Lane Lang October 24-2005

Hello my verry sexy wife! man I want to

go act but then, I dont. Well I do but ,well

I think 1m gonna wait till this weekend! sounds

like fun, well lets drink this weekend! I

realy want to. REALY BAD! man this class is

sooo boring! Buil d ing traits is just not the

class f e/c r me . Im thmk Im getting A "B"

in this class, But its just not interesting

to me . and your sposed to have Electives

that you like , well do you like Ken? cause

hes obviously likes youb well g B to me

get back to me!

P.S. LOBASAP! | 2 ,LA iu/n/ni A

| lo3ve LOIS

LO3VE Lois | Love yah lots ma3/rest apon heart