When the world fell still,
And quiet, I was there.

I saw the trees frozen, the air silent,
I felt my breath catch on the stillness,
And watched as nothing filled the world.
Watched you slide into darkness.


I think I died.
My chest tight, so tight my breath screamed it's way out.
My knees jarred as they found the tarmac floor.
My forehead to, as I curled to find safety somehow,
Wishing, waiting for words to return, from a very particular mouth

That would never open again.

When my breath returned it meant nothing,
The world still frozen.
Each gasp patterned with chattering teeth, a strangers hands and words.
Bright light, no longer loathed was a welcome sight.
False hope.

I waited. For the world to start.
It. Didn't.
Two words,
'I'm sorry'
Was all I needed to fall and fall.
Not true, my mind shrieked, dream, your dreaming.

Phone rings,

'Tell daddy I love him and that I'll be there as soon as I can!'
Too late. Miles and miles too late.
A cold hand, so much bigger than my own.
Face sore from tears, I say, I whisper, I cry,
'Mummy told me to tell you she loves you and that she'll be here soon.'
Too late.
Miles too late.

The world returns.
Slowly, stretching out over months.
But I see you, here and there.
My robin, my sorrow magpie.

My daddy.