The Commander returned from the front of the ship to examine the patient. The girl had woken up already and was trying to sit up despite the brace around her leg. She was sitting on an examination table, but the medic had already left. "Be careful Tara, I don't need you more broken than you already are."

Tara looked up disdainfully, "and I don't need you to tell me what to do." Wincing, she managed to support her upper body on her hands. "Just who are you anyways, and what all is happening here?"

The Commander smiled faintly, "You could be more grateful you know." He sat down next to her and continued, "Those creatures that attacked you were demonic pets of our common enemy, and I just happened to save your life." The man pointed to his name plate and badge, "I am Commander Elias and this is my ship. We're taking you to a fleet base."

"Yeah, like that means anything to me.", Tara replied. While lying back down she questioned aloud, "So, how long has all this existed, spaceships and junk like that?"

"For about as long as you have, Tara.", said Elias, rather unhelpfully. He opened the medical report on the computer next to her and began to skim the contents.

"Also, how come you know my name? That's kind of creepy.", she added while turning her head to face him better. She saw he had closed the report now.

The Commander didn't answer, he simply stood up and sighed. "Well, you'll find out soon enough. I just came in to check on you, it looks like you're very alive." He started to walk away, "So, I'll just be -"

"Wait", Tara interrupted, "Thanks for saving me."

The man stopped and there was a pause. "You're welcome.", he finally said. It was hard to tell with what tone he said it though. Then he left.

When Tara was sure he was gone she got up again and managed to stand up. Slowly, she moved around the room with her braced leg behind her. It was mostly a dull gray, while the seats stood out in the same white the commander and medic had been wearing. The lights were dimmed and she could see a faint blue glowing trim around the ceiling. There were four exits, two on the right wall and two to the left one. They seemed to lead off into hallways going in opposite directions. The only labels she saw were room numbers.

Well, it would be boring to just sit here and wait. Who knew how long it would be until this ship got to wherever they were going. She picked one of the halls at random and went exploring.

Meanwhile, Commander Elias returned to the control room. It was less spacious than the main room where he just was. Through the sleek windows he could see they were exiting the atmosphere and entering into outer space. Soon it would be time to make the Jump. There were several men and women examining maps and information. He walked up to the main pilot, "How is everything Lieutenant?" The pilot answered without looking back, "It's all good, I don't know why you keep asking. It hasn't changed at all since you left, you know this place isn't very dangerous normally right? Nothing would really threaten our safety."

Staring into the starry void, the Commander replied, "Not normally, but I saw something that shouldn't be here. Besides, I'm thinking about our precious cargo. She's very important you know."

The pilot chuckled, "Yes, sir. I know, but please ease off a little. I'm the best pilot in the fleet. I know what I'm doing."

"Alright then, as you were.", ordered the Commander and with that he went off again.