Author note 1:Hello my gummy bears. This is my first smutty story of 2018. I got a kick out of writing it. Got it finished tonight. Woohoo. Enjoy it.

If anyone has ever called me a tease,it was the love of my life. I am a tease and I know damn well that I am. I've done many things just to entice him which ranged from licking or biting my lips,pulling my bra straps down slow and steady,or wearing sexy and provocative clothing. There was one thing I haven't tried on him yet and that was wearing an apron and nothing else. As I waited for him in the kitchen cooking lunch for the both of us,I donned a hot pink apron.

It was short in length making it perfect for arousing my love. My bare bottom was exposed in all its glory. It was all for him and nobody else. As I had finished cooking,I then receive a friendly grope to my ass. I chuckle lightly upon feeling his hand on my soft,squishy butt. "You always surprise me but a naked apron,that's new." he smiles as he puts his arms around my waist as he sat down with me on his lap.

"I really hope you like this,honey. I made with love." I smile and then feed him a piece of food on his plate and he fed me food on my plate just like I was doing for him. Soon,our plates were empty. My beloved stroked my hair with one hand while rubbing my lower back with the other going down to my uncovered posterior. He lightly pinches my ass as I let out a soft squeak. His touch immediately sends me into bliss as my nethers started to wetten. "Ahhh,you're teasing me." I squirmed upon feeling both my cheeks getting squeezed. "That's my sexy kitten." he gives a slight smirk before proceeding to giving my ass a slap.

I gasp as the sound of the slap echoes throughout the room. Damn,I actually loved that. He knew how to turn me on and exactly what to do. It wasn't until I lightly licked his neck that he started squirming like I had done earlier. A bulge started to form in his pants as the sensation of my touch went throughout his body. "You're paying for that,baby girl." he grins as he lifted me up with my thighs around his waist pinning me to the wall of the living room. His hands went into my apron as he began to massage my breasts making my nipples erect upon being fondled. I bite my lip softly.

My body got hot with every single touch as I removed his shirt off his body. My apron was taken off as I pulled his pants down. Gosh,he looked so fucking hot as hell. "I'm going to fuck you until you're walking funny." he seductively whispers in my ear as he squeezed a breast with one hand and did the same to thigh with the other hand. An idea cake to me instantly. I put my hands on his balls and gave them a squeeze as he bit his lip. "Kitten,bend over. Now."

I then turn around to where he saw my bare ass. My bottom gets smacked causing me to let out a gasp. I'm lifted up and taken to the bathroom. My love sets me down on my feet as the curtain was opened. We both step in as he closed the curtain behind him and proceeds to turn on the shower. The water was on a warm temperature which was perfect for the both of us. As the water ran down our beautiful bodies,my back is stroked gently with his hands as he lathered me with soap. I couldn't help but lather his body too.

I loved his gentle hands especially when they touched me here and there. My entire body tingles as I'm pinned against the shower wall. My beloved pecked my lips as he took both my wrists and held them up. In the heat of the moment,we share a hot and wet kiss as he inserts himself inside me. His nose lightly touches mine as he held my legs up as he moves his hips. My arms go around his neck as he wraps my legs around his waist. With a grunt,he smiles. "Kitten,you're so tight in there." I cry out in ecstasy with each thrust he makes as he grips my thighs.

I start to claw his back as he moved deeper within me. "Aaaah,love!" I claw harder as he starts to bite my neck. I couldn't help but to squirm and let out a soft moan as he left his mark. "I love it when you're rough with me." I smirk and sink my teeth into his neck just to return the favor. At this point,he thrusts his cock into my pussy rapidly with his balls slapping each and every time. I tilt my head back as my moans grow louder and louder. I start to shake as my sweet spot is struck my the head of his phallus.

