A/N This is a Petrarchan sonnet (ABBA ABBA DCE DCE) dedicated to my beloved notebook at home. AKA the only reason I haven't killed someone.

Blue Pen

My notebook is filled ¾ way full with blue pen

Yellow cover, college ruled, idea filled page

Releasing the thoughts trapped within my brain from their cage

But blue is the only color I will write in


Poetry, stories, all written in pen

It's something you can't erase, it won't fade

Everything is beautiful if it's all in one shade

When I'm morose, I only have to open the notebook again


In pen, you can always see your line of thought

What you crossed out, rewrote, added in

Circled sentences, misspelt words, edited but never perfect


My yellow notebook is the best listener I've got

I don't wield a sword, but my trusty blue pen

My words in the precios notebook battling the inner conflict

Fun fact: I actually wrote this poem for English class.