: Dammit Raiden! There is a front door right there jackass!

Raidan: Sorry.

Nate: Never mind, want some coffee?

Raiden: Sure.

Nate: Black?

Raiden: Yep.

The blacksmith goes to get a mug of steaming black coffee. He carries it on small plate with a napkin and singular biscuit.

The mysterious cowled man pulls down his scarf so he can take a nice sip.

Nate: Jeez man it's scorching here, how can you wear that scarf?

Raiden: Well, I don't ask you to take off your gloves.

Nate: …

After wiping his face and cowling his visage, he stares right at Nate.

Raiden: What do I need to deliver today?

Nate: Just the armor and the prosthetic leg for today.

Raiden: Where to?

Nate:To the Scarlet District Stronghold, something about a girl losing her leg.

Afterwards then head to the heart of the Azure Domain, Zandra was her name.

Raiden: That's a pretty long trip.

Nate tosses a satchel of gold petals. The cowled figure weighs it.

Raiden: This is more than the usual.

Nate: Consider it an advance.

Raiden: Hold up.






The man reaches in the bag and pulled out a golden flower petal. He points his finger at it and shoots electricity from his hand! Energy coursed through the coin. Satisfied at the reaction, he stows the bag away.

Nate: It's real I swear! I'm the last person to pull stupid stunts with money.

Raiden: I'm more worried about you getting swindled with counterfeits. Now what's with the raise?

Nate: I got a good client willing to shell out for a custom sword, the person said they would come here today.

Raiden: Don't you have a deb-

Nate(*irritated*): I got it under control!

Raiden: Okay! okay! I'll be right on my way. See ya boss.

Nate: Bye.

Raiden goes out the door.

The blacksmith huffs a little and retreats back to his journal.

Nate: Alright let's see here...

He then turned to an unfamiliar page. His expression shifts to confusion.

Nate: "When did I?"

20? - 20? +10

It all began with a board game named "Nexus." What was once a fun game to play with friends went pear shaped crazy split second fast. I don't know how I got to this crazy fantasy land but I'm pretty sure my original thoughts were, "There was no way I could screw up a simple game night with friends." I remember playing that fantasy game with my friends like there was no tomorrow almost as if it was sucking us in.

Then it ate my friends and me!

That's almost funny once I think about It.

Ten years have passed since then and I have somehow managed to amass a massive debt, several blood thirsty predators out for my flesh, soul, and then my wallet. Anything else… oh yeah, and a hoard of orphans to feed. So I been somewhat better I guess.

So long story short I'm stuck as a blacksmith catering to the orders of several knights, barbarians, or the next nut that likes sharp things a wee too much. You'd be surprised on what I've seen in the night shift. [Besides keeping all of my blacksmithing techniques I'll keep this journal handy because I'll feel like I'm getting distracted from getting a way home from all of the work.] Just another several metric tons of petals until I'm out of debt! I can't believe that I got this far and I'm still kicking!

Owen and Alexis, I wonder where those guys went…. I can't leave to find them just yet because of this just lovely debt on me. I just gotta keep on working.

Nate recalls his friends and him being dragged into the game.

Nate's point of view.

Nate: ("Man, I gotta get back on that.")

*Ding! Ding!*

?: Hello? is this place opened?

Nate: ("The client is here!")

A mature, yet feminine, voice rang through the halls. The voice was connected to a rather shady figure, the person's hood prevents me from seeing their face. The customer approaches my counter.




Nate: "Welcome, how can I help you today?"

I enthused with a warm welcome.

?: I got a special request for you.

The mysterious figure uttered as it reached into his/her satchel and pulled out a black sinister glowing rock that had a bloodshot yellow eye. "Hello!" the rock optimistically greeted.

I couldn't pry my eyes off the damn thing.

Nate: ("Annnnd it talks." Just when I thought I had seen everything.") The shady figure's shadowed face etched a small grin as the figure saw my now gripped attention.

?: Void Inconel, pretty tough stuff that can scratch through anything even in its current form.

?: It would be nice to have a sword with that kind of durability, but I need more raw power.

The figure pulled out an equally sinister black scroll along with a duffel bag that I could have swore that something was moving inside. I studied the dubious papyrus. It didn't seem that bad, all I had to do was make a wicked sword with wicked ingredients.

Nate: Poisoned, durable, and a serrated blade. Alright I'll do it! It might take awhile so come tomorrow evening.

The figure just left after a single nod.

I put on my blacksmith attire on and made the preparations for this unique request.

