Keana paced around nervously, Her butt bounced up and down as she did.
As she drank some water Keana then made a call to her trusted friend andy.
She had andy at a magi civil rights demonstration and they had hit it off well.
Andy is actually the reason why keana got into the magi rights group in the first place

"Hello?" A dark sounding man picked up
"Yes andy are we still on for tomorrow? "Keana
"Of course what are you soo worried about its just a speech at a cafe" he said
"Im just worried some anti-magi nut will get in there and-" she was cut off by andy.
"There is nothing to worry about" andy says

"I dont know andy... I just think im not cut out for giving a speech." She worried
Her stomach growled.
"Listen, Keana just get some rest. it's obvious that your tired and hungry. I can help you tommorow" He assured
*GROWL* Her stomach growled more as her bowels began to burst.
"Yeah your right...!" She said

She hung up the phone and prepared for a speech on magi rights
Keana had hope for the future and humans and magi. But it was up to her to shine with that hope