this is a little different from most stories, i suppose. the timeline is disjointed. chapters are very, very short. i choose writing prompts and write different scenes from a couple's love story. i honestly don't have any direction for how this is going to go, but i couldn't just keep it to myself. i hope you enjoy.

jan 10, 2018

1. prompt: ideal weather

The sun bore down on his bare chest, his sweat beading over his forehead. The umbrella above him was useless. He dug his toes into the sand, finding the layer where it began to cool. A few feet away, a woman frolicked where the shore met the ocean, holding a small boy at her hip. The sea foam tickled her ankles and the salty spray delighted the little one. The boy's laugh rang clear and bright, beckoning him to join them. The woman turned to face him, her smile as warm as the sun. She waved at him, the light breeze arranging her hair into a halo around her face. The glow of the rays behind her made her look ethereal—she was an angel, brightening his mediocre world.

Come on, she called in her bell voice.

He followed. From the moment he first saw her, he knew he always would.