The long process of making this sadistically brutal sword began. I dumped out the contents of the sinister duffel bag to some very eerie regents: There was some mummy gauze, some very scratchy leather made from the hides of werewolves, various jars of poisons, a bundle of several snake fangs, a black mamba that seemed to be in a sour mood that decided to make its home on my table, and a sealed jar with something trying to break out. This is quite the unorthodox order, and the instructions seem really faded, but for now I had to make the base of the sword.

I went to my furnace with an ample amount of void inconel ore chunks and stacked them in a container that resembled a huge mug on a steel beam and coated the ore with papyrus sheets, hay, and clay and positioned that in a custom cement furnace. All the eyes gazed on me with a oddly innocent look. As I read from the dilapidated instructions it was revealed that void inconel will not submit to even to the highest of temperatures and must be melted with magical means.

Nate: ("Magical means?") (Has someone made this kind of sword before?")

Regardless, I called my apprentice Olivia to assist me.

Olivia: "You called me Dad?"

We see a older teen with blonde hair and ruby red eyes. She was wearing a red striped shirt, sturdy looking overalls, and a similar apron to Nate's. She had three faded scars diagonally across her face.

Nate: Yes I did, I want you to use your fire powers to melt this ore.

She approached the furnace and took a deep breath until her uvula ignited and then exhaled a plume of flame into the base of the container and furnace.

Nate: "Alright that's enough."

I signaled her to stop as a fierce flame has erupted. An hour passes and the ore seem to have not change-

Void Inconel pile: "GRAGG!" "IT BURNS!" "WE ARE MELTING!" "UGH WHAT A WORLD!" The demonic shrieks echoes throughout the forge.

Third person P.O.V

After the blacksmith pried himself from the ceiling to look at the ore, The mass of eyes were now like a totem pole. A tall solid yet malleable totem pole that stares with a plethora of eyes. Nate put the tower into his anvil with iron tongs, then drew his mallet. The mass stared at him with major concern. He began the long repetitive process of folding metal with a power hammer until it is consolidated. Many cries of pain were shot out from the forge. The totem was now a block that had several eyes. After pounding the block into a familiar blade shape. He hands it to his apprentice next.

Olivia takes out a huge file and begins to scrape of excess material from the blade, the fillings come flying off smoking hot. She took careful measure not to damage the eyes.

Meanwhile Nate fashions the handle of the blade. The handle itself was iron and had the wicked leather wrapped around it and then he weaved the mummy gauze in a braided fashion. He then applies the fangs around the guard of the sword.

Nate sets aside the handle and begins to concoct the quenching broth for the sword. This was certainly unique from any other sword for it called for a barrel full of this corrosive sludge. In a barrel full of quenching oil Nate began to add, a liter of blood of innocents (purchased at the infirmary), snake venom, (The fearsome mamba tries to bite Nate, but reveals he is immune.) He then proceeds to squeeze the venom from it, drops the entire cobra itself, black widow venom, a fistful of black widows, however the next ingredient was rather strange. It was a jar of a scarlet colored wisp labeled, "Enraged Demon Soul."

A scary face presses from the glass of the jar!


Nate(rattled): That is terrifying….

The jar starts to thrash around! Nate can barely grip the unholy essence!

Nate:Sorry pal, but you gotta go in…

Nate makes his way to the vat now restraining the bottle with a half nelson.

He unscrews the jar...the substance bursts out and makes an exit out the door!

Nate: Hey! Wait here Olivia, let me go catch that thing!

He breaks into a full sprints chasing after the wisp like substance!

Nate: Get back here!

The blacksmith desperately takes swings with the bottle in hopes to bag the sprint back, but only to to struggle with the fiend's nimble dodges.

The sprint makes a final chase towards a wooden building labeled, Paragons of Valor. There seemed to be a baptism going on for a adolescent girl with pigtails….in a lava spring!

Priest: From sparks to ashes, may your light purely shine throughout your days.

Nate: Oh no.

The fiend doesn't notice this as it flying backwards, mocking Nate!

Nate: Watch out!

Demon Soul: Ehh!?


Demon Soul: SHRIIEEKKKKKKKKkkkkkkk….

Priest: I will banish this apparition at once! BEGONE!

The priests destroys the spirit with a stream of fire from his hands!

It's scream dies quickly….not that it will leave Nate's dreams anytime soon.

Nate:Aw hell.

He hastily went to his nearest unorthodox salesperson.

We cut a small office where Nate was sitting across a mocha toned mature woman wearing a simple skin white robe and singular snowflake pin.

Elly: How can I help you today bud?

