"Wake up soldiers! It's breakfast, then meet me at the command center. Remember, not a word. Understood?" The Sergeant said as he barged into the barracks.

"Yes sir!" They all said, rubbing their eyes; none of them slept very well that night.

They went to breakfast and ate as much as they could. Today's special was fresh made pancakes with a large amount of bacon. There were also a variety of syrups such as blueberry, maple, and even strawberry.

"Delicious. I love this stuff." Vass said.

"It doesn't taste as good coming back up, don't eat too much." Shatiil warned.

"Why? The... Uh... Thing? We need a word for it."

"Not now! Ask the Sergeant later." Shatiil said sharply.

They hastily finished their breakfast, and then headed towards the command center. All the other squads were heading towards the sim-pods, ready to start the day's training. They arrived shortly, and The Sergeant was leaning on a wall outside the door.

"J squad, you're to return to your quarters immediately. Do not leave unless summoned, food will be delivered to you at mealtime. Do you understand?" The Sergeant ordered sternly.

"Yes s-"

At that moment, an exact replica of the Sergeant walked out of the door way and turned towards J squad, not noticing his doppelganger.

"J squad, come with me." He said, beckoning to them. He turned to lead them down the hall, and finally noticed Sergeant 1, standing chest to chest with Sergeant 2.

For clarity's sake, Sergeant 1 is the one that was leaning against the wall, and Sergeant 2 is the one that walked out of the command center.

"I uh... Squad, he's not real!" Sergeant 2 said.

"Uhh... J squad, he's not real!" Sergeant 1 said at exactly the same time as Sergeant 2.

"What the hell!" Glynn yelled indignantly.

"I'm guessing there's not a protocol for this is there?" Vass said simply.

Glynn just shook his head, and rested his face in his palm.

"Squad, kill Him! He wasn't in the command center because he doesn't know what the inside looks like! The room is omitted from all but the floor plans!" Sergeant 2 said.

All hell broke loose. Sergeant 1 split into 4 different copies, each of the Sergeant, then each copy began to run in different directions. A fifth copy emerged from thin air, drew a knife and attempted to stab the actual Sergeant. The real Sergeant dodged and drew a pistol from a holster in his jacket, firing at any version of himself he could. J squad had also drawn their pistols, and had shot 4 of the copies, and the Sergeant got the last clone before it turned a corner.

"Congratulations, you're the first person to kill themselves and live." Vass said dryly.

"Feels great. Now, get inside, quickly."

They all hurried inside the command center and the Sergeant closed and locked the door behind them.

"I'm sure it's obvious by now, but we need to find out who did this and eliminate them. I'm having you implanted with neural transmitters. I hear, see, smell, taste, and feel what you do, or, I could if i want too. Usually i just look but... this got kinda awkward real fast. I see what you see when you encounter a Splicer. That's what we've called people who enter the real world by using a sim-pod to project themselves somewhere.

"Alright, is that it?" Gavin asked, shuffling his feet nervously.

"Yes. Are you afraid of needles or something?" The Sergeant asked.

"Surgery actually. I, I don't like the idea of someone prying me open and poking around my guts with a knife."

"Well I have a solution. Look at that panel next to the door." The Sergeant said, pointing to it. Gavin turned around to look and the Sergeant quickly injected him with needle, causing Gavin to slump to the ground.

"Do you just carry a needle full of liquid knockout on you?" Shatiil asked.

"Yes, yes I do. Now let's get to the medical ward.

They walked in and doctors immediately took each of them away into different rooms. Each room was guarded, both outside and inside and the doctors had Kevlar vests on under their scrubs. Shatiil was told to put on a hospital gown over her uniform. She did so, and they had her lay on the operating table. The headrest was elevated slightly, and a cover was laid over her head, ear to ear.

"Shatiil, right? So we're going to implant the device into the areas of the cortex responsible for short term memory. There is a possibility of minor brain damage such as memory loss, chronic memory loss, dizziness, nausea, and paranoia. Do you understand?" A nurse asked gently.

"Yes, I do." Shatiil answered.

"Alright, we're putting the anesthesia now, see ya' 'round soldier."

"Roge-" Shatiil stopped dead mid sentence and passed out.