My chest hurt, as if a million needles were stabbing my main life organ, breaking it as I curled into a ball weeping.

Tears rolled freely as my eyes burned. All I could think about was her, my downfall, my everything.

Suddenly the pain stopped and replaced with a small warmth, my everything.

She was still free, though separated by walls of concrete, and cage-like doors, she was free.

It wasn't a perfect victory. She had once asked "would you kill for me?" Indeed I had, several times.

Would I do it again? I pondered. Another warmth spread throughout my body as I set on the edge of my steel bed in my two man cell, which contained only myself.

No sense in wondering. I knew the answer.

In a heartbeat.

A slow smirk spread its way across my face.


At first I thought this would be a depressing little fic, but as it turned out it wasn't so bad.


Vicious Cerberus