Nate:I know this may seem sketchy Elly, but I need a soul.

This got a raised eyebrow.

Elly: Why?

Nate: Rare sword.

Elly(stoically understanding): Ah.

The mature lady pulls out a safe and unlocks with a key.

She pulls out a similar looking bottles! However, they were in different colors and sizes. They all had different labels: Warrior, Dragon, Huntress, Wizard, and lastly in a shot glass sized bottle...lesser mortal, it was a pure white hue, looked less volatile, and it was exactly in his budget.

The anxious blacksmith pulled out his coin pouch.

Nate: I'll take it.

Elly: Never speak of this.

Nate: Speak of what?

Elly(amused): Good lad.

Nate returned to the vat of the concoction. He adds the white wisp into the pot, it's white color ripples in the dubious looking mixture, making the dark colors blend into an even hue.

There was another list on the back of the first list, it was much neater than the first one.

Nate: ("That's weird, the components on here aren't in the bag, but I should do as I'm told, that person didn't look like they had a good sense of humor.") ("Good thing these things are cheap to find.")

Into the pot went fresh sliced red onions, a jar of fire salts, pickled mandrakes, Ghost pepper hot sauce, rosewater, and lastly a tiny bottle of whiskey. It smelled great but it could peel the skin off your eyeballs.

While Nate tends to mixing the oil mixture, Olivia takes a small jar of a dark thick oil like substance labeled earth dragon blood from the bag and pours a little to her hand and coats the dull end of the blade using her thumb and index finger. She then heads to burning pile of coal and slowly rubs the sword back and forth trying not to remove the blood.

She douses it straight to the broth right after a hour and a half of tempering. Instead of the liquid sizzling it was like more a dip in hot tub filled with soup for the sword. A delighted expression took over its face.

"Don't drink it yet." She ordered, her sour tone matching the of weight of the bags that have grown on her eyes.

"Awww." The sword whined.

While the sword soaks, Nate drew a circle around the barrel by pouring fire salts, he created a broken heart pattern inside of the circle as the dilapidated instructions told him. It wasn't quite demonic, but more of a gothic ball.

Olivia: Are you sure this is a good idea Dad?

Nate: Probably not, but she promises to pay well.

He spoke as he tied wires around the hilt of the blade to the six directional ends of the salt drawn rune.

Olivia pulled out an envelope from the customer's bag of supplies and drew out several sinister strips of paper that looked like it was written in blood and stuck them onto the wires.

Sword: Can I eat now?

Olivia: Yeah, go ahead.

A satisfied expression lifted over the blade and it began to drink the whole barrel, the blade started to glow red.


A rumbling sound buzzed from the barrel!

Sword: *Burp!*

Good god, it smelled like ripe onions and brimstone.

"Excuse you!* Olivia protested, hands on her hips like a big sister scorned.

Sword: Sorry...

It was genuinely remorseful.

Nate: Alright Olivia get out of here and get some fresh air.

She leaves the room.

Nate began to put the handle and blade together. A cancerous red aura radiated from the blade. The rune below the sword glowed a bright neon grey and started to spin like a clock ticking.

A heartbeat can be heard from the symbol.

Tendrils rose from the broken heart pattern and grip the ends of the blades.

Yup, now it's demonic!

Then a fierce plume of smoke blasted over the workshop. Once the dust settled, a glowing monstrous sword was where the barrel once stood. Red lightning crackles from the blade. It tip was planted in the ground.

Sword:I'm stuck.

Nate: It's done.

The blacksmith declared victoryas he plucked the blade from the ground. Nate examined the blade, something was off.

Nate: Aw crap, I forgot to serrate the blade.

Sword: Serry ate?


Nate goes to get a steak knife.

Nate: See the teeth at the sharp part?

The sword's eyes glint with a blighted red hue, It ate the knife in one gulp! "Like-"

The smooth hilt of the blade copied the pattern of the knife!


Nate's eyes widen at this revelation.

Nate pulled out his journal and sketched the design of the updated blade.

The day had shifted into the late evening. The blade innocently stared at Nate as he polished it.

Sword: What am I, master?

It questioned Nate, who couldn't provide a proper answer. So he took the blade to a mirror.

Sword: I look…powerful!

The blade boasted as it made an angry expression to suit its form, it giggled afterwards with child like mirth. Nate noticed that the myriad eyes of blade followed in the same direction.

Nate: ("Okay, one last step."), From now I dub thee Ragnarok, The Untamed! You shall serve the welder, whoever it may be.

The name Ragnarok was etched on the very edges of the broadside.

