If i had known today would have ended up like this, i would have stayed in bed sleeping. But nooo! Instead im being summoned to the Throne room on the day of my coronation in the middle of my spa day! Ugh, Mother and father better have a good excuse.

I 'calmly' walked into the throne room with my eyes narrowed. I was not happy. I saw my mother and father sitting on their thrones that would one day be mine.

"Good Evening,Mother,Father." I say bowing at the waist.

At the slight feeling of pressure on my back, i turn my head and see my fathers familier. Briarrein was a 12 feet tall dragon who originates from the land of water.

You see, Our land is divided up into 4 kingdoms with 4 royal families. However, My fathers a emperor. Hes the one in charge around here. My mother, originates from the west. My mom was a princess, however she had an elder brother to take over the kingdom so she was married to my father, the next-in-line for emperor at that time. Back to explaining my kingdom, Theres the west kingdom that is ran by King Abinaz Edmiston,Queen Clarity and their only son, Prince Asajah. Yes, hes my cousin. The East kingdom is ran by King Gerariah McConnele and his twin daughters, Princess Harriet and Princess South Kingdom is ran by a young queen known as Damarus Chamberlain. The North Kingdom is ran by Queen Abigail and Prince Emory. Outside the kingdoms theres the Seriah Desert,AKA The land of Fire. The seriah Desert has a huge volcano in the center of it. Thats where the fire/lava/magma dragons are hatched. across the Sea on a small tropical island is the hotsprings that are owned by my father. However, in the sea are the water/sea/lake/storm dragons are located. In the center of the island is the breeding grounds for them too! Its extremely rare for a person whos not royalty to get an water/sea/lake/storm dragon egg. Then, there is the lands beyond the east kingdom. One thats always pelted with snow and ice. Thats where the bad guys live. Or so my father tells me.

"Good Evening,Evangeline." Said father. He balanced his staff in his hand as he twirled it around his hand. The light blue glowing gem on the staff seemed to glow a little extra bright today.

"I have received news that Prince Asajah is coming to your coronation. I expect you to be well behaved." Father said.

Mother had a book in her lap and was reading it pleasently.

"Emperor Matthias, dear, please. Let me explain things to her." Mother said and stood. Her book going onto the small stand where her crown sat. Mother walked down from the small parapet and stood in front of me.

She placed a hand onto my shoulder and spoke.

"In three days, you will reach your 16th birthday. Your coronation as the next empress will be the greatest party this world has ever seen. Dukes,Duchesses,Princes,Princesses of all kinds will be attending." Mother said. She was a little cautious with speaking seeing as how they werent exactly alone.

It was at that exact moment that the court wizard thought it would be okay to come in.

"ahhh, Emperor Matthias. I have a proposition for the engagement between Miss Evangeline and Prince Asajah." He said. Mother glared at the court wizard.

"I beg your pardon but i am not getting married. I have yet to recieve my egg." I said stubbornly.

"Im defintely not getting married to a half-brained prince!" I argued.

Brairrein growled at the wizards ferret familier,Sarco.

" , This marriage will be benefictial to the kingdom! Besides, you've never met Prince Asajah."

I stomped my feet in annoyance and looked toward father.

"I am not getting married until i get my egg." I said.

"You are just like your father! Stubborn and Headstrong." My mother said throwing her hands into the air. Great, now she was angry.

"Why do i even need to get married? Im the next in line for Empress. I can lead this kingdom with or without a (disgusting) man!" I said back.

"It is for the good of the kingdom! Your father,Emperor Matthias, and Mother, Empress Constance raised this kingdom from the ashes of war. You have to carry on their legacy." The Wizard said.

"Wizard Linus, Please calm yourself." Father said. He had stepped down from his throne and approached us three.

Linus crossed his arms and glared at me.

"Im sorry Emperor Matthias, perhaps you should wait for your unborn son to be born before giving this ungrateful princess (he spat) the title of empress." Linus said.

Mother placed a hand to her growing belly.

