Lydia drove to school. She had now been going for a few months now and she was ready to let her character shine. So, she was sitting in class one day next to Pete, who was a weirdo and didn't talk much in class. But they were well acquainted enough for them to say hi in the hall occasionally. It was more like a "hi person who's in my class" than anything though.

However, that particular day Pete was humming to himself. She knew at once what he was singing, even though he was singing it rather poorly. It was "I've Just Seen a Face". She asked him casually, "Are you singing a Beatles song?" Pete looked at her and smiled. "Why, yes I am. It's from the Help! Album and…" He continued but Lydia gasped in shock.

See, Lydia was a diehard Beatles fan. She had all of their albums, both on CD and on vinyl. She even had them on cassette tapes as well. Her love for the band was the strongest love she had ever felt. Her powerful love for them made her want to be the only Beatles fan in the world. So when she heard Pete go on and on about the Beatles, she knew she must do something about it.

As Pete kept on talking about how he owned all their albums, Lydia began thinking in her head. All of a sudden, she knew. She would pretend that she hated the Beatles so that Pete was dissuaded from talking about them and, eventually, liking them. Lydia thought this would work so she said casually to Pete, "I don't like the Beatles."

Now it was Pete's turn to gasp. "How can you not like the Beatles?!" said an astonished and even hurt Pete. Lydia, putting down memories of cutting her hair in a Beatles-style, exclaimed to the poor fanboy, "I just don't like their music very well." Later, she went so far as to say they sucked, even though every element in her body cried out against it. Pete stammered, "But, but, but…" He trailed off as the teacher started class.

When Lydia arrived home that day, she was prepared to take action against the Fab Four. (Pete had tried to talk her into the Beatles at lunch, but she would not be swayed.) She looked around her room. The walls were covered with as many Beatles posters could be put on a wall. There were framed pictures of the group all around her desk, which was cluttered with papers with multiple Paul McCartney lyrics, assorted compilation albums, and piano music sheets like "Hey Bulldog", "Ob-La-Di, Ob-La-Da", and "Hey Jude". Her bed was covered with a comforter that had all four members of Sgt. Pepper's Lonely Hearts Club Band on it. On her bed were four pillows with each individual member on each pillow. In the corner of her room was a life-size cardboard cut-out of the band. Her closet was filled with hanging Beatles costumes that she reserved for Halloween, including but not limited to, Yoko Ono, Billy Shears, George Martin, and the group themselves.

She walked over to the cardboard cut-out of the band first and dusted it, even though it needed no dusting. Her bookshelf was filled with Beatles records, tapes, movies, and of course, fanfiction. Some of it she had written herself, others she printed from the Beatles Bible forum. Lydia decided that she wouldn't write any fanfiction today; she had work to do.

She needed a cover-up so she pretend to obsess over something else that would get Pete distracted from the Beatles. She looked up a number of fandoms, but what caught her attention was The Lord of the Rings fandom. It was so fantastical that she spent many hours reading up on its lore and background. She needed to make sure she could convince Pete she was dedicated to something entirely different from the Beatles. So she spent all her time looking up random Tolkien quotes, Hobbit facts, Elfish language, and Middle-Earth history.

Lydia did this all to turn Pete away from the head of the British Invasion.

She came back to school the next day to "fangirl" to Pete about how totally awesome Lord of the Rings is and have you see it and I love that part when. Pete became overwhelmed with all the knowledge Lydia was throwing at him. When she was done telling him what her "passion" was (which was Lord of the Rings), he began telling about his passion, which of course involved John Lennon, Ringo Starr, George Harrison, and Paul McCartney. But she closed her ears and told him repeatedly that she hated the Beatles.

This became pretty typical for them. At least once during the day, Pete would mention the dreaded English band and then she would go on about how much she disliked the band, and then she would talk about Lord of the Rings and its effect on her life. She even went so far as to mention her dedication to the franchise to her teachers and wrote papers for school about J.R.R. Tolkien.

Eventually, they became good friends (despite their supposedly differing passions) and they met up out of school a few times. Lydia was careful to not reveal her Beatles addiction out of school. For instance, she went a Beatles fan club twice a week and made excuses not to go, like saying she had Girl Scouts meetings on those days whenever Pete asked when they could hang out. Another time she had to avoid Hot Topic and other places with Beatles shirts, so that the employees would not recognize her and spoil her plan.

