"Hey, hey Los... Power up."

Sitting down at the edge of the air mattress, one they'd patched up for Los once he'd found his way down from the rafters, K-9 shook the cyborg's (incredibly muscle-packed, he noted with a smirk) shoulder until the words took effect. Slowly he began to stir; blinking, he rubbed his captivatingly and literally glowing chartreuse eyes, peeked up at his waker- and predictably started, sitting upright abruptly and causing K-9 to topple backwards onto the floor. Laughing quietly, trying not to wake Jason from his slumber on the other side of the abandoned building, he waited until Los could register his "threat level" with those special eyes of his before shifting upright once again; if he knew anything about this man, it was that a reaction like that wasn't his fault... Though he didn't speak much about his past, it was clear through his panicked reactions to seemingly innocuous things that- much like the other's in their circle, much like K-9 himself- the man had plenty of demons deal with. After a slight shudder, Los closed his eyes- breathed out slowly- and finally met the smaller man's gaze, past wisps of smoke that had escaped his lips.

"Ah, good- good morning. Is it morning...?"

"Nah, it's like... 2 am. I just wanted to talk." K-9 murmured, reaching to touch the cyborg's bandaged arms- bandages he now knew hid extraordinarily powerful iron instead of flesh. His hands were warm, more than usual, and slightly reddened with a blush that covered his cheeks and nose; Los was quite astute, he was sure that by this and the slight bags under his eyes he'd quickly realized the alcoholic buzz K-9 had lost sleep to achieve. With slight hesitation, he nodded in understanding.

"What would you like to discuss?" He asked, hushed, in a voice so soft and almost melodic- surely unbeknownst to its owner- that K-9 couldn't help his eyes from narrowing with intrigue.

"Well, I guess 'talk' might not be the right word here. I'm sure you've picked up by now that I have a hard time keeping my hands off gorgeous people, and you... You're incredibly handsome, Los. Your voice really does things to me, cariño... and your eyes- I could get lost in them. Contacts in or out."

Los's eyes widened slightly, his irises lightening a shade or two- turning peridot, and what K-9 assumed to be a pastel red underneath the humanizing contacts, in offset with his dark complexion that deepened a couple shades with an intoxicating flush. "... Oh?"

"Yeah." His hand shifted, sliding under his shoulder blade so as to pull him a little closer. "I'm real grateful that you trust me more now... I hope you know that I would never try to hurt you."

Los quivered slightly from the touch, but didn't jerk away like he might have a month before. In the light of his glowing eyes, K-9 made sure to keep his expression light and kind, hoping to soothe his nerves and reassure him that his trust would cultivate no bad results.

"Truth is, I want you to be able to trust me even more. I want to get to know you better, a lot better. I want to make your experience with me... Pleasurable." The last word came out as little more than a breath, eyes dropping to the larger man's mouth- which was open slightly, a sliver of white between them where his teeth showed through. "I'd like to kiss you, Los. Can I do that?"

"... I... Y... Yes," he whispered faintly, a slight tremble in his lips as he haltingly formed the words.

K-9's mouth tilted into a smile, arm tightening around Los to pull him in just a bit closer, his other hand raising to cup his angular jaw. First impressions were everything; he kept every action slow, gentle, easing his hesitant companion into the new situation, leaning in ever-so-carefully until their lips fused into a long, warm kiss. Los's breaths hitched at first, and the taste of bitter smoke passed between them as the cyborg's filters failed to function, but he didn't flinch or pull back- he even dared to press a little closer after a moment or two, a small hum reverberating from his throat.

After a minute K-9 pulled back, the smile stretching into a slightly drunken grin as he tried to suppress a giggle. "See, that's not so bad, is it?"

"... No, n-no. That was- that was nice. I think I enjoyed that." Los hushed, face flushing all the darker as his hair slid shyly in front of his eyes. "Though I'm not sure how that'd help to- to get to know me better,"

"You can learn a lot about a person with a kiss. Actions speak louder than words, you know. Would you like to know what I learned about you?"

Tensing slightly, the cyborg nodded.

"I learned that you're curious. You're timid, and hesitated from the new experience, but your curiosity overrid that. I learned that you're conscious of others, and that you're kind- your kiss is soft, and you wait for the other's actions to imitate so you don't overstep boundaries. I learned that you want to be close to other folks, cuz you waited for me to move away first. But you're also afraid of that closeness, you worry about your power over others and their power over you, cuz when I push closer you fall back."