"It wont be possible. The kingdom needs to have a leader now." Mother said and placed a hand to fathers shoulder.

"She shares more then one resemblance with me. We both have red hair." Father said observing me.

"You say that as if this is your first time seeing me." I said brushing a peice of my curly red hair behind my ear.

"This is not the time." Wizard Linus said narrowing his eyes.

"It will never be the time." I said and turned.

"Im going back to the spa."

"No, the maids are taking you to get dressed. You have a showing to the capital in 3 hours!" Mother said swatting the back of my head.

I placed a hand on the spot she hit and rolled my eyes.

"I still dont know why i cant have one of Hephzibahs eggs." I shot out at them and turned back to face them as the maids came in.

"Hephzibahs eggs are not ready for hatching yet. Just wait, you'll get your egg." Mother said. Hephzibah was moms familier. She was a Storm dragon. Her mate is Brairrein.

I walked over to the doors and pulled them open.

"Until next time, father,Mother...Linus." I snarled out and slammed the door behind me growling.

"Do this! Do that! Why cant i just do what i want?" I ask myself as i walked down the halls of the palace toward my tower.

"Of course...what do i even want to do?" I ask myself. I heard the clanking sound of armor and turned my head.

"Miss. Evangeline!" said wonderboy himself.

"Hello,Maximus." I said cupping my hands in front of me.

Maximus saluted me quickly as his helmet fell over his eyes. He...was a rather disappointing excuse for a personal gaurd but he was easy to get away from. I wonder how he even made it into the system?

"Please! I request that you do not run far off away from me anymore. Its hard to keep an eye on you." He said saluting.

"Yeah yeah. Where is Duncan?" I asked searching for his familier.

A little tuff of brown fur popped out of the top of his armor and squeaked at me.

I smiled and scratched the top of the mouses head.

"Hello Duncan." I said. Maximus took Duncan out of his armor and placed him on my shoulder.

"Im required to escort you back to your room." Maximus said. Maximus pulled out a scroll from his side gear pocket and read off my to-do list for today.

"You have your showing in the capital in 3 hours, Your Piano lesson 30 minutes after,and then you have your meeting with the princesses in the square." Maximus said.

"I've already met up with the princesses." I said waving my hand. We walked up a swirling staircase and into a tower. My tower to be precise.

"Good Evening, ." Said my 3 maids.

Duncan jumped from my shoulder to Maximus. I sigh and looked up at Maximus.

"Go out and wait for me." I ordered with a stone cold look on my face.

Maximus gave me his signature salute and ran off out the door and stood in front of it.

My maids hurried over to me and held out a peach colored dress. Of course, it was only the Lady's maid,Laundry maid and one of the house maids.

The Lady's maid began to tighten the corset around my waist. I held in my breath and closed my eyes as the Maid pulled the corset tight and then tied it. I was put in a chair with my hair pulled over slightly. I let out a breath as the maid began to brush at my hair. My curls bounced with every stroke as she began to pull it back into a braid.

"Miss. Evangeline, Master Linus asks that you meet with him after your dressed and your fathers waiting outside the door for you." The Laundry maid said with her head bowed.

"Thank you...uh?" I forgot her name.

"Syndia." The Laundry maid said as the Lady's maid put a small yellow bow in my hair to tie off the braid.

The housemaid came over with the house cloak and tied it around my shoulders. It was made of dragon scales as dark as night and was lined with Pheonix feathers. The kingdoms symbol was displayed on the shoulder. I would receive my fathers staff in three days time and...i will be forced to marry that good for nothing prince.

I stood from the chair and looked toward the door.

"You may come in,father." I said. My hands cupped in front of me as i waited. Father came in with his back turned to me. His own cloak had the symbol but in white.

"Now, your mothers probably gonna yell at me for this but." Father turned around and i let out the loudest squeal possible.

"Oh My ! Is that-?!" I asked skipping up excited. In his arms was an very large...dragon egg.

I bet your wondering how familiers work.