Nate: Now all we have to do is wait.

He sheathed the blade in a werewolf leather scabbard, it one main eye found it snug.

The man called it a day.

The next day, 5 pm

"I think I saw her pace outside of the forge." Olivia announced.

Nate took the blade and went outside. He wandered around looking for the cloaked consumer.


Nate: Eep!

The man bailed in the opposite direction only to quickly trip into a compromising position.

Nate: Oh my gosh I'm sorry Sir….Ma'am?

The rose cheeked blacksmith stuttered as he stared into the revealed figure's visage, It was a woman around his age with luscious black hair and a pair of utterly crimson scarlet eyes. Her expression was just nervous yet stoic. Her immediate response wasn't inflicting pain grievously, but rather staring back. Nate gets lost at the intricate shade of crimson of her iris. Suddenly the color scramble like a ravenous blaze that surges a feeling of dread into him! He quickly bounces up and assisted the figure up who quickly hid her face with a slight grumble right after.

Nate:("Okay, pretend that didn't happen and don't make eye contact.")

?:Where is my sword?

She muttered quietly as she hid her eyes with her hood.

Nate took the customer to his practice range behind his forge. Nate drew Ragnarok and pointed at a simple test dummy. The figure eyes lit up in fascination.

?: What's this now?

Ragnarok pierced through the dummy and ripped to shreds by opening like a pair of fanged scissors and biting it. The dummy was rendered to ashes afterwards.

Nate: But wait, there's more!

Nate sweetened the offer as he gave a signal to Olivia. She chucked a sword straight at Nate! Suddenly Ragnarok's eye whipped towards the projectile and bit the sword. His teeth suddenly began to glow red and the sword snapped in two!

Nate:This sword is alive, so it will actively counter any weapon by shifting its form, however it needs practice since it's fresh.

The figure ogled at the sword for a little longer. The customer then produced a large sack from her cape.

?:This should cover for the sword.

Nate took the sack with gusto.

Nate:Thank you very much! By the way, What is your name stranger?

She turned her back to walk away but not before turning her head. She opened her mouth and in monotone she uttered-

?: Cerberus.

She walked away from the blacksmith with no further words from a thank you. Olivia stands by Nate's side.

Olivia:Are you sure it was a good idea to give that person such a nasty sword?

How are you sure that wasn't some psychopath?

The hooded stranger stops walking.

Cerberus: I forgot to ask them if they seen my shopping list…

She sees the lights go out.

Cerberus: Aww...

"I make custom swords often, and this was just one out of many." Nate tried to bargained to Olivia. "This sack is filled with petals, once I pay off the debt, we will buy that nice cool cottage in the north." "Now come on, it's late and we both need sleep."

Olivia: Alright, goodnight Dad!

Nate:Goodnight Olivia see you in the morning, all shiny and bright-


She finished the saying with a chuckle.

Olivia:Are you sure your going to be okay?

Nate: I'm sure.

They exchange a hug before splitting up to their quarters, Nate tries to settle in for the night in a pile of hay.


He gets hungry and walks the pantry to get some milk, he notices the jar of pickled mandrake. Nate's eyes shift,

Nate: ("Maybe one wouldn't hurt.")

Later into the night in Nate's bedroom(a spacious attic and his "bed" is a pile of hay.), he is tossing and turning,

He is having a nightmare of a heavy caliber.

He dreams of the real world earth being consumed by a black hole! The terrain before him was being ravaged apart. He shot tumbling straight off the planet and through space! He looks back the world, and rays of light start shooting from the sun! A purge of light flashes and everything turns pitch black. After the galaxy destroying explosion, Nate floats in void alone. Suddenly he feels a heavy sensation in his gut. Gravity sends him plummeting downward.


Nate was in a ocean of darkness.

Nate: *Sputter!* *Wheeze!*

The blacksmith struggles to tread. Through the murky depths, only the quiet void comforted the boy.

It didn't last.

A skeletal loch ness monster rises from the depths! Despite it's utterly terrifying appearance it simply stares at him.

Nate: Uh...hello?

He hears a voice cry out in fear behind him!

Nate: !?

He turns to see silhouette of a girl drowning in the darkness desperately trying to reach out towards him! The tides starts to shift violently, storms and hail starts to pelt from above.

?: "Nate, where are you!?"

Nate tries to rush to her but she is quickly consumed by the darkness!

Nate:Oh f *k.

A flash of lighting crashes between them!

From where the girl drowned from, a dark figure rushes him with sword in hand! Nate braces for the impact!

