A girl was sitting at her desk, typing on her computer. This girl's name was Tara. Suddenly there was a horrible sound of scraping outside Tara's window. She looked up from her work. Did she imagine it? She went back to typing her essay. Crash, the blades of glass came flying. A huge monster flung itself into the room. Tara jumped back from the wreckage. She did not scream. She could not, in her shock she became speechless. It wore off soon enough as she was chased around the room by the black four-legged beast. What was that thing? She couldn't identify it as anything she'd ever seen before.

In the commotion she had managed to grab one of the destroyed window fragments. She made a wild jab at the creature and hit it. In response, the thing shrieked hideously. Now it was angry. It lunged after her and she moved backward. Too far back, she fell out the window. For a brief moment everything went blurry in her vision. The pain came all at once, her leg felt like it was burning. Tara strained to look at it, and saw a bloody, weirdly bent member. Her left leg was mutilated. She looked up, the creature wasn't in the window frame, but she could hear it. What did it want?

No time to ponder that. She focused again on her injury. No phone, no way to call someone. Slowly she dragged herself to the street and hobbled up onto one leg. Gingerly dragging her other leg, she yelled out to her suburban neighborhood, "HELP!, HELP!" No one answered immediately. She didn't think it would be so barren, but it was late morning, and she knew most families had typical day jobs, and all their children at school. Tara was the odd one out, a young adult living all alone in the smallest and oldest house on the street. True, one with a convenient attic where she took to writing, but small nonetheless.

The pain seared up again and she fell to her knees. While looking down at the asphalt, Tara heard another loud noise. This time it sounded like a jet or something. She wasn't quite sure, but she looked up to see it. Not a jet, but some kind of spacecraft was getting larger very fast. As it got closer to the ground, a door began to open up. Given more typical circumstances, Tara would have thought this was rather silly. A ship straight out of some dumb science fiction just appearing in front of her. Fleeing for her life though, all she could muster was to welcome the apparent aid.

A middle-aged man with heavy stubble and a white cloak carefully meandered out of the spaceship's door. Why didn't he wait until they simply landed? Tara turned around, back at the house. That's why, the creature, and a couple more just like it, had emerged. Now they seemed to notice her and began running to the scene. Now Tara noticed that around the waist of the white outfitted man was some sort of tether cable. He lowered himself down surprisingly fast, and shouted, "Come on Tara, get over here!"

She didn't have time to question it. She flailed wildly in his direction as she tried to run the best she could. The man hoisted her over his shoulder and pulled on the cable, which shot back up. It may have been from stress, or the blood loss, but either way, once Tara was safely on the craft, she blacked out.