Our loins were burning with passion. My legs were starting to go numb as my womanhood was about to let out it's sweet liquid love. I start to drip with each hard thrust. My partner starts to lick my nipples making me bite my lip. I could never say no to him. He was just so damn irresistible to me. Just from looking at his face,he was close to cumming. I knew he wanted to cum so badly. "Princess,I can't hold it in anymore. I'm just so fucking close. I want to let it out." "Then let's finish together." And with that,I move my hips along with him screaming in joy and pleasure. I wanted him to finish inside me. I wanted him to impregnate me.

We're both panting like dogs as water and sweat ran down our bodies. I couldn't hold it in anymore. I wanted it desperately. With one last thrust,we both achieve our climaxes. My nethers run like a waterfall as his manhood shot a loose torrent of his seed deep inside me. The sounds of our heavy breathing fill up the room. He keeps his cock inside me just make sure his semen stays in. My legs felt wobbly to where I could barely stand up at this point. I reach for the knob and turn off the water. A moment later,he withdraws from me and kissed me on the lips.

I had to tell him something that was nagging at my mind throughout the day. We dry off and get dressed. A minute after to get to the couch,I drop the news. "I looked at the calendar this morning. It's that "time". I say lightly to see if he gets the message. It wasn't until he got surprised. "You mean that… you-" "Pregnant? Well,we'll have to wait a few weeks to know for sure." He then leaves the room. I begin to think "What if I did something wrong?" my stomach is in knots. It wasn't until he came back with a present in his hand that my worries died away.

"Open it,love. You may like it." he gives me the present and as I open it,I notice it's a necklace with a stork carrying what appears to be a baby. "I love it so much. Thank you." he holds my hair back so I could put it on with getting any strand of hair caught in the clasp. It fit perfectly. I sat on his lap and gave him snuggles. "I love you,kitten." "I love you too." I rest my head on his shoulder as he wraps his arms around my waist. I go to sleep for a moment as he held me close in his loving arms. Months later,my stomach was swelling. I lie on my side in bed as I open up my eyes. "Good morning,little one." I smile as I caressed my protruding belly.

I chuckle as the child kicked a little hard. "Easy in there." I sure hope the baby got the message. I turn over and see the soon to be papa snoring away. He slowly bats an eye open. "Good morning,honey." he greets me with a kiss and rubs my bump gently. "Is the baby behaving in there?" "He's doing fine. He just kicked me a little hard when I woke up. Oh dear,there goes another one." This time,it was a sharp kick. Could it be my contractions? Maybe that explained it. I wince slightly. "Ow fuck." "Is he trying to sneak out of there?"

"Yes,he's been trying to sneak out since last night. Ahhh! Oh god!" At that moment,we both knew it was time. He helped me up and took me to the car. He drove to the hospital avoiding traffic while he could as my contractions increased. I grit my teeth trying not to scream. We get to the hospital and I'm wheeled in a room. I lie in the hospital bed breathing in and out. My sweetheart strokes my hair to try to calm me down. "Can I hold your hand?" I ask. "Go ahead,hon-" I cut him off gripping his hand tightly. He tries not to cry from it.

I could see why he would when ironically I was the one in labor here. It goes on for awhile. I grow cranky as the time passes. Hours later,I gave birth to our beautiful son. I cradle him in my arms as tears of joy ran down my face. "He's so handsome. Just like you." the baby softly cooed at both of us. He wrapped his little hand around his father's finger. He gave us both a kiss to the cheek.

Two years later,he's grown up to be a fine boy. "Hey,love,is he asleep?" I lie on the bed under the covers with nothing on. "Of course. He's a rascal but he tires out pretty quickly." he strips his clothes off and gets under the sheets with me. He brings me close and puts me on top of him. Our waists aligned perfectly as we share a brief yet sexy makeout session. Through the night,we lie intertwined together with my head on his chest. Our eternal love was bound to last.

Author note 2:and that is a wrap. I wrote so much. Aye chihuahua. The labor was worth it XD and I say that ironically considering. Anywho,I hope to get started on writing chapter 15 of Boys and Pets along with hopefully another poem. Stay tuned,my gummy bears. I love ya'll ?