Suddenly a familiar voice reached out to him. It went from a whisper, to a beckon, to a plea!

The sounds of a fight erupt from Nate's room.


Olivia:Dad? Are you okay?

She starts to desperately to shake him awake. He continues to thrash.



The girl is almost in tears. The frustration builds inside of her. She raises her hand.




-Skills-Power Slap-Nate.




Nate: Ngh!

The young man wakes up in a cold sweat to see Olivia terrified and clutching the collar of his pajamas. A stinging sensation burns in his left cheek. It was like a bad hangover. A salty taste dropped to his lips, he has been crying. The sunlight flared in his eyes. It was morning but Nate did not get out of bed early like he usually does. The whole room looked like a tornado strolled through. His hay pile bed was scattered.

It was too early for conflict for the both of them.

Nate: I'm sorry, I guess I shouldn't had ate that pickled mandrake before bed.

He gingerly rubs his eyes. He notices a scuff on her cheek.

Nate: H-hey what happened!?

Olivia socked Nate in the arm.

Nate: Ow!

She points her finger at his nose.

Olivia:I was worried about you! I told you to see the doctor!

She was visibly losing her already crumbling composure.

"I thought that you were going to die again!" she shouted as glowing orange tears damped her face. She clamped her hands around Nate. The battered father patted her head. The young man hushes her while sincerely apologizing.

Olivia: And I know you didn't hit me on purpose, that's not you. But you really need to see the doctor!

Nate:I'm so sorry and I will. Look, let me make it up to you with breakfast!"

The young man promised a real treat as he hopped out of bed.

Nate:I got a treat from my world you might like. Olivia's concern gradually eased with interest. She hiccups a little.

Olivia:"Okay, I like trying your food, what do I need to get?"

Olivia waited on as she wiped off the tears with her sleeve.

A warm smile took over Nate's face.

"First, can you make some coffee?" Nate begged with puppy dog eyes.

Olivia: If it will make you feel better." Before she leaves, Olivia looks back.

"Light and sweet?"

Olivia went downstairs to the pantry to get a jug full of water and then she took out a large satchel labeled coffee. At the kitchen she poured a few tablespoons of a dark fragrant smelling powder into a cloth that hung on top of a iron kettle. Meanwhile Nate who changed into his tunic and jeans took eggs, ground beef, onions, roasted eggplant, and some milk and began to construct a omelet. The strangest thing about this that Nate was cooking while still wearing his steel tipped gloves.

The nutty aroma of sauteed onions and roasted eggplant filled the air.

Nate poured some scrambled egg yolk into the sauteed ingredients.

After getting the water to a full boil, Olivia picked up the jug and poured it into the kettle and below the filter came a dark, fragrant pot of coffee. She took the pot to the table and brought some milk and sugar alongside the table. She sat down and eagerly watched the blacksmith cook.

Nate: Hey watch this!

The renaissance man boasted as he flipped her omelet into a plate. Olivia nearly drooled as a helping of the eggplant omelet was beautifully presented with some fried plantains and glass of milk to drink.

Before Nate could settle down to the table and drink his coffee, a violent pounding rung on his door.

Nate:Olivia could you get the door please?

He felt a blistering chill across his shoulders after he heard the door open. He turned his head to see a rather petite but older teen with a coffee with cream tone in a light blue leather tunic wearing a bandanna of a teal dragon with multiple heads. She looked like she sprinted several miles.

Nate: Oh hey Virtue! Your kinda early for work, want some breakfast?

Virtue:*Pant* Not now Nate! *wheeze*

She protested as her stomach blew her cover.

Nate: This what happens when you manage a little more than six jobs.

He wafts a plate of breakfast towards her face.

Virtue: Okay maybe a little.

After a nice gulp of coffee, she smothers a burp with a napkin.

Virtue:Excuse me, alright listen Nate this is important! There is a horsewoman of the apocalypse going on a murderous rampage all over Nexus!

"Oh let me get my noble steed and my shining armor so I can slay the fiend." Nate jested before a sip.

Virtue: Nate, this is serious!

Nate: What do expect? It's not like I'm the right guy to talk about this stuff!

Virtue: That's not the problem, this person is wasting civilians and desecrating royal temples!"

Ooh, trouble reared its ugly head.

Nate:What does this have to do with-

Virtue: The very same sword she used to cause chaos had a illegal sword with your initials!

A catastrophic thunderstorm erupts outside of house!

The risk of triggering the apocalypse fills Nate... with undiluted primal fear.

Nate: That can't be good.


