Originally a poem for Language Arts class. Enjoy!

Opposite Belonging

Heat never got Summer

Summer never represented Heat

All it did was lie to the,

Summer means happiness and fun

But Heat never got none

Humans and Animals alike, complain and struggle when it's heat's time

But the mention of Summer makes children smile and men relax and pull out beer,

Similar to Winter, who's always stealing Freeze's time of year

Winter is the time for snowmen, sledding, and holiday cheer

But Freeze only causes illness, death, and tears

Heat and Freeze, they're opposites to most

But even though this is true for most

They could never be more alike

They never got Fall and Spring

But while Fall and Spring get the praise,

With nice beautiful weather, throughout the days

The 'Just Right' days and the 'Just Right' nights

No one ever wishes to push them out of the way,

Fall marks the beginning of Winter, The holiday season

And Spring marks the end of said season,

It brings new beginnings and hope

Their weather; 'Soft and Gentle' Breeze, 'Calm' Windy, the 'Just Right' Cool, and the 'Oh-So-Perfect' Warm,

All the while reminds Freeze and Heat;

They could never be more alike