Well, Any animal can become your familier- but! Its only possible if it shares the same soul as you. You see, Familiers are supposed to represent you, and you are supposed to represent them. Wizard Linus has his ferret, Father and Mother have their dragons,and me? I have nothing...I was supposed to get mine at the age of 13 but none of the animals that were presented to me really caught my attention nor did i feel an connection with them. However, once your connected to an familier, Your lives will always be connected. That means, if your animal dies, you die. However, if you die. Your animal does not die.

I stared into the unique design of the egg and smiled. It was...beautiful. I lifted a hand and gently caressed the shape of the outer shell.

"Its all yours. Its a wind dragon from the land of atlas." He said.

Oh! Beyond our kingdoms are plain dragon lands. However, theres this really high mountain a little ways past the south kingdom that we call "Atlas". Nobody really lives nor goes there. Its just extra lands for the dragons.

I took the dragon egg from him and cradled it in my arms carefully.

"Father, how big will he get?" I ask looking up into his golden eyes.

"Hm...As big as a house!" Father said spreading his arms out wide.

I squeaked and bounced on my heels. I spun around with the egg happily.

"Im gonna go show everyone!" I said darting out of the room.

"Wait! Evangeline!" I heard fathers voice from around the coridor but i didnt care. My very own dragon egg! Oh- i cant wait for him to develop wings and fly! Its gonna be so much fun! a wind dragon is a common one, but they are also one of the most powerful.

I heard footsteps behind me. I stopped and pulled my cloak around my egg to hide it. True, the cloak only came to my waist but it still hid the egg.

"Whos goes there?" I speak clearly and loudly turning around.

I jumped a little seeing Wizard Linus. His hands were holding his wand carefully as he stroked it with a..look in his eyes.

"I see your father has given you your gift." Wizard Linus said capturing my attention.

"Awe, I wanted to surprise everyone." I said letting the egg out of my cloak.

"A wind dragon, hm?" Wizard Linus asked and approached me. He lifted one of his hands up and touched the eggs shell.

"Do not touch my familier so carelessly." I said and moved back frowning.

"But is he really your familier?" Wizard linus asked and put a hand to my chin and lifted my head up making me face him. My bright blue eyes widened in fright as i shoved him away.


The egg headed toward the floor- but was caught by careful hands.

"Maximus.." I breathed out in relief looking at my personal gaurd.

"Master Linus, i suggest you do not touch ." Maximus said. His red eyes narrowed in anger.

"Yes of course. For someone 3 years younger and defintely weaker then me- you have serious guts to stand up to me- your superior." Wizard Linus said and placed a hand to his hip. His long blonde hair falling over his face.

I reached over to grab my egg but i was stopped. A pair of long thick chains wrapped around my wrists as a thick bandage went over my mouth. I screamed into the bandage but found that i couldnt. Maximus immedietely took action and reached for the sword by his side. I struggled in the arms of my captor but found myself unable to take action myself. Maximus swung his sword at the captor but it was knocked away by another sword. Unlike the other man, i could clearly see this one. He had eyes as cold as the winter snow. His hair was a dark blue. Like the night sky.

"Quiet girl!" Wizard- No..Traitor Linus said and pulled my hair. The ribbon that held back my braid was pulled out and left on the floor followed by a few strands of my hair. I held tight onto my egg as i tried not to let go. I couldnt let it fall and crack. No way!

I felt myself being pushed onto the ground as a bag went over my head.

"Maximus!" I yelled for my friend. But to no avail, he couldnt help me. He was to busy fighting off that man...Who was he?

Maximus struggled under the male as the bag fully went over me.

"Evangeline!" Maximus yelled for me as i was tossed over a shoulder. I kept the egg safe and close to me. My eyes closed in fright. I would protect this egg. No matter what!

"Evangeline! Dont give up!" Maximus yelled as he struggled beneath the grip of the man.

I felt something spark within me.

What was it?

The bag seemed to glow from the outside as i let out a earpeircing shriek.

"Shut her up!" Came Linus's voice.

And then-