"Why are you telling me this instead of killing me?" Nate pondered in pure terror. There is technically a illegal arms dealer in front of her, and her knives are ready to stab him at point blank range.

Virtue:Well I owe you for the last time you saved my hide from the loan sharks and that other time. Virtue recalled while slightly fidgeting on that last statement.

Nate: What other...


Nate: Oh.

A genuinely awkward silence fills the air.

Olivia was too wrapped in her meal to notice the conversation entirely.

Virtue: *nervous cough* Besides that, the other heads of hydra members have no intention for killing a good friend over some mere coin. Or at least that's how you would put it.

Virtue answered with an apparent sense of trust.

Virtue:If you can take the sword back and break it, you won't be wanted.

Nate: Well in that case, how the hell do I chase after a person if I can't leave beyond the Scarlet and Geode tribe region?"

Virtue: I saw that manic went into that abandoned mine you go to behind the sanctuary and never came out.

Nate: Well that's not enough reason for me to just chase after a person, she bought that sword legally.

Hey Dad? Olivia shot out.

She took out a handful of gold from Cerberus's payment and it crumbled to dust in the wind. "I think you got undermined." she tried to humor with a weak smile.

A twitch crawled in Nate's left eye. He just paid the delivery boy extra too.

Meanwhile in the dark recesses of Nate's head.

(Oh hell no….A broken deal!?….Well then, time to have a "Persuasive" one-to-one conversation.) (I'm going to neuter the three headed bitch.")

"I'll be right back from the inhumanly dangerously cave." Nate grumbled as he packed a pair of brass knuckles, his mallet, and a lantern.

Nate charged his way into the cave past the sanctuary. It was usually filled with bats, wolves, and the occasional bear, however as Nate prepared to sprint, what he found instead was several dead animal bodies or at least piles of undetermined piles of gore.


Nate: *Shudders* Yeck!

The honestly frightened man lit his lantern as he went deeper into the bowels of the caves. A deep moaning echoed throughout the ruins. There were bloody writings on the wall that he could not understand.

Nate: ("H-hey...the mines weren't this deep before….") ("I never seen anything like this before…")

At a dead end he came across a pedestal with a golden orb with a visible piece missing. Before Nate could call this trip a lost cause, a warm light radiated from his torso. Nate looked down to see that his necklace was slowly levitating. The necklace around his neck attached to the orb. A flash of light illuminated the whole cave and enveloped Nate. The light surged into Nate and an image burned into his retinas. His eyes surged with fire. A silhouette of a mighty knight was envisioned in heavy armor with wings of pure fire. His weapon was a dual sided pole arm mace with its ends looking like a sun and moon.

A burning feeling pumped throughout his chest. He saw one final flash of light, then everything went pitch dark. When he came to, the shape of the caves had changed entirely! The path opened to a wide circular room with a wide clear pond in the middle. Nate went to splash water on his face to quench the burning feeling.

Before he could touch the waters...he saw a eye floating in it.

Nate backs up.

Nate: Oh goodness nononono nope.

Suddenly the pond went a murky pitch black color. The monstrous piles of pollution were revealed the closer he got to the pond. Rusted barrels with bio hazard symbols, loaded plastic bags, and more scrap littered the area. It smelled like rotten eggs and durians. Wilted flowers littered around the pond.

The sludge started to boil, releasing noxious fumes! Something was rising from the depths from the pond from hell.

Nate: Yeck!

A mutant undead loch ness monster rose from the abyss. It's decayed maggoty face stared at Nate with glowing green eyes. Sewage layered the monster's body from it's garrote wire strangled tail to it's melted duct taped shut snout. There were several chunks of it's flesh torn out of it, exposing its bones and innards. A six pack beer container hooked onto its ear. A single wilted daffodil was on the beast's right ear.

This was the very same one from his dream.

More warped eyes opened all over its body. They all erratically twitch trying to focus on the boy.

Normally most people would run like hell from a beast like this but the lad was compelled by a faint silhouette of someone behind the monster's grotesque exterior. Nate was surprised it wasn't attacking on the spot. It wormed around as it tried to speak.

Nate: Uh…here, let me get that for you.

The young man plucked off some of the garbage off it.


The beast cries intensely, its tears melt through the ground and debris. It thrashes around violently knocking the garbage around.

Nate: ("Yeah...I'd think I would do the same.")

After it calmed down the monstrous serpent began to talk.

?: Champion, you have arrived. Please….do not be afraid.

It spoke with a discorded deep voice in sync with a gentle feminine voice.

