When they get back to Sawyer's apartment, Hannah immediately goes to the bathroom to take a shower. She wants to wash the previous night away. Unfortunately, she can't wash away the memories of Beau. She can still feel his breath on her face. His words are engraved in her head. She stays in the shower for a long time, letting the water beat down on her. She finally shuts off the faucet and gets dressed. Hannah doesn't notice Sawyer on the couch when she comes out from the bathroom attempting to comb out her hair. She is fussing to herself over the snarls she is fighting when she hears him chuckle.

"Here, let me help you," he says as he reaches out for the comb. Hannah gives him a puzzling look. "One of my best friends does hair remember? Who do you think she had help her through school?" he laughs. She laughs along with him and places the comb in his hand.

With Sawyer sitting on the couch, Hannah takes a seat on the floor in front of him between his legs. He leans forward and begins combing her hair gently. Hannah closes her eyes, relaxing under the repetitive movement. The comforting feeling makes Hannah think of her mom. She would comb out the young girl's hair every night before she was taken away from Hannah. That was one of the only things Hannah could enjoy while being in the dungeon.

"Penny for your thoughts," Sawyer softly whispers to her.

She turns her head to him and smiles. "I was just enjoying this, thank you."

"Anytime darlin'. Look, I'm sorry about Beau. I can promise you will never have to see him again. If he has the balls to show up for work today I'm going to fire his," he coughs while looking her in the eye, "rear."

She smiles back, realizing that he has really been trying not to swear anymore because it offends her. She notes that the group downstairs are trying too. It warms her heart to know that they respect her enough to change their way of speaking for her.

"Sawyer, you don't have to do that. Although, I don't want to be anywhere near him at all! I knew he gave me a creepy feeling for a reason."

He chuckles at this and nods his head. "Yeah, you called it. Elise will be upset if he goes, she's hung up on him for some reason. She'll be ok though, she'll just move on to someone else."

"So, she dates a lot of guys? Does everyone downstairs date a lot of different people?" she questions curiously.

"Yeah, they do. I think they don't want to be tied down to anyone just yet, or they haven't found anyone they really get along with. I used to be like that too. Date a lot of different women and not form any attachments. I didn't want to be tied down to one person. I didn't, well still don't, entirely believe in love. How can you feel so strongly about one person? I still don't get it," he tells her as he shakes his head. She looks sadly at him.

"How can you possibly think that? Everyone deserves love and needs to give love! There is so much love all around, just open your eyes and heart to it. You can see it everywhere. It's not lust, it's a deep commitment to someone. It's being there for them no matter what, risking your safety for them. Making sure they are taken care of before yourself. Some people choose not to let themselves open up and accept it. I feel sorry for them. Although I have been through a lot, I know there is someone just for me," she tells him while looking into his brown eyes. Hannah can tell that he's still not convinced.

"Look, I know you don't really believe me, but God loves us. He loves you, and me, and everyone else. He loves us so much that He made this world for us and sent His only son to die for us so that we could continue to love. That's what I'm going by. I must have love in me to make it day by day. I have the love of Christ in me, He kept me alive when I wanted to give up. You can believe what you want, but I hope you will understand sooner rather than later that He loves you too. He has always been with you, even when you felt alone He was there."

He stares at her with an expression that she hasn't seen before. She feels uncomfortable from this, causing her to look away. "How can you be so strong in your faith? I grew up going to church but when everything happened, I stopped attending. I turned away I guess. I started living wildly, partying, drinking, enjoying women. I wanted to do something good in the world, but when I lost everything I gave up. I turned away from all that I had known and was before. I reinvented myself as this, what you see before you."

Hannah shakes her head at him and grabs his hand. He widens his eyes in surprise.

"Sawyer, I have listened to Shelley tell me how you used to be before your parents passed. She said you were sweet, caring and that you wanted to be a doctor to help people. I see you that way, not the way you think you reinvented yourself as. I know you are kind, compassionate and whether you like it or not, loving. You help people daily. You listen to them, employ them, take them in from the street . . ." she says grinning. "You may not be a doctor, but you still help others. You look tough and kind of scary on the outside with all of the tattoos and piercings, but they don't reflect who you really are on the inside."

He looks away from her and sighs. "I think you're going to be disappointed when you really see me." He then stands up and walks to the bathroom.

Hannah slowly rises from the floor and goes to the bedroom. She anxiously paces back and forth while thinking about Sawyer. It looks as if Sawyer thinks he isn't good enough for love. She wonders how she can make him change his mind and see things in a different way. How can she bring him back to God?

As Sawyer takes a shower, he is turning what Hannah told him repeatedly in his mind. How can she be so strong in her faith after what has happened? As soon as I lost my parents, I lost myself also. I turned into someone who couldn't feel, therefore couldn't get hurt. Now, three weeks later, he feels as though his world has been turned upside down. He quickly gets ready and hollers at her that he is headed downstairs. She was in the bedroom and poked her head out the door.

"I'm going to stay here. I don't want to see Beau," she says.

"Babe, I'm going to take care of Beau today. You won't see him again." He walks out the door and heads downstairs. When he gets there, he sees that Elise and Chelsea are already inside filling in Bryce and Scot over the drama that transpired the previous night. Everyone quiets down as he walks in the door.

"Bro, why didn't you call me? You know I would love to whoop up on that a-, guy! Oh wait, where's Hannah? Is she okay?" Bryce asks him worriedly. Sawyer is surprised by his response. First, he stops himself before he curses, then he seems genuinely concerned about someone other than himself.

"I really wasn't thinking Bryce, sorry. I was just worried about getting Hannah out of there. I'm sure he slipped her something. She was sick and still has a headache. I'm going to take care of him today if he dares to show up."