Los's shoulders hunched, biting into his lip slightly in thought for a long moment. "... You really learned all that?"

"Well, some of it I knew already. But yeah."

Turning his head slightly away, the larger man trembled, so subtly that K-9 might have missed it if his arm hadn't been so close around him. His eyebrows furrowed in concern at the reaction, loosening his grip.

Raising from his cheek, K-9's hand moved to brush Los's thick, ebony hair back from his eyes, leaning in to kiss his forehead- but paused, just long enough to realize where his eyes were fixated.

His hair.

It was more than obvious that his hair was one of those innocuous triggers, to the point that Los wouldn't dare to approach him when it wasn't covered at first- the color, he assumed, as the only thing of note about it was its vibrant orange-red gleam. The cyborg had yet to explain it, much like any other part of his life before, but it didn't take a genius to realize someone with that feature had hurt him... Still- in what way? How badly?

Looking down for a moment, his teeth gritted, hand dropping to his lap in a tight fist. ¡Por dios! Los was afraid. How bad did that person fuck him up? Did he know how to set boundaries, did he know that he was allowed to? Asustado. Would he be able to say no?

Slowly his hand loosened, and with a sigh he sat up a bit to catch Los's gaze with a playful grin.

"Ay, I think those beers are really starting to kick in." He laughed, shrugging his shoulders easily. "Plus this face needs rest to stay so beautiful~ I think I'll turn in for the night. Want me to do the shutoff thing again for ya?"

Los's head tilted for a moment, his stance loosening. "Ah, no, I'm alright." He soon murmured timidly, that charming, tilted smile lifting a corner of his mouth. "Thank you."

K-9 started to stand, but his drunk state wasn't as much of a lie as he'd thought- the world spun as soon as he got to his feet, and with a laugh he plopped back to the ground. Los blinked, mimicking the laugh so closely it would have been considered mocking from any other person's lips. (Well, Tess might've been an exception to that rule.)

"Maybe you should just power down here?" He suggested, slowly laying back down again. Not one to look a gift horse in the mouth, he crawled into the air mattress and settled next to his side. "Do you need a blanket?"

"Nah, I'm good." Closing his eyes, he rolled over to drape an arm around Los. This time he didn't so much as tense. Silence fell for a time.

Just as K-9 was about to fall asleep, Los spoke again. "I think I learned a lot about you, too."

Resting his chin on the larger man's chest, K-9 blinked sleepily up to his glowing eyes. "Yeah?"

"Yeah. I learned that, as much as you act that you live for your own pleasure, you... Don't. It's important for you to make others happy, isn't it? You play into what you know they want or need."

The smaller man's eyes narrowed slightly, considering. "What about that kiss told you that?"

"It wasn't the kiss. It was the cop-out."

"... Oh." Right. Los wasn't experienced, but his brain was wired to look for the smallest cues- like a scientist. "Sorry."

"No, no, it's alright! I appreciate it. I feel... I feel safer. Which means it worked, correct?"


"You said you wanted to get to know me better, and for me to trust you more. And for my experience with you to be pleasurable. You accomplished everything you listed, yes?"

"Heheh, yeah, I did if you say so~" he purred softly, closing his eyes again. "I'm glad to hear it, cariño."

Humming idly, Los tilted his head back. One large, callused hand, a bit nervously at first, came to rest in his hair. Not as fun as K-9's original intentions, but it was definitely something he could get used to.

"If we're taking things slow, might as well do this properly- so maybe it's about time I brought you to meet the folks, what do you say? Jason and I need to swing by anyway, promised we would. Wanna come with us?"

"Hmm? Oh, like to- to meet your family?"

"Ehh, sorta. Well- yeah. Y'know, Hades and Tess and all that. I think I've mentioned em before, haven't I?"

"Ah, yes, of course! I think I'd enjoy that, yes. They sound fascinating! I'd love to observe in person,"

"It's a date then~ we gotta get up early, so we really need to catch some z's."

A soft giggle rumbled in Los's chest. "Alright, then! Would you initiate my shutdown sequence, then?"

"Sure thing. Night, handsome." Rubbing his thumb lightly along one of Los's ribs, he smiled. "Power down."

In less than a second, the cyborg's breaths deepened, hand going limp in K-9's hair. It didn't take much longer for K-9 to follow suit, feeling the other's chest rise and fall until he dozed off to sleep.