Gaia:I am Gaia, the provider of life. Please listen to what I have to say.

Nate trembles but slowly nodded.

Gaia: The reason why you were brought here is to bring forth your quest.

Nate:Quest? Perhaps you have me mistaken me for the heroes I make weapons for.

Gaia: You originally did not belong in this world correct? You seek your companions and a way back to your home correct?

Nate: ("!")

This got Nate's attention.

Gaia:Then seek the elemental runes, the items that created Nexus and they are an infinite reservoir of resources. The reason why your services are being enlisted is that only a blacksmith of a creative nature can create a sort of tool that can weave with the power of the universe. This tool is composed of two swords when united can unleash limitless power, this will be your way out. Be careful, even the two blades alone have earth shattering powers. Aside from that, You show great responsibility despite your weaknesses, Therefore great power can come from yourself.

Nate was currently analyzing the magnitude of his problems. The existential crisis started to set in.

Nate realized that he handed over the equivalent of a nuke to a customer and paled.

Said customer is now out for him.

All she needs now is some batteries for her new toy.

Gaia: Fret not child, the figure you sold the sword to did not figure out how to distill the destructive power into the blade yet. By awakening the first sword, the regents to make the second should be beaconed. I suggest going to the geode region for the first element.

The young man was still not sold with this plan to undergo this peril filled adventure. He gave one more protest.

Nate:I can't fight like the other folks here, I have no powers! I'm not a knight in shining armor, I can't even afford a decent bed to sleep in.

Mother Nature gave him her best poker face.

Gaia: Is that so? Look at the source of light in this cave!

Nate had failed to notice his hands were on fire.

Nate's status:Awakened.

Health: 200/200

Mp 0/1 - 50/100

Mood: Holy Cannoli!

He panicked and shot off a burst of flames upwards, nearly roasting Gaia!

Gaia:Oh my!

Nate continued to stare into his hands until the flames subsided. His awe lingered but then shifted to a grin was almost maniacal.

His excitement boiled over!

An impulse burst through his mouth. An unfamiliar bravado took over him!

Nate:Okay, I'll do it!

Gaia: Go forth hero, and shine light on this despondent land!

Nate made his way out the cave. Suddenly he saw smoking rising in the distance. A wildfire? He went back to see his forge on fire! His legs sprinted as fast as they could.

*Bark!* *Bark!*


Suddenly a trio of wolves with snow white fur ambushes Nate!

They all snarl with the intent to feast, their eyes were lifeless, and their maws monstrously filled with blood fangs.

The alpha pounces at Nate!







Nate raises his left arm! The alpha sinks its maw onto his hand!

Nate: Tsk! So you want the rest of the fingers!? Huh!? Well….COME AND GET EM!

The young man's left fist starts to ignite!







A flash of light erupts from the canine's maw! When the blast cleared the wolf was launched a few feet and was served charbroiled.

Nate turns to see the other two wolves, the death of their alpha only aggravated their temperament.

Nate:Get out of my way!



-Items-Wood Mallet-Equip.



The beta wolves strafes around Nate, positioning between his front and back!


The first wolf takes a deep breath while the other one raises its tail.

Holding an unusually calm deposition, Nate tosses his mallet to his right hand and tightly clenched his left fist. He bends his knees and crosses his arms.

The wolf in front of him pounces, and the one behind him starts to howl a flurry of ice!


-Magic-Fire-Flame Stream




He unfolds his arms, swinging his mallet to block a bite at his front, and unleashes a stream of scarlet flames to counter the assault towards his rear.

The icy wolf continues to spew ivory death without seeming to tire.

The blacksmith barrels sideways and flings his hammer, wolf and all at his final opponent! The two canines are knocked down!

Nate: Stay down!


-Magic-Fire-Double Fireball




He thrusts both his hands at the thoroughly beaten piles, a pair of red runes start to manifest around his wrists and palms. A flash of light flares from his hands!


A smoldering pile is all what remains.

*Bark!* *Woof!* *Grrrrrr!*

Nate looks around to see that he was now surrounded by more the snow white nightmares hesitantly lurking around the trees.

Nate:*Maniacal mirth.*

He raises his right hand upwards!



-Magic-Fire- Cajun Burst





A flare of light erupts upwards from his palm!

The pack is startled and flees!

Nate: *Dubious Glee*



He recovers his hammer and rushes to the location of the blaze. His forge was indeed burning.

Nate:Maybe I can..

He shot out his hands. Once more, red runes encircle around his hands!






Nate began to absorbs the flames off of his forge using a red vacuum!