"You should have seen Sawyer guys. He wailed on him. I don't know if we will even be able to recognize Beau today. I know for sure that he has two black eyes and teeth missing," Chelsea brags to the guys.

The chime for the door alerts them that someone has walked in. The group turns their heads in the direction of the door. Elise gasps, while the others look dumbfounded. Beau walks toward his booth and turns his equipment on, acting as if nothing happened. Sawyer quickly walks over, with Bryce and Chelsea following him.

"Beau, I need to talk to you in my office, now."

"Hey Sawyer. How are you this fine morning?" he asks. How dare he act like nothing happened! He can't feign ignorance; his face is torn up. I'm surprised he can even see to walk straight, his eyes are still so swollen. There is no way he can tattoo today.

"Cut the bull, get in my office."

"Sure, is everything okay?" Really? Does he really think the way to handle this is by acting oblivious to it? When they reach the office, Sawyer closes the door behind them. Bryce and Chelsea hang around outside the door, either for moral support or to try to eavesdrop.

"Beau, I can't have you here anymore. I have tried to overlook the way you treat the ladies when they come in, but last night was the final straw. You drugged and attacked Hannah! I'm sure she isn't the first one you have done that to. You are a liability. Honestly, I cannot have my parlor connected with you in any way. You need to pack your stuff up. When you're done, I'll have your final check ready."

Beau doesn't argue with him, instead, he turns and walks out the door. Bryce rushes in after him.

"I can't believe he didn't feed you some lame story. Things don't add up. He just doesn't let stuff pass over," he says.

"I'm shocked too. Watch him to make sure he only packs his stuff. I'm going to make his check out. Let me know if he does anything." Bryce affirms as he goes to Beau's booth.

As Sawyer finishes writing out Beau's check, he hears a commotion. He steps out of his office to see Scot and Beau in a shouting match with Bryce struggling to keep the pair separated.

"What is going on?" Sawyer shouts as he walks over.

Bryce answers, "Beau was bragging about how it wasn't going to be long before he got Hannah in the sack, Scot heard him and began screaming at him to stay away from her or he would end him." Whoa, Scot seems to not care about anyone. He seemed less than thrilled to even meet Hannah, let alone defend her. Maybe I've underestimated Scot, Sawyer thinks to himself.

"Beau, get your stuff, take this, get out and never come back. If I see you anywhere near Hannah, I won't go easy on you like I did last night. Bryce, escort him out," Sawyer orders.

Bryce shoves the box into Beau's arms, then pushes the paycheck into the box, takes Beau's arm and drags the blonde out the door. The others watch in awe over what just transpired. Scot turns and quietly strolls back over to his booth. Sawyer goes over to him.

"Scot, thanks. I know Hannah would want to thank you too."

"It was nothing. I like Hannah. She treats everyone like a human being. She doesn't see anyone's faults. She's a good person who doesn't deserve that pig messing with her," he states then turns away, continuing to get his supplies in order.

Sawyer turns toward the door, passing Elise and telling her that he's going to check on Hannah and that he will be right back.

When he gets in the apartment, Hannah is folding laundry. Sawyer notices that his Led Zeppelin shirt is in her hands. She is humming a tune to herself and hasn't heard him come in.

"Hey, be careful with that. It's a collectible," he laughs. She jumps, startled, then smiles.

"If it is such a collectible, why does it have a huge stain on it?" she smirks.

"What! What happened?" he asks as he rushes over to examine it. She laughs, flipping the shirt over to show him the front, which is still pristine. Sawyer takes a sigh of relief, then grins at her.

"So, everything okay?" she innocently questions him.

"Yeah, sweetheart, I think so. Just do me a favor, don't go anyplace without me, Bryce, or Scot with you. I don't trust Beau, he took being fired too easily."

"Alright. I get you and Bryce, but why Scot? I don't think he likes me much. He never really talks to me, but he isn't mean to me," she says thoughtfully.

"He really blew me away just now. Beau was packing his stuff up when he mouthed something about you then Scot went off on him. Bryce had to hold him back. I talked to Scot about it, he said that you were a good person and didn't need to put up with Beau." Hannah looks at him, bewildered. She then gets a giant smile on her face.

"He does like me! I knew it! I knew he would be a good friend," she giggles.

Sawyer laughs with her. "Well, you were the only one to see it in him. It's because you try to see the good in everyone."

"Most people do have good in them. It's a few that ruin others forever," she says kindly. He takes her hand, squeezes it, then drops it back down nervously. She looks at her hand then back at him with wide eyes.

"Well, I'm going back down. If you need me, call. Keep the door locked and don't answer it." She nods her head, following Sawyer to the door.

"Bye babe, I'll check on you later," he tells her as he closes the door. He pauses, waiting to go down the stairs until he hears the lock engage. When he gets back inside the parlor he gestures for Bryce.

"Hey, what have you been able to find out for Hannah?" Sawyer inquires.

"Well, it's like she never existed. I asked Chas to help me. He works with that private investigator that I used to work for."

"Can you really trust a guy named Chas? Sounds dopey. Are you sure he will help, or will he drop the ball?"

Bryce smirks, "Nah man, he's cool. He said that he would work on it as he has time. He owes me a solid. You can trust him. Tell me, how is Hannah, seriously?"

Sawyer is flabbergasted that Bryce cares, she must have him wrapped around her finger as well, he thinks to himself. "I think she's okay. I told her not to go anywhere without me, you, or Scot. I don't trust Beau, and I don't fully know what he might be capable of. I mean, I never expected him to drug anyone or force them to leave with him. He's got some major problems. I don't want Hannah to be any place where she could be in that situation again, or something worse."

Bryce nods his head at Sawyer as he heads back to the booth. It looks as if everybody has fallen for Hannah's charm.