Dark Fantasy


William Suckerman

I didn't really think much of it, when we first saw her in the ally. The events were complicated after the meeting and eventually led to me in shackles dragged off into the nowhere. Whatever you do in this world, this life never make a fantasy real… we all regret it.

Rain pelted my cheek as I observed the cool Chicago night. The clouds just covered the moon. The wind blows hard against my face sending what feels like tiny pebbles against my body. The drains are already filling up and it can't be helped, so I jump. Into the puddle. It's like a rush I get something like bungee jumping off a bridge and making a splash in a river. Guess it may also be the child in me. Anyway I'm soaked to the bone, my umbrella's busted thanks to the harshness of the wind and a scream.

It wasn't high but low, a deep and masculine voice calling out "Help, oh God help me!" and as a nosy dog I search out for the signal. I ran dragging the wind with my trench coat. I crossed a street with a lamp post, the crumbling sidewalk and finally to the ally. And what I saw in this ally was not something I wish anyone to see. There she was a 4ft little girl who couldn't be older than nine or ten. She was standing over a man. He had a round physique, balding and a suit with some red on it. And then it hit me. The smell. Something out of the trash rotting for seven years. And I dared to come closer into an ally in which I could barely see in. Distinguished colors like red had a tone recognizable. Blood. And as I got closer and peered over the body it all came to reality. Someone had taken a bite out of the poor man like a hamburger bite. Without thinking I put my arm on the little girl's shoulder and tell her…

"Are you okay? Did you see who did this?" my questions needless to say were not reaching her. Though I guess it was my fault for not realizing the painful obviousness of the situation. Could you please back up? A strange, cute little voice chimed inside my head. I looked at the little girl in her brown eyes. "Did you say that? In my head?" staring at her for a reply. And then I could see something of a smirk, no a smile big and wide spread across her face. When I open my mouth you might go bye-bye. Jumping back I land in a puddle and it didn't bring joy to me. For what comes next I know couldn't possibly happen. The girl. She opened her mouth nice and wide and wider and wider and wider and wider and wider and wider and wider and wider and wider. With the entirety of her mouth she gulped down the man whole. I thought my eyes are deceiving me as the body goes crunch-crunch down the child's gullet. But am I entirely scared? No, because with this child comes a promise. A deal wagered by the ones from the realm next door. And I will come to know what the price for bending reality will be.

I brought the child back to my home. It is a truly empty place. The walls are desolate and cold. The furniture is not unique in color or shape. Nothing fancy for decoration. There is not a scrap of personality in this stead. We stand at the entrance as she, the child, pulls on my sleeve. I peer down at her. Is this home? Shrugging, I kick off my shoes like a rocket. I find my couch and sit down. Tilting my head back I yawn into the ceiling. The girl came up to me and sat right next to my hip. She gazed at my yawning expression. Have you ever made a wish? Again I shrug. "Honestly there's no point in wishing for anything. It will never come true and nothing is ever free." No reply from the girl. She just stares at me waiting for me to justify what exactly I saw today. Why didn't you ask what I wished for? Stretching I reply "Because this is a dream," I say confidently. Of course this is a dream none of it could possibly be real. This isn't a dream. I really ate that man in the ally. I made a wish to eat. At the orphanage she didn't feed us much. Mostly it is because of money, but at times it is out of hate. Suddenly a knock echoes into the room. The girl jumps to her feet. Immediately we think of the same thing. Police. Did they see? Do they know? No this is a dream. So it doesn't matter what it is? But if it is the police what will they think of me harboring a monster. No I mean a little girl who happens to eat people when she opens her mouth. This is no dream but a nightmare. I guess it's a nightmare to begin with though.

As I sat there spacing out the girl had already gone to the door. She opened it slowly. I know because it creaks when you pull it slowly. Leaving the couch I find the girl standing in front of my neighbor, old woman B, the notorious fortune teller next door. Her skin was dark and jewelry swings around her fat neck. Her dress reaches all the way to the bottom of her feet. A miracle she hadn't slipped down the stairs or floor. The dress was a spring purple and green stripes. She called herself madam B, but I never knew what B stood for.

"Madam B, what's up" I ask?

"Dear child, I have seen it! The force which haunts our streets and churches! It came home with you! The murderer!" a salty liquid ran down my face. The nerves were acting up. This was why I could never be a Politian.

"There's no one here" I point out. B looks down at the child.

"Is she yours" she asks? I nod and shake my head.

"Sort of… I mean we're still figuring it out" a bit of whining could be detected in my voice.

"She is or isn't? I will get down to the bottom of this" she presses a hand onto the girl's forehead. Then she closes her eyes. "Spirits, tell me who this is child is" and she stood there awaiting an answer. My name is Tenn nice to meet you Madam B. B fell right over out the door into the hall. "It's a trick" she looked up at me expecting an answer, but I know nothing in which could possibly help her cope with the very idea.