The boys stares into his gloved palms in awe.

Nate: Sweet….Oh right, murderer in my house.

The blacksmith kicks down the forge's front door to see that a terrifying creature made of flames searching throughout his home. Nate drew his mallet. The monster glared at him.


It's searing hands shifted into claws! It lunges at Nate! The two quickly exchange blows with Nate's aggression taking the advantage.

The beast stepped back and withdrew its right hand. It chanted "Burst Flare!" before an explosion erupted in front of Nate and launched him through his house and into a into another building across the forge with the name "Nomad's Retreat" as a painted on top. The beast went towards the structure and scanned the area as the dust settled.

Weapon equipped:Hammer.

A pink round object swung towards the beast.


The beast was bludgeoned with a ham, another blow follows after making it stumble backwards toward the forge.



-Skills-Foul Blow



Nate kept on the offensive as he lunged forward with his mallet and smashed the fiend's lower regions!

The monster cringed with pain as it doubled over to fetal position. Nate grabbed a bucket full of water and marched to the assailant.




-Items-Bucket of Water.


"Here, let me cool you off!" Nate quipped as he dumped it on the beast, the flames extinguish revealing Cerberus. Nate had a hunch and an unamused scowl.

Nate: Figures it be you, cheapskate.

Nate readied his mallet. "You came a little short for your payment." "Don't think I'll let you go off lightly because you are a girl!" "Give back my sword, or I will take you straight to the nearest prison even if I have to put a leash on ya!" Nate coldly ordered. Cerberus held up both her hands.

"I don't have it." she murmured. Her satchel looked like it was about to burst.

"Hello Master!" the sword poked as his head out of Cerberus's satchel.

"Snk." Nate serious facade faded and he broke out laughing at Cerberus's little malfunction. Cerberus eyebrows furrowed down in scorn. "You bastards!" They laughed harder, harder than they laughed in a long time.

"Ha! a bastard sword, that's a good one!" Nate wheezed. Cerberus rushed at Nate and gripped the collar of his tunic and stared at him.

"Aren't you F*cking hilarious." She then hurled him back at his forge with tremendous force.

"Dang!" Nate grunted as he crashed back into his forge.


After the sounds of rubble crashing, the commotion went silent.

Ragarnok: Is he dead?

"No one could survive a crash like that." Cerberus concluded. As the debris began to settle she slowly left the scene.

Well, that is before a lasso got latched into her neck.






"Oh really?" "I guess I'm some kind of freak then, pipsqueak." His comedic voice rings in her ears as her neck begins to tug. She quickly got yanked back into Nate's forge.

Cerberus: ("How?")

"This somebody survived a crash like that!" The man mocked as he took this opportunity to jab Cerberus in the gut.

Cerberus: Grk!

Nate: It honestly hurt like hell if it makes you feel better.

Cerberus clutched her stomach from that blow. She grit her teeth and unsheathed Ragnarok to cleave the rope. She took a swing at Nate. He intercepted the attack with his mallet. Ragnarok opened up like a pair of scissors and bit through the weapon.

Nate:Well, Sh*t.

-Attack-Mallet broke.





He quickly pitches the head of the hammer at Cerberus!


It struck her square between her eyes! She rubs the freshly made bruise. The blacksmith under siege takes the opportunity to get some distance.

After barreling behind a counter, he dug into his pockets and busted out his brass knuckles. Nate then dodged her next slash and smacked Cerberus in between the eyes with the palm of his hand.

Cerberus: Gah! Damn you mouth breathing bastard!

Nate used this to distance his assailant as he barreled his way to his workbench to get his good iron mallet. Cerberus was still rubbing her eyes. Nate withdrew his arms to his shoulders and whipped the hammer like a baseball bat!


Cerberus: NGAH!

The vicious strike knocked her clear into the wall.



-Skills-Submission Hold



The blacksmith with a wrestler's prowess wraps his left hand on the woman's neck and firmly squeezes!

Nate:Sorry you little troublemaker but if you won't go down politely then, LIGHTS OUT!

Achievement Unlocked!: House Training: Survived a life or limb round with Cerberus and Ragnarok. Somehow.

She vanished into a black mist before the blow was dealt.


The man's hand crashed into Nate's mouth.

Nate: Ugh….

He rubbed his bruised back. "Well that's just great." Nate groaned as he stared at his roasted forge. Nate collapsed on his rear battered and out of breath.

Nate: "I feel like I'm forgetting something."

He looks at his blood stained hands.

His iris shrunk upon the realization.

Nate: "Where's Olivia?"