She invited Pete to her birthday party, and he arrived wearing a shirt she was jealous of: it depicted the Beatles logo in front of Great Britain's flag. She was very jealous, but she could not act like so, especially on her birthday. "Seriously, you're wearing a Beatles shirt to my birthday party?" Pete flashed a smile and sat down, saying, "I'm just trying to spread the love."

Her family members asked Pete if he liked the Beatles. He said he loved the Beatles. Lydia's sister, Audrey, smirked and exclaimed, "I know someone else who likes the Beatles!" Lydia looked at her in alarum and kicked her under the table. Audrey took the hint (although questionably) and said, "My friend Tiffany!" Tiffany was sitting next to Audrey and shyly waved at Pete.

These kind of things happened throughout the year and soon Lydia's plan began to work. Pete talked about the Beatles less and less. He began to stop wearing British shirts and he stopped humming John Lennon songs. His happy British demeanor began going down.

One day, Pete said to Lydia in English class, "I burned all my Beatles albums last night." Lydia was filled with happiness! Her plan had worked, and now she could the #1 Beatles fan again. She asked him a question to make sure though: "So, are you done with the Beatles now?" He sighed, "Yeah, I'm done with them. I don't know what happened, I just don't love it anymore. Stuff like Lord of the Rings is better, I suppose." He sighed again and put his head on the desk.

Lydia's heart jumped in joy and went home that day. She kissed her Beatles records and rolled around in her bed. She ripped all the pages of the Lord of the Rings out of their spines and danced around to "I Feel Fine". She endorsed herself in reading all the Beatles fanfiction there is and wearing her Abbey Road pajamas all day. She binge-watched all of their movies and played their songs on the piano until her fingers hurt.

When Lydia went to school, she was full of energy and jumped up and down all the way to History. She found Pete sitting there at the desk with his head in his arms on the desk. She sat down next to Pete and asked him energetically, "How are you doing? Did you have fun over the weekend? Do you know what we're learning about in class? Want to hang out sometime?" Pete groaned and shifted his seat so that it wasn't facing her.

She moved his seat back around and asked him what was wrong. Pete shook his head and said nothing in a monotone voice. Lydia insisted it was something and he eventually said, "Without Beatlemania, I just feel so empty inside." Lydia smiled, gripped his hand, and said, "It's alright, there are things better than the Beatles to enjoy. I mean there's Queen, Skillet, Nirvana, c'mon there's so much other stuff you listen to."

Pete attempted a smile and said, "I guess so." And he got better. How? Lydia thought it was because Pete had found some other band or fandom to love, but she didn't realize it was in fact because of her personality that was shaped around the Beatles. Her Beatles love shone through her words and comforted Pete, even though he did not realize why.

And Lydia was happy.

But then she broke the fourth wall and talked to the author who was typing this story right now and said, "Are you really writing a story where I'm a Beatles nerd? Are you really trying to say that I just pretend to hate the Beatles just so that I can dissuade you from it? How can you ruin my character like that?"

Uhh… "That's what I thought. This story has sounded nothing like me at all. Why don't you take a cold shower and forget you ever wrote this story? Just go home, read a book, and apologize to me. I'll slap you, but seriously, making me a Beatles fan is no joke."

I'm sorry, Lydia…"Mhm, tell me why you're sorry."

I'm sorry because I messed up your character and may or may not have been poking fun at you. "And I'm prettier than you." And you're prettier than me. "And you definitely hate the Beatles." I'm not saying that. "For me, Pete." And I hate the Beatles. "And you will never write a story with me portrayed in such a horrid fashion again." Uhhh… "Say it." And I'll never write a story with you portrayed in such a horrid fashion again. "Good. Now end this story before you say more things that you'll regret. This story sucked anyway." What? I thought it was funny. "That's cause you wrote it, dear. Now end it." But, but, but… "C'mon Pete I'm waiting." Sigh…the end. And Lydia lived happily ever after with Pete never talking about the Beatles ever again. How's that? "Perfect." Yosh. "Pete. Just end this freaking