"She's telepathic I think" I was trying to remember all those Stephen King novels with psychics and telepathy was what hit me first.

"Then she has a gift, a golden opportunity" her eyes traced back to my frowning face.

"She can't talk" the words coming out of my mouth made it seem as though I thought less of Tenn. Of course she can talk but only through telepathy. I don't understand how and I'm beginning to feel though it did not come from holy means. Perhaps a magic lamp or crossroads. A wish might come from a shooting star as well.

"Can she only talk with her mind?" B asks as I reply with a nod. "How did she get this way?" I made a wish.

"How could a mere wish, I mean people wish for all kinds of things but they never come true?" But mine did! I found his star!

"A star? You wished upon a star to be able to eat people?" No, no, no to eat. She'd never let me eat, so I became very hangry.

"Oh my goodness, Madam B knows just what to do, mmhm" she extended a hand out to the child who cautiously yet excitedly took the hand. Madam B led them out to the hall. I can only figure this will lead to a séance, though what I did not count on was how much power will come from this spiritual chatter.

In Madam B's apartment there are many curious and peculiar items within. First off there is no lighting other than the glowing candles scattered about the room. On a coffee table there is the Ouija board spread with two candles fit on the corners. Photographs of old farmhouse, city buildings and other haunting settings. Tenn walked up to one of the photos. It is of Chicago's most famous haunting, the Congress Hotel.

"Do you like? It's one of my favorites" Madam smiled as she admired Tenn's curiosity. I was standing in the doorway looking in and getting reacquainted with the gypsy's spiritual spire. I can't help but wonder if she was going to do a séance or if there was some other phantom searcher technique. "Now then is there anything you wish to hand over" Tenn beamed at Madam B with a look unlike I've ever seen. Tenn immediately handed over an interesting looking object from her pocket. It was a double sided pyramid, a gold on top and obsidian on the bottom creating some kind of diamond structure.

"What is that?" I asked hoping for a clear and brief answer. It's the star I made a wish with. Though it is looking for its master. But it did warn me about summoning him.

"Well we're not making any wishes, we only want to return his star" somehow I felt this was not going to go well and will probably end in horror. Little did I know how right and wrong I was.

"Maybe you shouldn't push it" I argued trying to be assertive, but Madam B is not going to let this go. She had something real. Finally something that would bring her closer to her family. It isn't a thing I know for sure, but I've never seen anyone visit her who isn't a customer.

Madam B held the strange object and thoroughly ignored me. She marveled in its beauty and discovered the gold pyramid could move. She twisted it clockwise though harder to do, she then counter twisted it. It slid with ease. A photo fell off the walls. Tenn excitedly picked it up.

It was the photo of the Congress, though something was different about it. A silhouette figure as small as an ant was moving. From top right tower you could see it run past the windows. The picture is… Alive!

I peered over her shoulder to see the figure stand by the doors. It came closer then disappeared. A knock came soon after. Madam crossed to the door. The door I thought was open… so who closed it. Madam B stood at the door. "B don't open the door…."

Madam opened the door revealing a young man in a suit and top hat. An eye patch lay over his right eye while left was just as strange. A purple iris color. He bowed to Madam B before stepping inside the room. Tenn backed up and ran behind me. The strange man looked me up and down. "I want to thank you three for finding my star" he announced to us. "I would reward each of you but it seems the girl there standing behind you has already made a deal" he smiled at us turning his glance to Tenn. Madam B snuck up behind the man and tapped him on the shoulder. The man turned around to be presented the star.

"Please I wish to be young and beautiful" it wasn't a bad wish nor very unique, actually it was a bit of a surprise. Well maybe not a surprise but surely unexpected.

"AH, ha, ha I don't grant wishes. I make deals. And I find the offer very appealing. Young and beautiful you shall be." The man fixated his eye patch before raising it. A bright light illuminated from beneath the eye patch. Suddenly the whole room became engulfed in light. It soon became too bright to see. A loud buzzing, no, alarm beeping noise began to whirlwind around us. Then the light dissipated leaving us in darkness. All the candles were blown out.

My eyes slowly adjusted to the darkness revealing the new Madam B. She seemed younger now, and less 'of herself' a more physical physique. I almost didn't recognize her, however her eyes are what gave it away. Nothing can replace her amber color.

"What will you wish for"? His gaze turned to me now. An opportunity should never be wasted, and Madam B didn't have any horrifying twists to her wish. But if I botch my wish then I may become like Tenn. A thought came to me. What if I wished to be immortal? It would certainly outweigh Madam B's wish of youth. With eternity I could do anything, be anyone. The ideas of what I could do with immortality flooded my mind. Accumulating infinite wealth, never dying, and watch the world end. It was too tempting, but

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